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"The New Directions plan their lives like they plan their set lists: they figure it out the night before” might be the most true thing anyone has ever said on Glee. And so begins Glee Season 5 Episode 10

Emma and Will are both reasonably-to-quite attractive people, and yet listening to them talk about trying to get pregnant is still kind of gross. I was on Team Sue. I did not need to know that.

I have NO idea what "Jumpin’ Jumpin’" has to do with anything, but I approve of it as a song choice. It’s just one more step toward the show being entirely made up of performances with no plot line at all.

In New York, Rachel continued to be awful and has somehow dragged Elliot/Starchild into her awfulness. Her performance of "Barracuda" was kind of amazing, though, although I feel like Awful Rachel would have objected to the strain on her voice and insisted on more Babs.

I am already laughing every time they play the Tina’s-crying-again music.

Blaine has an excellent point re: high school friendships being much easier to maintain these days thanks to the Internet. I mean, just this week I found out how ugly that girl from biology class’s baby came out! High fives for Facebook!

Ugh... more pregnancy talk. I say this as someone who is literally pregnant right now: do not want. Your advice is unhelpful, Coaches. Being told to relax when you’re trying to get pregnant is like walking up to someone with a big mole on their face and saying “You know you have a big mole on your face?”

The lock-in is canceled #THANKSOBAMA.

Elliot goes to the old apartment to do Rachel another favor (is she blackmailing him or something?) and Santana hatches a scheme to ruin Rachel’s life as quickly as possible. This episode needs more Santana.

There has now been too much talking without any songs, and I am getting bored. Wait, now it’s time to sing "Don’t You Forget About Me." Imma let you finish Glee but...actually, no. I won’t let you finish.

This was a super poor choice, as everyone knows this song was already show-choired up amazingly in Pitch Perfect. THEY DON’T EVEN DO THE ARM THING RIGHT.

Becky ruins the fake lock-in with energy drinks and Twister. Ugh, Twister is the worst.

Will and Emma are already nursery decorating, which I’m assuming means they’ll never get pregnant. I had no idea this song was called "Danny’s Song" (which it is, according to my closed captioning). Also, is Kenny Loggins sleeping with whoever chooses the music or something? That’s two weeks in a row.

Tina and Sam are making out, which is surprising to no one except for Blaine, because apparently being gay prevents you from understanding what “lock-in” is code for.

At the diner - where Rachel and Santana seem to work every once in a while - someone requests "Gloria." IT’S A SING OFF. Elliot wins, obviously, but the girls are too busy being bitches to notice. Then he quits the band and I no longer care about Pamela Lansbury.

Blaine whines some more about not having anyone to make out with. What happened to Kurt? He’s not doing much, can’t he come back for a booty call?

See, no one else cares about Pamela Lansbury either. One Three Hill gets a 6 out of 10 for punniness and a 2 out of 10 for outfits. Happy to see Demi-slash-Dani back but this show tunes/tuxedo cheesiness is no good. I’m replaying last week’s version of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" in my head instead. Man, that was awesome.

Rachel and Santana almost make up, but that would be boring so they don’t.

Blaine finally remembers he’s in Glee Club so he has to be friends with people in Glee Club even if he doesn’t want to.

Since I just sang all of "Hold On" from my couch while making my best Wilson Phillips faces, this song wins the episode for me. And don’t act like you didn’t sing. No one can resist an a cappella break down.

Emma’s pregnant! I am surprised that worked out so well. But at least hopefully I don’t have to think about them doing it any more.

NEXT WEEK THE GUY FROM PITCH PERFECT SHOW UP AND OMG BEST GLEE EVER. I forgive you for stealing Pitch Perfect’s song.

What did you think of Glee Season 5 Episode 10? Which song from tonight was your favorite?


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Frankly I'm getting sick of the whole, "I'm a star, worship me" thing from Rachel. Talk about ego! And Santana is definitely hard on everyone but what else is new. I hate Becky. Does she have any friends? Because she's nasty like Regina in Mean Girls. I thought Santana hooked up with Finn in the Madonna episode of season 1 because Sue was making the Cheerios make like Madonna and date younger guys. Finn wasn't that much younger at all but technically that would count. I could be wrong.

