Revenge Review: The Stroke of Midnight

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Summer might be over in the Hamptons, but the drama is certainly heating up on Revenge

Revenge Season 3 is picking up momentum as we head into the final six episodes, and thank all the things for that.

Emily and Victoria's very public showdown on Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 might be one of the best Emily-Victoria fights we've seen yet. And their dresses at the Opera? To. Die. For.

But that's certainly not all that happened tonight...

Just as I had written off Stevie Grayson as an unnecessary addition to the season, Jack's long-lost mother swoops in with a crucial piece of evidence to help our favorites move Emily's Revengenda forward so they're one step closer to clearing David Clarke's name. 

Which was, as you know, the entire reason the show existed in the first place and which has been, as you also know, a storyline from which the series has veered greatly over the past season and a half.

If it takes introducing a few new characters to get back to where we started, I'm good with that. And back to where we started seems to be the direction things are headed. 

Jack and Nolan, with the help of Javier, Nolan's friend from prison who conveniently landed on Nolan's doorstep and had himself house-arrested to Nolan's house, broke into the archives room at Stevie Grayson's first law firm to steal hard copies of information from the time when Stevie worked there.

Among the information in the files was a handwritten letter acknowledging that the "TWM" for the "DC" plan had been taken care of. Emily doesn't know what TWM stands for, but she does know the handwriting on the letter.

Dare I say it, but we might even get another Red Sharpie takedown before the season ends. Pascal LaMarchal is on the list.

Margaux's father, media mogul Pascal LaMarchal, arrived from Paris at the behest of his daughter to help her rid herself of Conrad. What he found was that he's still carrying a torch for Victoria, making her Conrad's bargaining chip in his financial maneuverings against Pascal.

What Margaux found, thanks to Conrad, is that her father has been cooking the books at Voulez. The magazine has been losing money - $1 million a quarter - but Margaux's reports have all shown that the magazine is being successful. Pascal has been indulging what he sees as one of his daughter's whims.

While I may not have any feelings one way or another about Margaux, something tells me she's not the kind of woman who appreciates being treated like she's just a pretty face. (In other words, she's not Charlotte.)

That, I believe, is at least part of the reason Jack has joined Team Takedown when it comes to Pascal, but his hope that there won't be any collateral damage is a sure sign that there will be. And it'll probably be Margaux. 

I'm calling it right now--that will be the catalyst to reunite Jack and Emily.

(Again, for the record, don't yell at me about this. I don't necessarily want Jack and Emily to end up together. I just think that's the way the show is going to end up whenever it ends. Jack and Emily are end game no matter how much you or I don't like it and think it should be different.)

But how can Jack and Emily end up together, you ask? Isn't she married to Daniel?

Nope. Not anymore. And thank the writing gods for that. 

Daniel has turned into a bit of a rabid dog and, quite frankly, I wouldn't mind if the character went away for a while or for good. I get that he's angry that Emily lied to him and conned him into marrying her (essentially, she did con him), but for crying out loud, HE SHOT HER. 


Sorry, Daniel, but no.

You don't get to act like you're the victim when YOU SHOT A PERSON. Three times, even! YOU HAVE SHOT THREE PEOPLE! Daniel Grayson should be IN JAIL! 

Ahh! Sorry. The rage about this is strong with me. 

To get out of the marriage, Emily had to humiliate herself in front of all of the attendees at the opera, leaking her medical records to the press showing that she faked the pregnancy to get Daniel to marry her. When Charlotte showed Victoria the information, Victoria saw that as the moment to perform her own takedown and ran with it. 

Unbeknownst to Queen V, she played right into Emily's plan. But Emily doesn't know that Victoria is piecing things together about Emily and her motives for being in the Hamptons, so that's an angle to watch.

What did you think about Revenge Season 3 Episode 16? What do you think of this new information Emily and the gang uncovered? Which woman had the better dress at the opera?

Here is your first look at Revenge Season 3 Episode 17, "Addiction."


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Daniel has been doing my headache for a while now. Despicable character and very annoying. Sure Ems used him good bla bla bla, made him the monster he is today. But come on, the guy just doesn't deserve any passes anymore.
Now, Victoria is onto something ! This will be interesting.
I am also glad that the "Let's clear David Clarke's name" SL is back !
Pascal Lemarchal is gonna get Sharpied !!!! Margaux, get out while you can.
Ems and Jack as end game, heck no !


