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While we haven't had a good Red Sharpie Takedown on Revenge in a while, we did say goodbye to two things on Revenge Season 3 Episode 15.

  1. Patrick
  2. Emily's blackouts

Yep. Mama's Boy to the extreme Patrick is gone, and he has Victoria herself to thank for that. Not that he knows that particular detail. And thanks to Aiden, Emily's blackouts are no more. 

We think.

Sigh. We'll miss you, Shirtless Justin Hartley.

After last week's death of Jimmy Brennan, Patrick got himself into a bar fight at Jimmy's wake. He's on quite the self-destruction bender and he has no one to blame except Victoria. 

When she picked him up at jail, Victoria knew that things had changed not only for Patrick but also between the two of them. So she partnered with Nolan to get Patrick to a safer place.

Like Tuscany.

Using artist Stefano Leone--whom I had to Google because I kept hearing Stefano Langone and being COMPLETELY CONFUSED because WHY would they care about a former American Idol contestant--Victoria and Nolan arranged for Patrick to be offered an apprenticeship to study abroad.

Patrick thought it was the chance of a lifetime and left Vicki a sad voicemail telling her that he was afraid of who he became when he knew she was in distress. This, he felt, might give him the chance to find the goodness inside himself again. And it probably will. As long as he never, ever finds out that Victoria is the benefactor behind his "meager" salary.

In other mother news, Stevie Grayson's history was explained a little more in depth this week, which is great because of all the things Revenge has thrown at us over the years, this timeline is one of the whackiest.

Stevie Grayson was an alcoholic who frequented the Stowaway, had an affair with a married Carl Porter, Sr., got pregnant with Jack (which she discovered during her first stint in rehab), and then hid her entire pregnancy from Conrad.

Carl and his wife, the woman Jack believed to be his mother, raised baby Jack and then had Declan and then Jack's step-mother abandoned them, too.

Jack does not have good luck with women. At all. 

She's back, 20 years sober, and writing letters to people selling their homes asking them to turn away full asking price cash offers for Jack Porter because of his hard life. 


Something isn't right with Stevie Grayson, and Emily plans to get to the bottom of it now that she has her blackouts under control thanks to Aiden and some good old fashioned torture.

Nolan called in reinforcements when Emily showed up at his house with a knife in her hand and revealed that she'd just repeatedly stabbed the double infinity carving on her porch. Aiden kidnapped Emily just as she was getting ready to lie in wait to kill Conrad Grayson and pulled a Takeda on her.

He just kept almost drowning her until she cracked. And it worked.

During one of her underwater sessions, she had a memory of her father after a fight they'd had. It wasn't so much a fight as a traumatic event where 8 year old Emily walked in on her dad shtupping Victoria and asked him to make her leave.

"I love her, and you're going to love her, too." 

Ohhhhh dear.

So now that Emily can blame her father for the blackouts, her loyal people are safe. She posits that she went after them because to her subconscious they represented David Clarke and her mission to exonerate him. Now that she's back to normal, she has a renewed interest in seeing her plan to the finish line.

Unless Daniel Grayson gets to her first...

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 15? What is Stevie Grayson up to? Will you miss seeing Justin Hartley shirtless?

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When Revenge started, it did not feel like a soap opera. It was fast and clean and exciting. Like I said in last weeks comments, it is a mess. The actors are so good on this show, I am thinking now what a waste of talent. To the there anyway to bring a resemblance of what this show used to be?


I wish the writers get back to the whacky red crossings from Season 1 soon. I know this is a soap opera and the writers have to stretch things out. But look at the facts, not one thing from Season 2 has turned out to be true or not even discussed anymore. The collective, ring any bells? Go back to the original photo, start framing or killing off those in the picture, and then finish out the series with the grayson's going down for the framing of her father. At the end, the governor pardons David and Emily and Jack can go ride off into the sunset. The End.


wasnt my favorite episode !! mmm so the writers built a plot and 3 eps later is gone,i havent really thing what could or should be done with all ,but patrick gone, great!! blackouts gone ...mmm could be more ... daniel keeping a tale in ems... probably and the next death will be because of him too, some PI or something like that,the best part was to see a bit more flash backs, mr clark been stupid ,inlove and innocent with victoria,giving us a beautiful scen with emily and aiden...and jack ...after those 20 min of good scenes the rest is boring.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Nolan: Ems, what are you going to do?
Emily: What I should've done in the first place. I'm going to kill them all.

We spend our lives struggling to hold on to the things we value most. To the people and things we believe we could never exist without. But our memories are often an illusion protecting a far more destructive truth.