Paige Turco Cast on NCIS: New Orleans

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Paige Turco is about to be a busy woman.

The actress, who will be a series regular on The 100 when it premieres on The CW next month, has been cast in the potentially recurring role of Linda on NCIS: Los Angeles.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Linda is the wife of Scott Bakula's Agent Pride.

Paige Turco as Zoe

She will film the role in second position to The 100, appearing in the two-part NCIS Season 11 episode this spring that will serve as a pilot for the spinoff.

NCIS: New Orleans (if picked up) will also star Zoe McLellan, CCH Pounder and Lucas Black. Its team will take on case that range from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle.

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg and star Mark Harmon will executive produce.

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I just have to say that the earlier pilot, with Glenn Corbett and a roving team of NCIS agents, had a terrific cast and I am really surprised that the producers did not pick up some of that cast for the New Orleans project.


Good actress, liked her in POI, and she should be an asset to NCIS too. looking forward to the spin off.


So are there now going to be two show in New Orleans because I hear CSI want to do one in that city too

@ Michael

CSI is doing another spinoff, but not in New Orleans. The series will be based around the FBI Cyber Crime Division in Quantico, Virginia.


I'm most excited about the NCIS NOLA spinoff, mainly because of Scott Bakula. He's a very versatile actor who will carry the role well. I hope CBS picks it up for the regular season.


wow Paige is busy from her recurring role on Person of Interest to The New show The hundred to now this good for her she's a good actress

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