I am torn on the "Jack/Emily" end game/pairing. They have a history and they have love for each other, but because Emily's revengenda has cost Jack so much, I don't see how he can ever 100% give himself to her without harboring some kind of anger about what he's lost because of her. JMO


have you missed Patrick??? Patrick who??? I forgot he ever existed! and I hope Daniel will join him! seriously...I am so with you Miranda, he deserves jail, no matter what! that is why the show is so very much more like a soap opera than a TV series... I don't see Emily and Jack this point I think Emily should just end up "alone", with Nolan...I love their friendship and connection! the scene at the beginning when he is testing her for more black cute!


I agree with the author, jack and Emily doesn't work. They have no chemistry. Very contrived. They should remain friends. Hope the writers give us a surprise ending. That doesn't mean Nemily either.


Emily will be all right...and definitely NOT above the Stowaway. She is extremely rich and Jack needs a house...why not hers? (BTW, is her money now community property when she and her snake of a husband, Daniel, divorce?) Granted, Emily/Amanda needs a strong man and Jack may not be that for her, but Jack & Emily have been my choice since season 1! Charlotte better find out she has a sister before she helps her brother and mother try to destroy the Revenge gang...the coming episodes should be nail-biters....just don't hurt Nolan and/or Jack in their schemes!


"that will be the catalyst to reunite Jack and Emily." Sheesh, I pray to the "writing gods" that that is not the case. The two of them don't work, they're a boring couple, the idea of them is complete schmaltz. Yes, Emily, after all that has happened, is going to live above the stowaway and be the proprietor's wife. Sure. Tend to lean Mel's way when it comes to Daniel's shooting Emily. She has used him quite heartlessly, and while I don't feel Daniel is blameless, well, how far do you think you should be allowed to push someone? How many times? Emily is just as wrong as Daniel is.

@ Renee

Renee, I agree - Jack and Emily are completely mismatched. Their whole love SL is illusion but I guess the writers get some eps out of it. Jack flip/flops a lot, he wants revenge, he wants no revenge and now he wants it again. Watch the first collateral damage happen and he wants out.. and by taking part of Emily's schemes he is going to fall from the pedestal of Emily's memories.. I hope the writers have Emily alone as their end game.


daniel been the male version of victoria is too much for the show i agree is done that character ,nice to see future mother in law been an ally ,emily needs a team and is getting one now ,nice hope this pascal line is giving margaux a new story more involve

@ kika

I don't think Daniel is a male version of Victoria, she is far more intelligent than Daniel. I think Daniel is a rich version of Jack, both are gullible and a bit stupid although Daniel is nasty and Jack is not.


Sorry, but I WANT Jack and Emily AKA Amanda together. I would like Daniel gone as well, He is annoying.


Yeah no. The only thing he should be sorry about is having shot a person THREE TIMES and having missed all the viral organs. Am sorry but emily got what she was looking for. She might have been wronged but that doesn't give her the right to break someone, someone who had nothing to do with the conflict, and turn them into psychological crap for your end game. She might be the protagonist but no. At this rate most of the people in the series should get what there asking for for being shitty human beings. And yes, that includes daniel for shooting a person (even though that person was asking for it).

@ Mel

Trust there to be Daniel sympathisers out there. Sorry but you can cry me a river about poor baby Daniel. All he knew about Emily when he shot her was that she was his loving wife who faked one pregnancy- and apparently that means she was "asking for it"? No. Daniel is a textbook misogynist and he shot her because he is drunk, entitled, emasculated and thought he could get away with it.

@ Mel

Please wake up and smell the coffee, Daniel and his f-upd family has everything coming to them and then some - Well not Charlotte. Oh and you clearly don't grasp the concept of this show.

@ Mel

So lying about being pregnant is "asking to be shot"? I guess if Daniel just beat her up she would be "asking for it" too? Nice that you condone domestic violence, even to the point of attempted murder. Because the woman is always "asking for it" right?

@ Kiwirevengefan

and there is that too :)

@ Mel

Daniel, by season 2 and even more by season 3, is far less innocent than you seem to believe. People seem to have short term memory loss when it comes to Daniel's "shortcomings"...

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Grace is at the core of tragedy, for if there's no height at which to drop, no pride taken in a life lived, you have nothing to lose. But once in the freefall of disgrace, the only way to change the momentum is to use it to your advantage.


Emily: You're testing me.
Nolan: Just want to make sure you're not going to black out and become your own worst Emily.