Supernatural Review: Get Well Soon

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If you’re looking to kick your New Year’s resolution of losing a few pounds into overdrive, maybe it’s time you found a Peruvian Fat Sucker. Just be careful not to let them hoover you to death.

That’s right, Sam and Dean found themselves at a wellness spa on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 13 hunting creatures that reminded me of Q*bert. They just happen to really, really love fat.

Guess you could call this a light and breezy episode. Well, right up until the final Winchester conversation.

Sam in short shorts instructing yoga. Dean playing kitchen lady. There was enough humor to go around, and when the two brothers are working together their back and forth makes for a laugh. The same for their interactions when things get awkward, like Sam trying to high five his yoga class or Dean getting pumped up about fitness.

Even a silly comment about “sweet potatoes” and pudding was funny.

The female police officer was a totally goofy caricature with her overt perkiness and exaggerated accent. It just wasn’t working here, even if the whole case involving fitness and Peruvian Fat Suckers was supposed to be a break away from the dark tale the Winchester brothers have gotten themselves further involved with.

The monsters themselves, while neat they had turned their powers for good, didn’t really stand out beyond that. But, really, how could they? They are Peruvian Fat Suckers. It’s hard to take seriously when you mistake their name for “Fish Tacos.”

That said, Sam’s fight scene in the dark was pretty cool. I was glad there was a bit of action involved and we got to see Sam handle the situation. Yes, Dean ended up coming in at the last second to chop off that ugly vacuum tongue-thing, but that’s why they work together. Because they work well together.

But it was interesting that this episode would also play up the “good” monsters and “bad” monsters notion, especially since it was used with Garth just last week on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12. We get it, not all monsters are vicious and violent enemies, but that’s a topic discussed multiple times and something most viewers could discern by now after watching nine years worth of this show.

So I am glad that Dean was able to agree with Sam about sending the girl sucker back to Peru rather than ganking her, but it did seem odd that Sam didn’t mention letting Garth live as a first example. Yet that’s not really the issue between the brothers.

Sure, there was some amusing banter about “being honest” more at the start of the hour, but everything turned super serious by the end. And it’s tough watching the brothers not happy together.

I get that Sam’s upset, and he still can be, but the two really need to come up with a compromise in order to move forward.

I’m glad the two had the heart to heart as painful... as it was to watch. Sam’s admission about Dean being the hero, saving his brother, sacrificing because he doesn’t want to be alone; it all rings true. But that’s not all a bad thing.

There is good in what Dean does, the same as there is good in what Sam does. The two have both been successful and both made mistakes. It’s definitely what makes them human.

But I’m not sure I buy Sam’s statement about not sacrificing himself for his brother. Didn’t he save Dean, heck the world, by jumping into the cage with Lucifer in Supernatural Season 5? And maybe his comment is a foreshadowing of something to come in which he’ll be faced with that choice.

However this rift, as much as it needs some time before the healing, is a lot less fun to watch than when they used to goof off and be on that same page. They're at this messy moment that looks like things might never be fixed. But I still maintain that they care about each other beneath all the problems.

They need to start finding a way back to what made them work great together rather than the ways they bring each other down. I still think it’s going to take some time to work back to that point, but I’m hoping by season’s end.

And sure, some conflict between Sam and Dean can be good for the show, as much as any mythic arc and larger story that delves into dark areas can be good. But it's a lot harder to enjoy, even the lighter, fun episodes, when the lead characters aren't having the same fun they should be.

It's going to take a lot more than a relaxing spa treatment to fix the brother problem, but I'm definitely ready to see the Winchesters back on the same page.

Will Sam and Dean fix their brotherly relationship by the end of Supernatural Season 9?


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Karin shah

I wasn't even sure I wanted to watch this week after what Sam said last week. I find it totally out of character based on past actions. It's like the writers have never watched their own show. Give me outside conflict. I hate it when the brothers are fighting, especially when it seems so false.


This episode may have been written/filmed before the Garth episode, thus the lack of mentioning him. The point is Dean must dump his "all monsters are bad" schtick to justify killing those he doesn't like, as Sam has pointedly said when it came to his choice in killing vs. saving him. Dean put the world's fate on the line just to save his brother, which Sam said was much worse than letting one little good monster go. Sam said he finally realizes you have to look at the greater good as hunters when deciding who lives and who dies.


Am not liking Sam understand he's mad that Dean didn't let die Sam wanted and Dean angel possessed Sam so yes he has the right to be mad but to tell Dean there not brothers any more and Sayin he wouldn't save Dean. I think Cain mark will have Dean going to dark side and it put him in danger and I hoping Sam will do what can to save Dean even if he said won't. I just think he saying out anger and will change his mind when comes to that point. Ugh I can't believe we have wait until the 28 to watch new episode.


What do you mean 'I wouldn't'? what the hell kind of out of character statement is that? Sam wouldn't do anything to save Dean? YES he would. He has done so time after time, and he probably will again. Because that is what this show is about, the absolute love and bond between two brothers, who would do anything for each other. If they would let Sam make any other choice he would be despised. I agree with the hero complex though. He didn't try to save Dean from purgatory or hell because he couldn't. But evertime when there is a slight change that he could save Dean, he tried to do so. And I was really annoyed that they didn't mention Garth. It seemed strange that neither Dean nor Sam would mention him, or that Dean would be so willing to kill a 'monster' that had helped them. His character has grown throughout the seasons, and this reverted him back to season 2. I am not really happy with this season so far. Not just because the brothers are fighting, they have done so before. But there is something about this fight that is off, forced even.

Karin shah
@ nasne

You are so right!


Sam saying the hard truth to Dean is not easy for him to hear...Dean has always been selfish, self-righteous and judgmental. Now Sam is finally calling him out on it. No Sam is not perfect either, he's made misteps and bad decisions in the name of revenge for the deaths of first Jessica and then going after Lilith who made sure Dean's deal went thru (which Dean did to bring Sam back from the dead). Yeah it's hard to watch the brothers in this really tough real place in their relationship but I think they have to go here and force Dean to change for things to get back to brotherly love again.


Ok....I don't think I have ever disliked Sam as much as I do right now. He's being such a selfish child. He's being intentionally hurtful and it makes me want to punch him. Of course Dean wanted to save Same for him. Duh! But I'm sorry....Sam was NOT ready to die because the moment Dean said he found a way to save him, Sam took it! If he was ready to die, he would have said no. Sam needs to get off his high horse.


This wasn't a sudden change for Sam, remember he didn't try and find Dean when he was in purgatory. Its just finally been laid out in the open, that ate two fundamentally different people and Sam is over Dean trying to impose his views over what Sam sees and feels. Sam will always be the little brother to Dean, one who Dean has to look out for, due to being told that his entire life from their Father. This has always been the main theme between both boys the entire length of the show. ITs just finally out in the open, no punches pulled on either side.


Why has Sam changed his tune? They've both sacrificed themselves umpteen times for each other that just to suddenly say 'no' didn't make much sense.


2 sub-par episodes in a row :/ this one was slightly more boring than last week's Garth episode. crazy to think Sam basically just told Dean that he would let him die. Yawn.....hopefully when the show comes back we'll get back into the main story.


2 sub-par episodes in a row :/ this one was slightly more boring than last week's Garth episode. crazy to think Sam basically just told Dean that he would let him die. Yawn.....hopefully when the show comes back we'll get back into the main story.

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