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Castle Review: I Only Need You

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Castle and Beckett only need each other at their wedding…and their parents, Alexis, Ryan, Esposito, Lanie and the list goes on and on. 

Just wait until they have to figure out who will sit next to whom. 

Rick and Kate continued on their wedding planning journey in Castle Season 6 Episode 19 and there's certainly a lot to get done. They don't have venue. They don't really have a date. They don't have a final guest list. About all they just have is the agreement to get married and a hideous dress.

Murder and Family
A murder investigation ends up involving Capt. Gates family on Castle. "The Greater Good" is the 19th episode of the show's sixth season.

OK, I'll drop my complaints about the dress, for now. For a couple who can't stop discussing the big day, they certainly haven't gotten very far in the actual planning.

Perhaps if Castle stopped mentioning things like roller coaster weddings they'd get a little farther because Kate is obviously having none of it as we see in this Castle quote...

Beckett: Castle I love you but I will not marry you on a ride or up in space or on slide.
Castle: I bet Dr. Seuss got married somewhere fun.

You'd think that the road they took to get here was enough of its own roller coaster ride to satisfy the need for ups and downs. And I couldn't help but wonder if Castle asked Ryan his thoughts on the amusement park ride because he's in the running for best man…yet another decision that has yet to be made. 

But on to our case of the week. The twists and turns on this one really kept me guessing. Berman was such an arrogant ass I really hoped he was the murderer and I found it amusing that gang banger, Hector Nunez's alibi was that he was visiting his mother in a nursing home. 

I never would have guessed that Peter Cordero had started out as Armando Garcia, an orphan from Venezuela. Getting the a passport in his birth name and heading back to Venezuela via Mexico was a brilliant plan, if only it had worked. 

Capt. Gates and her sister Elizabeth were more than cold with one another. They were downright frigid but their interactions as dueling sisters rang true. Siblings are usually some of our harshest critics and these two sisters took it to a whole new level. 

Gates' belief in fighting for the truth put her at odds with here sister's view that the rules could be bent for "The Greater Good." It's one of the things that Gates has in common with Beckett. Their desire to find the truth and belief in the law is unwavering. Perhaps that's why the Captain shared her history of sister issues with Kate. They've always had a bit of a bond. 

Now that we've met her sister, I really hope we get to meet more of Victoria Gates family. I truly enjoy Penny Johnson Jerald and hope to see more of Gates' back story explored moving forward. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Who should Castle pick as his best man?



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I am ridden with angst worrying about the finale, the wedding, and according to another site and Stana's tweets , the exit of a few key characters that she has said goodbye to already. Who's getting killed off-, Ryan and Espo,? Anybody know about this out there.?
And yes they better get hitched in the finale and I don't care how! Get this over with and spend Season 7 (if there is one) showing how Beckett & Castle handle married life jointly on cases. Kate also needs to get pregnant., have little Castles, and then retire from the force to live happily ever after with Castle as a way to end the series on a positive note- no kill offs please!
On another note, I am a child of the 60's and 70's and can't wait until the 70's retro episode this Monday. I've seen the previews, and Ryan and Espos getups are a hoot!, But Castle and Beckett's tranformations are fairly normal. What happened to the wild Hippie hair , bandannas, and wild makeup prevalent during the era. Was looking forward to Beckett looking like Janis Joplin and Castle as Jim Morrison!
Oh well, just give me the damn wedding please !!! Your comments and input would be greatly appreciated!

@ stanafanatic66

Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were more of the 60s than the 70s,
sorry Castle's wasn't. no-one but no-one had short hair in the 70s except cops and the army dudes. In OZ anyway


Tonya B -so glad to hear from you,as is the "old gang",i do agree with you that it would be very marlowe(isk) to inject doubt into kate after she really seemed to turn the corner in her relationship with rick-oh yea,thats how last season ended! It would not surprise myself one bit-and would assure a 7th season.

@ pete

Pete, thanks for the hello. The last two episodes are titled "Veritas" which means truth, and "For Better or For Worse" for the finale. Just these titles create an angst ridden atmosphere. I think AM will continue down the trodden path that he has taken for nearly every finale, meaning angst instead of satisfaction.

@ Tonya B.

Disagree oh beautiful headless and throneless horseriding demon.
He found out last time with series 5 it was bad.
just look at what was never asked and never explained at the Paley panel by him. I am betting no angst but poor romance.


Marlowe is a terrific writer...Those who don't like him don't appreciate great writing.....The the show end the way it will and just sit back and enjoy...Castle is a great show and that is because of the fantastic acting crew and writers...also the entire staff behind the scenes...

@ Hobo bear

Hobobear, now now, calm yourself. Sure, Marlowe is a terrific writer, some of the time. He is not God, so he is not terrific all of the time. No one here will argue that Castle is a great show, which is why we are writing on this blog! But again, it has it's ups and downs. Marlowe is notorious for creating tremendous angst around finales. Sometimes we are happy (S4 Always), but usually we are sad or upset (S1, S2, S3, S5). Why would they suddenly introduce a good looking man who has a "complicated past" with Beckett in the finale? I doubt it is to congratulate her on the upcoming marriage! Much more likely that he is there to shake Beckett up a bit and make her question her commitment to Castle! This would likely postpone the wedding until S7 and end S6 with Marlowe's typical angst. And Hobobear, if you enjoy angst, good for you. But you cannot expect everyone to feel the same way as you do. I do not enjoy angst, especially when I have to wait for 3 months to see how it will be resolved, even if it gets resolved at all. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!!!

