The Big Bang Theory Review: A Train Ride Surprise

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Oh my golly gosh! I can't believe it actually happened. It did, right? I hope I wasn't dreaming....

Someone acknowledged that Penny drinks a lot and may have a problem! Sure, Leonard said it as a joke, but there was a thread of truth behind it.

Since It's been a long discussed topic on the reviews, I'm glad it was finally brought up. 

A Romantic Trip

Okay ... that's not really what had my jaw on the ground, but I didn't want the real shocker to spoil anyone in the introduction.


It's been a long time coming. Three years! I'm quite impressed with how it finally happened. I feared that their first kiss would feel forced or just not be the right time. The Big Bang Theory writers found the perfect way to make it happen. It felt authentic to the characters, while being epic. 

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 15 is an episode that will be watched over and over again just to watch Sheldon and Amy's kiss. The best part about the moment wasn't that Sheldon kissed Amy to prove a point, but that once their lips touched Sheldon was overcome by the connection. He was drawn physically towards Amy. His hormones superseded his mind. 

I just made me smile. Even thinking about how it went down is making me smile now. Absolutely loved it!

Amy: I deserve romance, and I didn't know how else to make it happen.
Sheldon: Well, if you want romance, then let's have romance! Oh, look, there's wine. Mmm. Grape juice that burns. Uh, now let's gaze into each other's eyes, hmm? You blinked I win. Let's see. What's next? Oh, kissing's romantic.
Amy: That was nice.
Sheldon: Good.

The kiss was only made better when Sheldon asked Amy to go with him to see the train's engineer. He saved the otherwise disastrous evening with that invitation. Sheldon and Amy's relationship lived to see another day. Will his heart and body win out over his mind? We'll have to keep watching to find out.

Other than those few moments and then when Sheldon returned home and mentioned the kiss to Leonard, the train trip was horrible. I wasn't sure if the episode could be saved, but it was. Sheldon's typical behavior with the other train enthusiast was awful. I would have been perfectly okay with Amy breaking up with him on Valentine's Day.

Poor Howard and Bernadette were just a sideshow. Though, Howard probably doesn't mind since he is getting a huge R2-D2 lego kit when he gets back. They were sweet together. Bernadette's controlling nature fits Howard's demeanor so well. At least Sheldon's behavior gave them an excuse to look at the stars.

Back at home, Leonard and Penny nearly kill Cinnamon. And, Raj gets a woman's number. A vet! I hope we see her again. She seemed to have a good head and someone that would be good for Raj. He deserves to date a "normal" person and have a chance at happiness. Anytime he has someone watch Cinnamon for him it ends up begin a disaster, so a vet for a girlfriend would be perfect!

Check out the best lines in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section. What was your favorite?

Grade Sheldon and Amy's kiss!


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TBBT started out as a show about smart guys, lots of science jokes, lots of intelligent humor. Then it morphed into nerds, and now they're all just kinda pathetic. I understand the need for character growth, but I don't like this direction. Plus Sheldon and Amy dont fit, he's so handsome and in good shape, and Amy is in serious need of a makeover, they need to give her a wardrobe that makes her look a bit more 'young and virginal' and a bit less 'mom bodyish'. Miyam Bialik is a gorgeous woman, but they make her look so bad on here.


I like the old Sheldon better than the Sheldon who's Amy's boyfriend. If Sheldon and Amy do all the conventional boyfriend/ girlfriend things it'll be hard to sustain a storyline for them.
I'm expecting Penny to go back home as the series finale. IF she succeeds as an actress she should be able to meet someone who's more in common with her than Leonard He won't cope if Penny becomes a success, and all her superintelligent friends will stop having the opportunitites to put her down!.


you are right fifty there not point of amy at all she should of left an long time of go. we do not need her on the show!!!!!!!!!!!! and heted hated that kiss it should on never happen in the frist place!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leonard and Penny is fine. Countless times Penny is joking about Leonard and one time he gets a shot it s bad??? Grow up people. Also I like the kiss between Sheldon and Amy it is about time. If you don't want that to happen then no point of Amy in this show.

@ Fifty

If you think my problem with Leonard on what he said to Penny you clearly don't see that whole picture - He's been a douche/dimwit to Penny basically this whole season.


I am still in the Sheldon and Penny camp; they are very comfortable talking to each other and just haven't taken the next step because of Sheldon's respect for Leonard.


It was a sweet kissing scene, but..between two people who have zero chemistry, imo. It made me so sad to realize how the writers changed Sheldon's character that I almost cried. From the brilliant, robotic, akward guy he used to be, now he's just a stupid boyfriend with a creepy girlfriend. They literally transformed the whole show into a soap opera with these unfunny couples. Why don't they just marry everybody and get over with it; Why drag the whole thing for more seasons; It has become soooo tiresome....

@ ElenaGreece

i also miss the old sheldon too. i hated the kiss too


What happened to the Amy that was the female version of Sheldon? She was hilarious when she first came on. Now she is just pathetic

@ Joe

i am so not not an amy fan but i got say i miss that amy and the amy that had an girl crush on penny


Yeah I think Amy and Sheldon are as bad as each other in their own ways the kiss wasn't that impressive it started out as a sarcastic action so wasn't really from the heart anyway.
I always thought that Amy should have dumped Sheldon about 2 years back but she's such a pathetic character she actually stays with this psycho.
Leonard should to learn that minutes in the bedroom needs to become hours and Penny needs to learn that boozing on constantly isn't helping anyone, especially herself.
I won't miss this series when it's gone.


i so heted that kiss wish it did not happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amy just drags sheldon down he was having an good time
and i like that sheldon was being sheldon of crouse she was moddy and acting like an child and crouse there friends took her side yet again
i wish once just once they would take his side
i love the fact the sheldon let her have it
then they trash it with that gross out kiss
i wish they break up the shamy and get rid of amy


I'm ready for Penny to dump Leonard's sarcastic butt. He puts get down way too much and just honestly is not a good boyfriend. I liked him better with Priya simply bc they were both sarcastic yet it worked with them. Penny needs someone who doesn't put her down at every turn in life. I used to be fond of this couple but now they simply make me cringe. And Sheldon and Amy, they are just adorable to me even though sometimes I really wanna beat Sheldon up.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

Leonard: Plus, I'm not sure it's a great idea to take Penny to where wine comes from. [chuckles] What? It's a joke. Oh, come on. We bust on each other. I wear dorky glasses, you might have a problem -- it's all for laughs.
Penny: That would really piss me off if I didn't have a buzz going on.

Amy: I'm sorry, but "Gollum" and "Flakey" are not acceptable.
Sheldon: Well, you don't like "Princess Corncob," you don't like "Fester" -- you're just impossible to please.