Modern Family Review: What Happens In Vegas

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not when you're a member of Dunphy/Prichett crew.

Here, nothing stays a secret for long.

Modern Family Season 5 Episode 18 took our favorite family to Sin City. Vegas, baby!

Ditching a Spa Day

What an epic episode of Modern Family. This is one of the ones people will be talking about for years to come. 

Some of the best installment of the series happened when Jay was leading the charge and this was no exception. Jay's work associate got them adjoining rooms at the Mandalay Bay on the "Excelsior" level. 

Some people get blinded by the bright lights of Sin City, but this was a group of veterans. They went there knowing what they wanted and they got it...well, almost. Just when Jay thought he'd upgraded to the highest level at "Excelsior Plus," he found out there was "Excelsior Ultra."

In the words of the patriarch, "son of a bitch!"

The whole exchange of Jay's need to upgrade was hilarious. He was trying to impress Burt with scotch, cigars, and a beautiful wife - but it turns out that all the Vegas mayhem was the best way to impress a guy who runs a hotel in Vegas.

The craziness that was bred between the three rooms in the second half of the episode was the perfect melee to show ol' Burt and get an upgrade. Of course, none of it could have been done without the mix-ups between the rest of the cast.

Mitchell might have been my favorite this week, aside from guest star butler Stephen Merchant. The discussion between the two of them about what kind of bath to order was golden. Although, personally, a techno bath sounds like an non-relaxing nightmare. 

The whole scene was heightened by a mistaken Fred Armisen who thought Mitchell wanted to rendezvous before they both tied the knot. The sexual innuendos, the glitter, the baths, Claire's timing... it was all perfect. As was this exchange:

Cam: You wanna tell me how you accidentally gave someone your key?
Mitchell: You wanna tell me why you spent all day sipping tequila out of some guy's navel?
Cam: You saw that?
Mitchell: I guessed!

I can't believe there was another version of Barkley in Vegas. Of course Sofia Vergara could put on a dog statue costume and look sexy as hell. There are just too many jokes to get into, but I think sadly my least favorite storyline was Phil's magic. I love Phil and I enjoy Patton Oswalt, but I wasn't feeling it.

So which Pritchett sibling do you think is more easily seduced by the temptations of Vegas?

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Definitely an epic episode! I bursted out laughing when Jay said "and this is the Cuban I ordered" and Gloria walks in saying hola. Loved it!


The gloria entry in the middle of Phil act was gold, or at least silver
But still a question remains, what nightmare were creating the young ones when the old ones are having fun on the Sin City?

Sarah silva

This was a hilarious episode.
I loved how everything was misinterpreted/mixed up! So great.
The butler was super funny, I loved his exchanges with everyone.
Yes the kids were missed but this was a stellar episode nonetheless!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

Yeah, the butler was always there at the right time, hilarious!

Sarah silva
@ TheMaK

I know! So great!


"[...]a techno bath sounds like an non-relaxing nightmare." Who said anything about relaxing ;)


wasn't someone suppose to be naked who was it?

Sarah silva
@ Michael

It was Gloria, she lost her towel so she was naked until Phil put Rebarka in the closet and she put on the maids uniform. That is what they meant. There would not show nudity on this show, you had to have known that right!?!?

Modern Family Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Hey luxury bathroom, it's me lowly closet. Watch your back.


Excuse me, how much is that doggie in the window?