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Cougar Town Review: Unforeseen Twist

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What was turning out to be a fun romp in usual antics turned into a serious case of feelings on Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 11.

Chick's Alzheimer's continues to be a running thread in the background of Cougar Town Season 5. His borrowing of Bobby's boat as a way to get Bobby and Jules to have some fun in their marriage spun what would be a fun and typical prank from Chick on its end.

His Alzheimer's is progressing and, no matter how good he can present himself around his family and friends, he's still entering into that stage of needing someone to look after him.

It's a moment of reality in an otherwise fun day of playing games, of watching an ex-husband and ex-wife be good friends and reminisce about their pasts.

Even Bobby - looking mighty dapper in Grayson's scissored up suit - usually the comedic anchor, was sad and surprised about Chick's prank being rooted in saving their marriage. 

The only question is how Cougar Town will decide to face Chick's Alzheimer's now. It's going to be emotionally draining and unsatisfying to the story if he continually pops in to remind the audience that the disease is, in fact, progressing. 

Grayson teaching Andy how to use the "neg" was probably one of the funnier stories the two have been paired up for.

Dipping into Grayson's douchebag past and watching him pass his expertise to Andy brought Andy-like glee and wonderment. Naturally, Andy trieed to go one step too far and used it on Ellie.

Being fluent in both sarcasm and negativity, she quickly saw what was being done on her and tried to regain her place the relationship as a power struggle ensued... there's really nothing more amazing on Cougar Town than Ellie being, well, Ellie. 

Laurie and Travis finally did something couple-related by decorating her condo. The giant Target ad was obvious, but after having more Subway than I could ever want or eat for Chuck, watching one huge Target infomercial was about the least intrusive thing one could ask for, if it means Cougar Town sticks around on TBS. 

Did Chick's confession surprise you? 



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I like a good comedy that can also tug at the heartstrings a little bit, especially when it's not too over done. And Jules and Bobby did have fun on their search for the perp. It was also fun to watch. I agree that was a pretty funny storyline for Andy and Grayson. I loved Andy and Ellie going back and forth trying to regain that power. The ending with Grayson trying to be a motivator and teaching the other guys his ways was pretty hilarious as well!