@ Hobo bear

sorry Hobobear but from where I am sitting Series 6 has been up and down in quality. some fantastic but some dreadful.
This follows series 5 which was simply treading water for mine.
here i am undoubtedly influenced by the appalling final arc. Marlowe is a great writer with drama as we saw earlier in this very series but nowhere near Winter when it comes to romance.


I'm practically positive that they will screw up the finale. They announced a guest star named Eddie McClintock who just happens to have a complicated past with Beckett. He will probably show up on the scene and end up giving Beckett more doubts about marrying Castle, so the wedding will get postponed to next season. After all, Marlowe rarely gives the fans what they want the most!

@ Tonya B.

Welcome Our Tonya A class, I have very l.ow expectations for the last episode. Marlowe and Miller do not have a great record of writing good romance. Winter does but they do not.
Anyone who thought the evil episode was a 'fun' and people shouldn't criticise Alexis's behaviour this series have a couple of oars out of the water. however I do not think there will be angst. Even Marlowe would have realised that he has beaten that to death now! I do predict a live Andrew Belle singing their song though. Hey come over to my blog. Captain Cook has. It is one of the few in the Kingdom that doesn't pay homage to Marlowe's genius every day

@ nottrampis

Nottrampis, thank you for the welcome back. I will try to get to your blog. Remember my hangup about watching S6? Well, I have remained true to my word about it. I have only watched comments about each episode here. Say hello to Captain Cook!

@ Tonya B.

Hi Tonya, Good to hear from you again. I share your view regarding the Season finale, AWM hasn't got a clue about writing a long sweeping love story, there will be angst for sure, and it will again be about Beckett's insecurities. This theme is way past it's sell by date, all I hope is that TEM has got some control over AWM, but I doubt it. Once again, I'm preparing for AWM to screw up the best TV show to come out of the USA for decades, if not, ever.


Once again for the 3rd time, who is Maddie? Is she a nickname for a character we know under a different name?

@ stanafanatic66

Hi stanafanatic66, Maddie is Madison Queller Kate's good friend from high school. We met her towards the end of season 2 in "Food to Die For" The actress, Julie Gonzalo currently plays Pamela on TNT's Dallas. ABC hasn't officially renewed any of its lineup yet. We may not hear anything until May but most insiders expect Castle to be renewed.

@ Christine Orlando

Thank you so much for the info. I now remember the Maddie restaurant episode and her ties to Kate and the food wars and chef killing in the episode. I'm hoping and praying for that 7th season and I love your episode reviews. You're right on with almost every episode. I'm going thru withdrawal pains right now waiting for the next episode on April 21st! Long live Castle!

@ stanafanatic66

yep one of the great Castle episodes.
Maddie was everything Beckett was not. A beautiful woman who was confident about herself ( when she and Beckett was talking about marriage she says Not yet!)
although Beckett had done the wrong thing by Maddie because of Brent Edwards she stil kept up to date with what was happening to Beckett. She is the best friend Beckett should have had not Lanie who has gone backwards as a character.


Does anyone out there know if Castle has been renewed yet for Season 7? Otherwise we may indeed have the wedding episode in episode 23 of this season.!


Bring in one of the poker /writer friends as best man. A long time friend and it opens the story out a little, including a shout out to past story lines.
I've been disappointed that recently Castle's wide interests and knowledge have not been used much, Part of the buffooning the writer's have done with the charactor. The cops don't really have much life experience outside of the hierachial structure of the Department. (And the forces for Esposito).


Castle should pick Alexis as his best man!

@ Tina

it is best MAN

@ nottrampis

Have you ever seen "Made of Honor" starring Patrick Dempsey?

@ Tina

No but I saw Kyra Blaine's wedding!


I enjoyed the episode because Beckett and Castle really led the investigation. Gates shined in this episode as well. I liked seeing the softer side to her. She's very much like Beckett showing a tough exterior. All throughout the episode Castle and Beckett were discussing who to invite to their wedding. It was selfish of Castle to ask Beckett to cut down her list when he has 400 people on his list. By default, I think they listed who will really be invited to a smaller wedding: Martha, Alexis, Jim, Ryan, Jenny, Esposito, Lanie, Gates family. Also, Kate mentioned Maddie and Aunt Teresa. Getting married is a huge step and both characters need to have a moment to pause and embrace it. I hope we get nothing like that rush job to the proposal with basically no window into their thoughts before the big moment and hit all the wrong emotional beats. When I heard the comment by Beckett about Dr. Seuss getting married in the living room, I thought about the loft, but when I replayed that scene, the line was that Dr. Seuss got married in his wife's living room, if I heard it correctly. If it were a clue, that would mean in her apartment. Maybe that will be the last scene shot there. Kate did say "his wife's living room" which sounded weird to me at the time. Maybe that explains why Kate never gave up the apartment. I really don't think the wedding will be in the park, too out in the open.


okay qwedding first.Best man Easy Bob Weldon and Espo and ryan are groomsmen. That means Beckett has Lanie, Maddie and Alexis as her bridesmaids. okay. WHY does Gates have a job. She has been an incompetent fool from the first day when she kicked Castle to the kerb without any input from the Homicide team.
She should have been sacked after the In the Belly of the Beast fiasco ( ask any Cop)but apparently this doesn't happen in Marlowe land. This episode was just soso.
The planning is becoming a bugbear. do the writers realise Beckett doesn't like to be around places with a lot of people. She wouldn't invite 100 people to HER wedding in a fit.
it would be a small wedding and it is Beckett's wedding because
1) Weddings are always about the Bride never about the Groom
2) Castle has been married twice before

@ nottrampis

Could somebody please refresh me, who is Maddie anyhow.I've seen all Castle episodes but can't make this connection?