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Lucas Black to Round Out NCIS: New Orleans Team

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The NCIS: New Orleans team is complete.

Following the casting of Scott Bakula, CCH Pounder and Zoe McClellan, CBS has now confirmed that Lucas Black will portray Special Agent Lasalle on the upcoming spinoff of the network's biggest hit.

The character is outlined as someone who embodies the "edge and fun" of The Big Easy and who likes to both work hard and play hard.

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Black has appeared in such big screen hits as 42, the Friday Night Lights movie and two Fast & Furious installments.

The NCIS: New Orleans pilot, meanwhile, will air as part of a special NCIS Season 11 episode this spring.

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LOVED him in AMERICAN GOTHIC.............he was just a kid then..........his accent will be perfect for this show.......


I hate to admit this, but now there are to crushes on this spinoff... Bakula and Black. I'm in!

@ Carissa Pavlica

It worked on the original NCIS. Gibbs and Tony.


I can't wait for the new NCIS New Orleans. The characters look good, and Special Agent Lasalle is very intriguing. Now all we need are some damn good stories. We've been very patient with NCIS while they got the project underway, but we need to see our original cast. Patients and adoration can only go so far. We miss our shows and the great stories. Now if they'd only take the main focus off of Ellie and stop pushing Gibbs, Tony, and Tim in the background, we'd be happy. Let our guys, solve some cases, maybe with little help from her (but not much). Keep up the good work, cast. We love all of you.

NCIS Quotes

You know what Tony is spelled backwards? Y not? Think about it


McGee: Gibbs would never leave you out of the loop on something like this.
Tony: He didn't.
Bishop: You knew? So why bother fighting with her?
Tony: She fights back. I have a type.

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