@ sha_angelico

no not then. At Finns mom and Kurts Dads wedding, when rachel and finn were dating!


remember when Santana tried to hook up with Finn in high school just because she saw how happy Rachel and him were? Santana has had this creepy jealous obsession her whole life


Personally I dont get why the reviewer is against Rachel... I think for the last few episodes Santana has been the one thats awful. Rachel was finally getting her lifes dream and santana tried to steal it away from her and was extremely food, and has tried to take everything from her. HEr best friend, her apartment and now her newest roommate. Rachel already lost the love of her life, Santana should be supporting her now more then ever. She is being so horrible, that nothing can redeem her in my mind. I thought Santana had changed but obviously not. IN the real world, anyone would tell Rachel that SATANa is a negative, jealous and competitive friend, and Rachel should ditch her. Rachel did the right thing by trying to end the friendship. Btw, Santana even making it as the understudy is the most unrealistic thing of my life... She doesnt have the right look, shes too tall and thin, her voice is completely commercial, plus Rachel has been taking dance, acting and voice lessons her whole entire life, Santana has not. Not to mention Rachel has studied Barbara Streisand her whole life and has her expressions, and characteristics down. The fact that she just waltzes in and gets that role is the most unrealistic thing in my world.


I really don't think they were meaning to be insensitive to anyone with fertility issues. They never even said they had fertility issues. They simply wanted to check to be sure. So before doing so, Coach Bieste simply suggested that not trying sometimes works better than trying. Which is an EXTREMELY common thought. Where's the offense? Some people just want something to complain about no matter what... Anyways, on to the episode, I'm still on team Rachel on this one. I've always loved Santana and she's always been one of my favorites, maybe even my favorite character. But it's still really hard not to root for Santana. I think their fights can be a little over the top, and as Eliot said, very "high school" but I blame Santana for that. She could have just simply mentioned she was interested to Rachel like a real friend would have. They could have talked it out. And I'm not too pleased with Kurt letting Santana stay when he didn't really care for her before either. I do think he should have had a little more loyalty towards Rachel. He made her leave her dorm to leave in the loft with him. I actually thought the Blaine/Tina/Sam trio was pretty fun. It was a more enjoyable McKinley scene. I'm glad Will and Emma are pregnant as we probably won't see them much after this season. I'm hoping they have a boy and name him Finn. That would be so fitting. I can't wait until next week for Skyler Astin to guest star!


I liked Rachel the first 3 seasons even though she was over the top selfish and conceded. She was funny. Season 4 she sucked. Season 4 sucked. Santana was always awful. But, funny. Now, she isn't really very funny. This entire childish diva-drama between them is stupid IMO. I thought Rachel had learned something over 4 yrs about being a better person and friend than this. And, this thing thing about Santana wanting a job behind Rachel's back is stupid. Santana has more self control than that. I love all the Wemma. They deserve a loving storyline. I have come to dislike Becky in every way. Blaine, Tina and Sam do nothing for me. But, I adore Eliot. I really dig One Three Hill.


this has the best the worst written review ever and I read these weekly. and yes, Santana is just as obnoxious as Rachel now. And about being offensive, TV shows are always going to offend everyone, and this week it was people who are infertile. It's ignorance, suck it up.


You didn't even out the best songs in the poll.


Um and Santana continues to be awful. People jus don't get Rachel.


hold up when did sam and tina hook up and start making up haven't watch glee since season 4 so confused ?


REALLY offensive episode to anyone who has suffered infertility - which is like 8-10% of parents. If only we'd all thought to "relax" then we could have saved tens of thousands on IVF. *facepalm* Way to go Glee. Just when I thought you couldn't get any worse - and I really DIDN'T think you could get any worse! Perpetuating infertility myths like that is pretty irresponsible and hurtful.

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The thing that holds high school friendships together is high school.


I was like some heroine from a lost Tennessee Williams play.


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