Pretty Little Liars Review: Lies Beget Lies

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Despite the delay with last week's mostly pointless episode, tonight's installment did not disappoint.

In fact, it actually exceeded my expectations. A first for this show!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20, Aria finally finds out about Ezra, and it is explosive!

We finally got the confrontation we were waiting for ever since Spencer ran into Ezra at that college pub in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 17. This outing featured dramatic scenes, emotional moments and a whole lot of tension. It was quite the exciting hour of television.

Spencer started things off by continuing her after-school-special drama. Her amphetamine abuse has gotten so bad that not only did she hallucinate most of Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 19, but she also showed up at school in the middle of the night and fell asleep at Ezra's desk. All with no recollection of the events.

It gave Ezra the perfect excuse to make her seem completely unreliable to Aria.

Once the girls confront Spencer about her problem, she doesn't help things by acting extra crazy and referencing the little night club shooting that never happened. Spencer is able to bring Emily and Hanna around again, but her drug-seeking behavior is finally discovered when the doctor's office calls her mother.

Looks like things are going to get much more difficult for Spencer in the future.

Before getting busted by her mother, Spencer does help orchestrate a trap for Ezra; however, it's one that he cleverly avoids. Probably by sending Mona. That other girl in the blonde wig could have been anyone, but Mona did have that little discussion with Ezra earlier in the evening, and she did leave her date with Mike for awhile.

That minor A drama really paled in comparison to the moment when Aria found that manuscript in Ezra's cabin. She was already suspicious when he happened to know a very specific detail about Spencer finding "Toby's" body in the forest. But the pages filled with remembrances of his affair with Alison was too much. 

Suddenly Spencer's theory about Ezra didn't seem so crazy.

And it led to a an intense chase scene in the woods. Watching Aria choke down her screams while Ezra tracked her down was one of the most suspenseful moments for the show. It did seem rather foolish for Aria to run towards ski lift (even for Pretty Little Liars logic), but Aria's silly decision did lead to a great confrontation between the two. And just what did we find out about Ezra?

Ezra claims:

  • He did know Alison. They dated when he was in college because he thought she was older, but he didn't kill her.
  • He wanted to write a crime novel about her and that's why he returned to Rosewood.
  • He knew who Aria was when they met. (So he knew he was hitting on a teenage girl? That kind of makes the whole thing way more creepy and predatory.)

Ezra failed to mention any of the video surveillance, and he made sure that Aria wouldn't read the rest of the manuscript. Someone did gather it up all again later, but who? Aria doesn't appear to be willing to forgive him even if she believes him. And it looks like Aria is next to totally lose it in the next episode. 

Do you believe Ezra has finally told Aria the whole truth?


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I've just about had it up to here with this show now... And i hate that feeling coz I love this show. The whole Ezra thing, if it's now revealed that he isn't A may coz the show my viewership, and all the friends I brought back on board who gave up on the show a while ago. "Trust me", I said... "The series has proven itself" I said... "We know who A is now, like, for real", I said... This was a disappointing episode for me... If I was deranged killer, Aria wouldn't have made it home in once peace. And if Ezra isn't A then what was up with everything that wend on before. Why was he in a hoody when he was revealed as "A"? It really isn't fair to lead viewers on like that. If you think about it, and start watching the show from the beginning, a lot of what happened in previous seasons has now been proven redundant... a good show builds on past events and its fueled by them. Not continually disproves what it has revealed, over and over, and over, and over... and over... (you get where I'm going with this?!) I'll still tune in next week, but after the nior episode which may as well not even make it into the cannon of the show, and then this disappointing (self proclaimed) "revolutionary" episode. I'm starting to get tired of being duped every week. Reveal something and stick to it Marlene King. Commit for christ's sake, kill one of the girls... have them actually get caught by whoever A is... sucks for the actress but would make good TV! Just commit please, that's all I'm saying


This might be just me, but I haven't heard anyone mention much about Spencer's drug abuse and what her mom said to her. That whole conversation between Spencer and her mother was crazy. Her mom said the last time Spencer got hooked on pills, she didn't remember anything she did. (Which means Ezra didn't make that up. It seems like he was trying to genuinely help.) Last episode, Spencer was hallucinating. This episode, she wakes up in Ezra's school room. Honestly, it sounds like she has some issues and she could have done some things that she doesn't remember. Ezra might still be hiding some stuff, but I'm not sure I believe that he's A. What stuck out to me most is that Spencer has gaps in her memory from the drug use. I feel like there's more to her story.

Spindae 2o

Obviously not a Carissa Review. I'm really not happy with how the show is misleading us, come on is he A or isn't he? I get this is AbcF best show but it can't last forever they need to give us real answeres, I won't wait till season 10 for the reveal of A. I didn't give 5 bucks for Ezra, least intruiging love interest ever, but as he got possible A i was really interested. Pushing into this direction is awful I think it's just a way to prevent Ezria from being really over.Hopefully the season end brings some real light into the story as they promissed in various interviews(as always it is a game changer final, nothing will stay the same etc etc etc., same bul*shit over again. I don't know why the writers doesn't try to send the girls to college and introduce a new mystery to us. People aren't really interested in "A", people are into Ezria, Spoby(Toby needs a hair cut ASAP), Emily, Canna etc etc, we don't need A for things to be interesting.

Ronald simkins

Oops - please delete!


It was probably one of the best episodes of PLL since the first season. Lucy, I think, did an excellent job, but I still have to give hats off to Troian, she has been great at strung out Spencer, it is hard to play someone with an addiction and strung out and she is killing it. I have seen great actors and then some that just are horrible and Troian is killing it. As for EzrA, I think he's still telling half truths, but I am gald Aria caught on to his slip up with the "toby" tattoo. And the fact that he admited to knowing who Aria was and basically using her just made his creepiness factor sky rocket to the moon. It's one thing to fall for a stranger you don't know who it is or their age, but knowing she was in high school, hello perv alert. While I do believe ErzA is A, or at least the perhaps the second in command to the real A, there has to be more to the story or the biggest A they have yet to reveAl (which I believe is Ali) because there will be a season 5 so there will be more twists and turns and things to be explained.


I don't believe Ezra with the whole writing a novel story. I think he left that story there on purpose hoping Aria will find it. He likely knew she suspected him because Spencer is catching on and it was a matter of time before before Spencer told Aria. So the "writing a novel" is just an elaborate excuse to cover up what he's been doing. Remember the finale, when the girls found A's lair in Ravenswood. They found payroll records of people being paid by A. If Ezra was just writing a crime novel, why did he get so angry when he realized the girls found the lair? Not to mention, why all the secret watching of the girls, he could have just come right out and interviewed them from the start. Lastly, he DID know Aria's age when he met her... creepy.


This was a good episode. Well played by all. I am a bit confused by certain things, though. We know he had a relationship with Alison, but I do believe he's in love with Aria. We know he's been writing a book, but is he actually A? If he is really in love with Aria, would he have anything to do with putting her in a box and trying to push her off of a train? Is A supposed to be the same person this whole time? It was a great episode but nothing was really resolved.

@ Shannon

that wasnt A that was wilden and melissa according to mona we saw wilden on the footage

@ leanne

Oh, right. The show keeps weaving a tangled web and it's easy to forget things. LOL. Thanks.


The person that was in the zoo with them I think it was that lady (?) With the burnt face they showed at the funeral. I know that she's(?) The antagonist next season


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Emily: Did you have an accident?
Spencer: What? No!
Hanna: Well, are you going to? What is up with those shower shoes?

You know Spencer, she's a total stress case. A garbanzo bean in the wrong salad bin is enough to make her wig out.