Lucas Black to Round Out NCIS: New Orleans Team

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The NCIS: New Orleans team is complete.

Following the casting of Scott Bakula, CCH Pounder and Zoe McClellan, CBS has now confirmed that Lucas Black will portray Special Agent Lasalle on the upcoming spinoff of the network's biggest hit.

The character is outlined as someone who embodies the "edge and fun" of The Big Easy and who likes to both work hard and play hard.

Lucas Black Pic

Black has appeared in such big screen hits as 42, the Friday Night Lights movie and two Fast & Furious installments.

The NCIS: New Orleans pilot, meanwhile, will air as part of a special NCIS Season 11 episode this spring.

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I have always liked Scott Bakula- enjoyed the first show,but found the second one boring, too folks and felt like the writers were trying to "sell" me on New Orleans. The team is ok- , I like the woman agent (remember her from JAG), actually I think she would be better with Gibbs, instead of Ziva's replacement. I think again the writers are giving the actors too many little jokes and really who cares about "lego stuff". Even got a bit boring with Tony and his voodoo doll. This is suppose to be a drama, with the characters involved in a few plots- there were too many sub plots and the ending was flat- Won't watch it again. The Gibbs NCIS is still true to drama, interesting characters, not too many plots- or jokes. Too bad Paige Turco couldn't be on Gibbs NCIS- they would have a good chemistry- hope she still turns up on POI- that show needs someone else besides boring Shaw. Any chance Catherine Bell will guest star with Gibbs?


I loved Lucas Black in Sling Blade. He was a kid then and has grown into a looker! Love his accent too. I'm a fan of NCIS and am enjoying the New Orleans episodes. If there's gonna be a spin-off set in New Orleans, I'll definitely be watching!!


I love Lucas Black. I love to hear him talk, love love love his voice. I hope this show is a go because NCIS LA was suppose to have a spin-off that tanked in the previews. Also NCIS LA is a spin-off of NCIS and I don't like that show at all. They are trying way to hard to make the girl with the wonki eye and the blonde guy a couple. They have no chemistry and they can't act.


NCIS New Orleans looks very interesting. I've always been a Scott Bakula fan and Lucas Black looks COOL !. However, my heart will forever be to the original NCIS Cast and Characters, especially Tony. I still want the original eye candy which is the best. Does New Orleans have anyone that can carry the comedy factor like Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette? All of our lives go on, why not the original NCIS. NCIS ORIGINAL #1


Yummmmm !! he's hot !! I know what i'll be watching !! Sorry NCIS, but you have been surpassed - too old and too boring, at least NCIS New Orleans is going to have some serious eye candy :D # HAPPY #


Lucas was absolutely wonderful in 42 as Pee Wee Reese, the Hall of Fame Dodger shortstop who was from the South. Pee Wee's conversation and arm around Jackie Robinson on the field in Cincinnati. It was a show of support and friendship in front of the essentially racist crowd, (including even some of his relatives) and was one of the most memorable and touching scenes the movie. True story by the way. Wonderful scene and an even more wonderful gesture from Mr. Reese towards his heroic teammate Mr. Robinson.

Sue ann

I don't recognize this young man, but I am a big fan of the other three actors. This is starting to sound VERY interesting ...


I still remember him as a kid in American Gothic ... he was just that good. This sounds like perfect casting. Think he'll do a great job embodying the character as described. Getting excited about this spinoff.


I've only ever seen him in fast and furious Tokyo drift and I think he'll make a great character for the show I can't wait to see him in it.


With all the crap they been getting lately I just might give up tv

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