Elementary Review: For the Love of Fame

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On this installment of Elementary, Sherlock and Joan investigated the murder of a prestigious member of the ballet... only to be taken through a tale of lies created by an unsuspecting lawyer whose ultimate goal was fame.

Sherlock looked into the case while Joan tried to track down a homeless man who mysteriously disappeared. Along the way, we learned a little about Joan and her past.

A Solo Investigation

The murder opened in quite the gruesome way. A body comes tumbling down from the rafters, split in half. Normally, some shows tries to hide the brutality in murders - but Elementary does not.

This series airs right before I go to bed and it's sure to wake me in the middle night with vivid imaging.

Now, we all know that Sherlock uses sex as an exercise and not as an expression of love, usually. This is something that Joan knows too. For some reason, I felt like her judging Sherlock was a bit more deeper than that.

Do I think Joan was acting jealous? No. I can't quite put my finger on it but it wasn't the typical Joan annoyance or disapproval. There was something more... I am curious to know if this will be touched on in the upcoming episodes.

Speaking of Sherlock fornicating, I knew he would sleep with Iris but not during the investigation. His defense was pretty spot on Holmes, though. Using her shoulder as way into figuring out more details in the case. which led to him sleeping with her. Classic.

In a bit of twist, Iris claimed she was innocent and had nothing to do with Nel, the deceased, and her personal life - until it was revealed that they were lovers. It started out as a seduction to save Iris's spot in the ballet until it turned into true feelings. A nice little addition to keep us viewers on our toes.

The best part of Elementary Season 2 Episode 15 was when Joan revealed more about herself and her past. She noted that her last name is actually the surname she took from her step-dad because her real father had left due to schizophrenia.

Joan becoming a caretaker (doctor, sober companion) only seemed like the natural progression for her. It's one thing to know someone who is homeless, but to have that someone be your father, that's difficult. To let them live on the streets because that is what they choose, it's unfathomable. I really admire Joan even more after learning this. She is truly a strong and caring person to her core.

Speaking of Watson, is it just me or are there more Joan and Marcus scenes as Elementary Season 2 progresses? It seems like, maybe, the writers are headed towards a new romantic pairing. I am not into it at all. I'm just starting to like Bell and I can't imagine him and Joan together. Hopefully, I'm imagining things.

Overall, this episode was decent. I knew it was th lawyer all along because all he cared about was money and fame. The best part of the night was learning more about Joan and her calling out Sherlock for being a fanboy.

What intrigued you most about the episode?


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Rachael destined t

I love JoanBell! Totally here for it! Her and Sherlock need to stay platonic partners, it works so well and their dynamic is awesome! Glad for more Joan backstory too.


One thing I like about this show this season is Watson's development into a lesser detective, certainly (or the fun of Sherlock would be diluted), but a real detective in her own right. I liked not only the case she solved, but that the police extended her "professional courtesy" as a detective who works with the police. I also think that her character's personality is such that she is a cop-friendly sister type figure who can and certainly will think to ask how these new acquaintances are doing and care when they share that information (not a romantic interest for Bell).


Kate, it's interesting that you are picking up on something between Joan and Bell, because what I see is Sherlock's sexual exercise mates as surrogates for his feelings for Joan. He has sex with them but secretly likes Joan. Collecting blankets to help the homeless in the park is something he did for her. Did you see the smile on his face when she went to get her coat?


Good episode as always. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary for Watson & Bell. I agree, it would not be a good match. Maybe what the reviewer saw was just Watson's friendliness. She always tries to be extra nice to the police they work with to make up for Sherlock's brusque & dismissive manner.


I really enjoyed the first season of the show. It was very entertaining watching how Sherlock solved cases from the tiniest details, and he worked well with Watson. It was a great show if you enjoy watching a good mystery unfold. I am disappointed with the change in tone for the show this season. In the last two shows we were first introduced to an acquaintance of Joan's that is gay (and Gay was her name). Really, what was the point of that, other than to satisfy what seems to be the requirement that every show on tv must jump on the gay rights band wagon. Or perhaps the purpose was to prime the audience for last night's show about 2 gay ballerinas. In addition, the writers have decided that Sherlock will sleep with anyone who's breathing. I believe the comment in last night's show was that it is "exercise." I mean really - - how crass. And so unnecessary to a show that was intriguing on its own. I am done with Elementary, because it can only get worse. This viewer will find something else to watch on Thursday night.

@ Rosemary

There are more gay people on tv watch doesn't bother me what does bother me is the way writers love to have woman have sex with a man one day and then have sex with a woman the next...is that why he told Watson why don't you have sex with her to learn more about her. Gross! I am surprised he did not tell Watson you go have sex with her and then I will join the two of you! Women can go either way but men or either gay or straight. Writers have really odd views of sex on tv today.

@ Rosemary

I didn't really care for his "schtupping" women purely for the "exercise" either--go to a gym if you want exercise. It's not that I found it distasteful--I just didn't think it added anything to the story, other than to set us up for drama in his having sex with the suspect. As for your comment about "the requirement that every show on tv ... jump on the gay rights band wagon", I hardly think the presence of a relatively innocuous gay character amounts to a gay rights rally. The world has gay people in it--shouldn't television reflect that?

Martin christiana
@ MrWriteSF

"I didn't really care for his "schtupping" women purely for the "exercise" either" I disagree. It fits in perfectly with the character of Sherlock. It's already been established that he doesn't care for people at all, and the only reason he interacts differently with Watson is because he considers her to be exceptional. I thought the funniest line of the night was when Joan asked him him what Tatiana's last name was and his reply was "something quite lovely I'm sure".
That's who he is and I appreciate it when a character stays true to form.


I love this show and I find Joan/Sherlock totally fascinating. The story is secondary. This episode I was totally distracted by the way Jonny Millers looks. Who is the stylist for him. He looks like a homeless person who got a lice haircut. And as we found out in Sleepy Hollow, no man should wear skinny jeans. I'm not sure how they did it but Sherlock was repulsive looking and really can't believe he got all these beautiful women to sleep with him unless money was exchanged.


I was thinking his voice was deeper and hoarser and I was wondering if he wasn't sick during the filming.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Joan: You went a little fanboy in there.
Sherlock: Fanboy?

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