Glee Review: The Best of Friends, The Worst of Friends

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Glee is back! Let’s pretend that horror known as the Christmas special didn’t happen and jump back into story lines I can get behind.

As proven again on Glee Season 5 Episode 9, Santana is definitely my favorite character, if only because she shows so much dedication to being a horrible person. Plus, her hair is amazing. I almost hope she doesn’t cheer up because her bitch face is the best.

Back at McKinley (tiny yawn) Artie and Tina are happy they’re still friends. How nice for them. Tina is sad she didn’t get into Brown and might have to go to Ohio State instead (O-H!) which seems like maybe not the end of the world? It's not Lima Community College.

If Artie really wanted to cheer up Tina, he should pick a better song than Kenny Loggins "Whenever I Call You Friend." True fact, I’ve never heard this song before.

Santana Auditions

In New York, I was assuming something really terrible was going to happen at the photo shoot, although Rachel’s outfit might be enough to qualify. I know it’s a Funny Girl reference but wasn’t the hair enough?? At least the "Brave" cover was pretty amazing.

McKinley. Tina and Artie fight. He calls her shallow and desperate which is totally accurate.

In the least shocking turn of events ever, Rachel is turning into a diva. “It’s really HARD being a star,” she moans as she puts on her glasses and waltzes out the door. Okay, maybe NOW something horrible will happen to her.

Pushing over a guy in a wheelchair is LOW Tina, even for you. I’m torn on the En Vogue cover: the a cappella part had me dancing in my seat, but I like my Glee music either super-current or old-musical style. This fight over valedictorian could only happen at a fake high school run by a crazy cheerleading coach.

I don’t believe for a second that there are no other actresses who can sing auditioning for Rachel’s understudy. What about all the other people she was up against for the lead? Santana’s audition was 90% leg and 10% voice. She would not make a great lead in Funny Face unless they remixed it with Sweet Charity.

Song of the night: "I Believe In A Thing Called Love". ADAM LAMBERT 4EVA. Kurt should be worried, he could never carry a group like Starchild can.

Most uncomfortable moment of the night: That fight between Santana and Rachel. Yikes. Rachel is lucky she didn't get slapped back, I'm pretty sure Fanny Brice doesn't look like she's been in a brawl.

The insane humble-off during the valedictorian speech is hilarious. The fact that only Sue seems to realize it was all a bunch of crap is even more hilarious. The rest of the judges must spend a lot of time in Upworthy.

More fighting in NYC! This is way less uncomfortable and more full of awesome insults. I’m totally on board with Rachel and Santana ripping hair extensions and pushing each other down the stairs.

PLUS a truly crazy stalkery version of "Every Breath You Take?" The best. I have officially forgiven Glee for that Episode-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned.

Kurt and Elliot make up and take a kissy selfie and whaddayaknow, Blaine finds out practically seconds later. Did Kurt somehow graduate high school without understanding how the internet works? I am sure we will revisit this drama in a future episode.

I think the lesson of the episode is in high school, it’s really easy to make up with your friends. Who gets to be valedictorian can easily be solved with a solo at Nationals. In New York, you have real problems that will ruin your life.

I feel like I should have been able to totally predict that "Breakaway" was coming but I still squeed a little. Best Kelly Clarkson song of all time? I think so. Also, that’s two Idols on one episode. Fox wants to make sure you haven’t forgotten that OTHER singing show.

Where will Rachel live? Will Santana help her to actually break a leg? Will Tina have to go to the shameful state school? Are Kurt and Blaine doomed? This and more to come!


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Great episode, great music. Perfect way to bring Rachel down a notch - which was desperately needed! It makes it a little more palatable that she landed the lead in a Broadway show without any experience, since Santana was able to do the same. Everyone wins a medal! So, lets dump McKinley, and bring Glee in for a nice, satisfying, safe landing in Season 6.

