Pretty Little Liars Review: Undoing EzrA

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I was pretty excited about Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20... until the stars and producer suggested that Ezra's reveal (the book writing) was the real truth. 

What?!? Is this going to be another Toby situation?

It's too bad that Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 didn't really distract much from the possible disappointment of the undoing the big EzrA reveal.

Not much happened other than Aria dealing with the aftermath of her Ezra confrontation and Spencer trying to kick her big pill addiction - while possibly discovering a deeply buried secret or completely cracking up.

What bothers me most about the Ezra stuff is how much the story arc is following the Toby/Spencer one back in Pretty Little Liars Season 3. Again a liar finds out the truth about her significant other and then he disappears while she completely loses it and pushes away all of her friends in her anger.

It all seemed very repetitive.

There is one big difference, though: the Season 3 finale changed Toby from a villain to a protective boyfriend. It doesn't appear that Ezra is going to come out a hero here; he seems to be scheduling the release date for his book regardless of how it affects his relationship with Aria.

At least that's what we're lead to believe. It's possible the whole thing is a big diversion,and Ezra is really A. Or he's really meeting with his literary agent to tank the entire book. Honestly, it could be anything because the show's writers are never consistent, except that they consistently undo their revelations again and again.

We should probably prepare ourselves from some disappointment on the EzrA front.

Also, the fact that Alison is alive might become more common knowledge now that Paige has left a clue for the police. Was it right for her to tell the police after promising Emily she wouldn't?

The Spencer storyline seems to have the most potential for future enjoyment. Apparently CeCe saw Spencer and Alison fighting the night Ali disappeared and Spencer grabbed a shovel to threaten her. Did Spencer nearly kill Alison?

Spencer was apparently abusing the pills then (did we already know that?), so she has no memory of that fight. She only remembers telling the other girls that Alison was missing and she heard a scream. It seemed a little suspicious way back in the pilot, but now the show is going to explore it more.

Of all the liars, I think Spencer has the most potential to Ali's "killer." She's always under pressure and wound so tightly that she explodes with anger when in a disagreement with others. And Spencer seems to be prone to mental breakdowns.

Maybe she did accidentally or intentionally hurt Alison? Or maybe it's just the writer's next diversion?

Do you think Spencer hurt Alison that night?


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Guys Ali is A !!!!! She always played games and thats her game. You will see...


I think Ezra is def on the A-team because of the evidence of his history of stalking the liars. With Toby we weren't shown any of this history so looking back it seems implausible for Toby to have ever been a part of the A-team. However with Ezra all the evidence points to him either being A or being a part of the A team. And I think Paige did the right thing. I'm sick of Emily's annoying protection of Alison. Just a few episodes ago she thought she was finally over Ali but now she's doing anything and everything for her and potentially sacrificing her relationship with Paige. So yeah Paige was a bit selfish in her intentions but she was more protective of Emily not just as a girlfriend but as a friend. And I definitely think Spencer has kind of mental illness and that she was on meds when Ali went missing but I don't think she has it in her to kill her.


I keep wondering why A is always wearing the gloves even when at home alone. My theory is that there was a man in the house with Jenna when it caught on fire and he was left terribly scared on his face and hands. He may have been having an illicit affair with Jenna at the time or been doing something illegal in the house and no one knew he was there and he ran away before help arrived. My guess is that he took his revenge first on Ali and then went after the rest of their girls. He probably wanted to make their lives miserable and make them suffer just like he has since the fire. That would explain why Ali doesn't know who is after her. He may have even pretended to kill her to make her live a miserable life on the run.


Does it bother anyone else that they continue to put inappropriately aged men getting wayyyy to close to 17 year olds? There was Ezra with Aria, Wren with Spencer, Wren with Hannah, Wilden with Ali, Ezra with Ali, and now Hannah kisses that new cop--it's really disturbing!

@ LizzyB

Yup, it bothers me too.
And don't forget departed Ian, too, both with Ali and Spencer. This said, I kinda like that detective, he seems like a good guy, even though it's PLL, and you can never really tell..

@ milla

I like him too and, as long as he doesn't pursue anything with Hanna sexually, I will continue to like him...Sean Faris is beautiful :) Totally forgot about Ian!!!!


While the Ezra storyline is similar to Toby's, I find it much more interesting. They wrote his storyline well. This is the first time since season 1 that I have been really enjoying the plot. It is quite convoluted but at least it's done in an interesting way now. And being a fan of Ezria, I would love if it turned out she's pregnant. I know she got sick in the beginning of the episode because she was upset, but wouldn't it be a kicker if it was morning sickness. I believe I read somewhere that somehow Ezra and Aria will always be in each other's lives. I would also like to believe he went to his literary agent to put the gabash on the book.
On a completely different rant, I can't believe how much Hannah can accomplish in one day. Most of it done during school hours. She's able to visit the police station, check on Aria a couple of times, including find her at Ezra's, go to the courthouse and still be in her classes. And I know it was all the same day as she was wearing that odd floral outfit.


Did anyone else notice a's pants at the end of episode 21? Same pants Toby had on when Spencer came by to thank him for necklace and apologize. It totally looks like Toby butt.
I'm sick of Paige as well. You gotta admit though shes pretty gutsy. She could lose Emily in this process. AND ARIA holy crap! I would have trashed his place too. Why not take the stuff they found though like Spencer. The one issue Ive always had with this show is there isnt enough confrontations and questions being asked. It took so long to talk to Jenna even. Why not walk up to her and say Hey Jenna can I ask u a couple questions?????


Am I the only whose completely sick of Paige? Im not so sure that she is who she claims to be either frankly paige could go and I wouldnt miss her and I dont know about anyone else but Spencers parents are ridiculous, cold, cruel and clearly favor melissa over spencer and with parents like that who wouldnt be on something.


Honestly this whole drug situation with Spencer has come out of left field, and i'm really disliking the writing since season 3. This whole Ezra thing is lame. And must Hanna keep kissing guys randomly on the lips? That's getting old too. When Caleb comes back, is she gonna be involved in a love square?

@ amy

I totally agree! I was so annoyed when Hannah kissed yet another guy.


I am also annoyed with the Ezra not A thing as well im especially disappointed that it was in a interview right after last weeks episode She said his not A. i personally would of rather of waited a couple episodes you know to build excitement instead of the interview reveal crap. I also thought Ezra was the one who tried to kill Ali but i still think he has still Messed and manipulated the girls in an A like fashion.
Maybe Ali is afraid of her mum as i think in tonights episode was the first time they revealed that Ms DeLaurentis was there that night.


quick FYI: it's not "undoing" a revelation when they never revealed Ezra to be A in the first place. From day one it was a potential Red Herring
to keep people theorizing and it's done exactly that ignorant and silly reason to spout clueless nonsense by calling the writers inconsistent when you're the one who doesn't understand the standard format of telling a story with intentionally misleading info
that are revealed later on as something else, it's called a twist.


I'm sure I. Marlene King confirmed Ezra was A and I'm sure Ian Harding confirmed it on twitter too so that's why everyone is annoyed at the idea that it's just mirroring what happened with Toby. Especially with Spencer so convinced that it was him. The equipment he had to spy on the girls as well, I mean if he's not A he must be on the A team at least? Or is there no A team anymore? This show has lost its spark to be honest.

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