Person of Interest Review: Wrong Number

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As soon as Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 15 started, I couldn’t help but immediately think of the ridiculous Halle Berry film, The Call.

While both contained 911 emergency operators, at least this episode had the competent team we all love to watch.

It’s just unfortunate this Person of Interest mission of the week wasn’t that interesting as it usually is.

The hour was certainly well intentioned, but the emotional impact and the gravity of the situation just felt bland. There wasn’t the spark of excitement this show so often finds even when it does standalone episodes like this one.

There wasn’t much to really care about from either the victim or the perpetrator.

Sure, there was some backstory to the 911 operator, as she wanted to do anything she could to save the little boy. But we spent so much time following around a character that just felt forgettable.

I’d rather see our main cast take on the action, and while there was some gunfire and fist fighting, it felt more like the episode going through the motions.

I loved Reese essentially challenging the collection of guys in the bar in addition to his response about wanting them to take the hard way. However, I was hoping that actually getting to see him take them all down would spice things up for a story that was trudging along.

And it’s always a plus to see Finch in action outside of his lair with Bear, yet following around the 911 operator just wasn’t cutting it this go around.

What’s more, the bad guy of the hour was a lone voice with campy lines. He just wasn't that menacing or engrossing.

Root was a character that was introduced to match Finch’s skill and smarts in Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 13. While we didn’t even see her face or hear her real voice, she still created a memorable presence.

Maybe this “voice” can turn into something down the road, as evidenced by Finch’s final call with him at the end. I’d be perfectly fine if we never heard from whoever it was again, though.

I did at least like the concept of a new partner for Fusco (and one who won't turn out to be a bad guy), but we'll see where that story line goes. Still. we did get Fusco taking the lead and not just following orders!

Sadly, this wasn't the fun and thrilling episode of Person of Interest I was hoping for. Luckily, the POI team can hang up and try again next week.

Do you want the voice on the phone to return?


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When Finch told the 911 operator to get the Voice's gun, and she walked into the puddle, I was expecting the baddie to grab her. Like Joe mentioned earlier, I immediately saw that Finch would not have been able to drop the live electrical cable into the water without electrocuting her as well. Surprisingly, it didn't happen so I can only surmise that the writers goofed in putting that situation in there.


I thought the voice was the "other machine". not a real person.


Nope. Never watching the show again. Nope. Loved Carter. Hate Shaw. Nope. Never watching the show again again and hope it is canceled.


Ok first ridiculous? I saw The Call in theaters and now own it on DVD I loved that movie it was so good and the bad guy was so messed up which I wasn't expecting. Ok now to the episode when I saw the trailer for it I thought about The Call and then seeing the episode there was really only one similarity and that was the 911 call operator doing everything she could to save a child but other wise it was completely different and this was a pretty good episode. The voice on the phone was creepy but not as intriguing as Root was but I still want to find out who was on the other end. One of my favorite parts was the beginning with Finch at the call center talking to Shaw and her asking if he really wanted her to be in there and someone call and get her it was one of the funniest quotes from the episode to me. Fusco helping the new guy was cool and I would be fine with them becoming partners in would be pretty interesting. Can't wait till the next episode.


The 'Ghost Voice' reminds me of Root when we were introduced to her in Root Cause. Same detailed planning, one step ahead....last phone call at the end was very reminiscent of the last conversation between Finch & Root at the end of RC, admiration for a job well done....and a challenge to meet again. I'm thinking if Root is the analog interface for The Machine.....I think Ghost might be the analog interface for Samaritan (who I think is online and sentient).


Honestly this show is a snooze without Root


I found this episode enjoyable and interesting. I too liked seeing Fusco in charge.
It's always fun to see Reese and Shaw kick butt!


People need to stop analyzing things so much, and just enjoy the story. Even reality shows aren't real!


I loved the episode, and was intrigued. It will be interesting to see if "The Voice" makes a return and comes after our beloved Finch.


"creepy voice" was interesting because of his "resourcefulness"... especially now that root is on the crazy side rather than evil side … who will hire him next ? decima ? vigilance ?

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