@ jigga

Rachel was annoyingly "diva-ish" before and is even worse now. Perhaps her dads can lay into her/cut her off for moving out or the director (?) could toss her so she'll learn some humility. I just want an excuse to see her dads. :)


This was definitely a great episode, and makes me even more excited for when they focus on only New York! Hopefully Adam Lambert will stick around for a long time! He makes the show so much better! I love that him and Kurt aren't seriously hating each other, as that would have been really predictable. Elliot realizing what Kurt was doing and helping him realize his own potential was a nice moment. I hope their relationship stays this way. It seems to me like, based on the previews for next week, Rachel will move in with Elliot? That could be interseting. I don't see why she was so upset that Santana auditioned. Friends should want their friends to be happy and successful. Santana is just the under study. Rachel is the star. I can see why there would be some competition, but I just think she's overreacting a little bit. And plus, Santana is also my favorite character. So I may be a tad biased! I didn't care about the Artie and Tina storyline at all. Tina has been a hot mess ever since they split her and Mike up. I hope she does stay in Ohio so I don't have to see her on the show anymore next year. I love that Mr. Shue acknowledged Blaine as the new Rachel, automatically guaranteeing him a solo. He really is the best singer there anyways. I hope the show continues with this momentum! And also hoping to see Demi Lovato back as well!


I think even if Santana, who is not so secretly kind of a low coward, had actually slapped her back, Rachel would have slapped her again, she was that pissed. As she should have been. All this talk about Rachel not growing up and Santana is still just that same insecure, egomaniac, shady bully, who for all her talk about being popular, very few people actually liked (see: bully). What a sad excuse for a friend.

@ Kim

Really!? Since she moved to NY, Rachel has been a horrible person. A cheating brat, who thought things should come easy to her. Oh poor her, teacher is mean to me. She's gotten everything she's ever wanted but that's not enough. She thinks she should be able to dictate what others do. Would this great person ever gotten back with Finn if that one dude wasn't such a scumbag?They soften her briefly after Finn's(Cory's) death but here we are back to her being a spoiled, snotty little diva who really only cares about herself. After spouting the racist crap she did, she deserved a beat down and don't get it twisted, Santana would win that fight. Her friend desperately needed a job she could be proud of, a job the was beneath her and that's how she responds. Throws a temper tantrum, DEMANDS that she be kicked to the curb and when she doesn't get her way storms out like a brat. I've grown so tired of Rachel, which is sad since, like so many others I fell for her in the first few seasons. It hasn't been that fun, quirky show I fell in love with for awhile now.

@ Sean

Im sorry but i what were the racist comments. To honest i think they are both right and wrong. Rachel was trying to help Santana with the modelling gig, but santana got bitter cause rahcel was the star, just as rachel got bitter that santana sung the song she considers hers, also did anyone else notice that santana actually copied rachels performance from glee glub to the T. I dunno i am kinda over the whole acting like we did in high school thing. To be honest who cares, high school should be left behind i think the episode was beneath both of them and i am sad to see them revert to thier old selves....


I usually agree with the reviews but this time I couldn't disagree more! I'm so invested in the storylines! It was one of the best episodes! I feel like arias story is super different then Spencer's! We never see aria lose it. She's always been the strongest and most level headed, and her taking off and freaking out adds so much layers to her character and it's all believable. If you found out two years with the person you loved was all fake, how could you not be crazy. Even if ezra doesn't turn out to be A it's very different then Toby because eZra actually did betray and lie to her, and he did know more then he let on. There's not way this storyline could go anywhere but further in progression. Also I actually feel invested in Hannah's love triangle(maybe square if Caleb comes back), and the fact that Paige is being pyscho, and obviously Spencer's storyline is amazing. I feel like this episode was a game changer!

@ Rel

Ummmm Bitch... Wrong show. Lol
Glad Glee is back and this episode was good enough to make me forget that last awful one. Keep up the good work Glee!!

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