Person of Interest: Watch Season 3 Episode 15 Online

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911 emergency calls. A villainous voice. A boy in trouble.

Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 15 found Finch, Reese and Shaw out to protect a 911 operator, who was caught up following deadly orders to save a child.

With Reese and Shaw on action duty and Finch handling the phones and the operator for any backup help, the team wound up in in pretty standard procedural fare.

As for Fusco, he managed to find himself a rookie detective to aid in a murder investigation. But of course, he was also able to lend the occasional helping hand to “Wonderboy” and “Glasses.."

Watch Person of Interest online now to watch the latest installment.

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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Hey, there is no "dead" in "team." So instead of going all Charles Bronson on me, let me clear the way.


I don't know, Finch. Maybe we should get Fusco to question those squirrels.