New Girl: Watch Season 3 Episode 18 Online

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In a last-second switch that no one saw coming, Abby Day proved herself to be the more sensible sister in New Girl Season 3 Episode 18.

She talked sense to Jess about her troubles living with Nick, reflected honestly on her own failings, and high-tailed it back to Oregon to learn to become self-reliant. How's that for a mid-season twist ending?

Of course, there are many twists still to come - like, is Schmidt really going to move back into the Loft, leaving Nick and Jess stuck in that single room? Is Coach going to be happy keeping it platonic with Cece? And what is going to happen to that storefront that Schmidt rented?

I personally feel these plot threads will all come together, in a glorious/ horrific climax that will probably end with at least one, if not all, members of the Loft Gang living in Schmidt's storefront.

But you'll have to watch New Girl online to find out if I'm right, or just taking my Ambien a little too early in the evening these days (probably the latter, but who knows!)

New Girl Season 3 Episode 18.
New Girl Season 3 Episode 18.
New Girl Season 3 Episode 18.
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New Girl Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Quit sorting through my trash, Coach! You're messing it all up!


What makes Abby's jewelry so interesting is that it is dangerous and can cut you