Beauty and the Beast Spring Finale Pics: Man to Man

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The spring finale is upon us with Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 16.

On March 10, Cat immediately regrets sleeping with Vincent in Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 15 and returns to Gabe.

All together 770,000 fans scream: WHY?!?

Vincent reminds Cat they are better together than they are apart and Gabe's chosen route is to threaten the beast to stay away from Catherine.

"Or what?" asks Vincent in the following promo:

Will Cat finally come to her senses and stand up for what she wants? Does she want a man or perhaps a little time alone? We don't care what you choose, Cat, as long as you make the decision for yourself.

Enjoy the photos and take another look at how we got to this very crazy place in the season when you watch Beauty and the Beast online.

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Gabe is going to wind up finding a way or ways to discredit Vincent or harm him, somehow. That's his only chance (in his mind) of removing Vincent from Catherine's heart and mind. I just hope it backfires and takes out Gabe, instead :)


If the CW chooses to cancel this wonderful show, I just hope the producers can find a good cable channel that would be willing to pick up one of the best shows on television and not be so obsessed with "ratings".


I don't like Gabe the show is beauty and the beast they are destinated #BATB


you said you don't care what she choose as long as you make the decision for yourself but you don't respect her decision to return with Gabe! I don't like Vincent this season and I don't really ship her with Gabe. Team Cat all the way but even if we all know VinCat is endgame, it's to easy for Vinvent to get her back like that when he treaten her badly this season. She deserved more. For now it's Gabe or alone

@ tamy

I don't think it's likely she "chooses" to return to Gabe rather than she does it out of habit and because she has a key.

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