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A brutal murder at the ballet brings the investigative skills of Holmes and Watson to the scene. Sherlock has many sexual encounters that has Watson's annoyed. While Joan looked into a case of her own.

Elementary Season 2 Episode 15 led us through the intense world of ballet while Joan went to the streets to find a missing homeless man. Only to reveal the truth about her biological father.

While Marcus Bell finally returned the field, gun-less, he and Watson were noticeably getting closer.

As each episode passes, Elementary gets better and better, watch Elementary online to find out how.

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I have to agree with Jennifer. This was a terrible review. Honestly, why did you even bother.


I'm sorry - is this supposed to be a review? Looks more like a recap to me. What happened?

Elementary Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Joan: You went a little fanboy in there.
Sherlock: Fanboy?

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