Supernatural Round Table: "#THINMAN"

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The Ghostfacers have returned and so has the Supernatural Round Table.

With the Internet-created Thinman, Ed and Harry helping Sam and Dean on their hunt, and some parallel personal drama, participants Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) had plenty to debate this week.

So hop in your nearest Mystery Machine and let’s discuss Supernatural Season 9 Episode 15...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Carissa: I never really have a favorite scene, so this question is always difficult for me. I'll just say that it's interesting how Sam and Dean have drifted into a passive aggressive type of relationship now that they aren't communicating well. As an example, when Dean prepared to leave the bunker without telling Sam about the case. That whole scene just screamed how much they need a true intervention. Obviously Kevin's suggestion to get over it didn't hit the spot.

Alice: Okay, I’ll be a sentimentalist.  I loved Sam and Dean back at the motel room (which is a totally outrageous Paul Bunyan themed room) remembering the time when they were five and nine jumping off the shed.  Dean did it in his Superman costume, Sam followed in a Batman costume, not realizing Batman couldn’t fly.  What a cute story!  It’s really something that Sam’s broken arm and a trip to the ER on Dean’s bike handlebars can trigger such smiles and fond memories with these guys, but whatever works.  The guys are softening in their rift.  It’s freaking taking long enough.

Sean: I have to agree with Alice. Hearing Sam and Dean not only get along but reminisce about a funny story when they were young really captured all the things that make those two great together. Plus, it was probably more fun hearing them discuss it than actually show it. And now we Dean’s the Superman fan and Sam’s the Batman fan.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Ghostfacers return?

Carissa: I've never been a fan of the Ghostfacers, although I think this time they were used well to show Sam and Dean what they look like from the outside. The parallels between what was going on with Ed and Harry was the only reason they were brought back and it appeared to have some impact given the brothers' silence at the end.

Alice: I loved it.  I’ve always been a huge fan of these guys and their return was long overdue.  This premise was an ideal way to bring them back and they were written as classic, goofy, Ghostfacers.  The lines for them were perfect!  At the same time though, their story was really sad.  People in their lives have moved on, but these guys haven’t. In their quest of Thinman, Harry thought it was real and saw the hunt as a chance to prove his legitimacy.  Ed did it for attention and publicity knowing it wasn’t real.  They turned out to be just another set of beings in Supernatural that lost focus of their original purpose, which was to help people. 

Sean: I like the Ghostfacers, but probably because they haven’t been overdone. They are a nice break from all the serious and seeing them again after so long was a treat. Was it a bummer they weren’t as fun loving and goofy as they used to be? Sure, and while some of that silliness was still there, it was their major parallel drama that really hit home.

Did you like the parallels between Harry/Ed and Sam/Dean?

Carissa: Whoops. See above!

Alice: Yes, I did.  Oh, they were blatant, and our heads hurt from all those falling anvils, but would you expect anything less from the Ghostfacers?  I’m just surprised that their “caught in a horrible lie” drama, which sadly resulted in the deaths of innocent people, seemed absurd on these guys yet it’s been dominating Sam and Dean’s story of late.  Perhaps Sam and Dean will look at these two, see the parody of themselves, and realize it’s time to mend fences. 

Sean: They were so blatantly obvious, but I actually liked them. It gave the perfect outside looking in perspective that not only showed the brothers sort of what their drama looks like but the possible results. I hope that and Kevin’s speech helps spurs them towards just getting over their problems and moving forward.

Do you wish Thinman wasn't just two guys and rather an actual creature?

Carissa: For a while there, I expected a real Thinman to pop out and finish off the bad guys, but that would have ruined the lessons the writers were trying to impart on Sam and Dean, so no.

Alice: No.  How can you take any legend seriously when these so called experts did a book called, “The Skinny on Thinman?”  Ever since “Hell House” I’ve been fascinated in how urban legends can go a bit too far, especially with social media.  Thinman was perfect for that and it turned out to be another great MOTW story because of that angle.  Think about it, no one considered, even Sam and Dean, that it was two warped  human beings until they revealed themselves.  Perhaps there needs to be more of that.

Sean: I get why the story had Thinman be simply two guys, but I think I was hoping for a real creature. The concept is pretty cool and if you’ve ever checked out the online game involving Slenderman, it is freaky. But really, hunting the Thinman felt like such a callback to the early days of Supernatural.

Were you surprised Harry chose to leave Ed? What does that mean with respect to Sam's potential decisions about staying with Dean?

Carissa: No. While it might seem ominous for Sam and Dean, I think it will have the opposite effect. Watching something you're going through unfold with someone else sheds new light onto the topic and this might be the very thing they needed to jump start the healing process.

Alice: A little.  The reason he left is sound, but I can’t believe they left the Ghostfacers like this!  What happened to “love at first geek?”  They better bring these guys back and give me some closure.  Or give them another webseries.  As for Sam, he's probably realizing that this situation isn’t good for him or Dean (or the fans).  He needs to make a decision.  Is what Dean did forgivable or not?  How much more time does he need to figure things out?  Throw Dean a bone here, something.

Sean: I was expecting Harry to be Ok and realize that what Ed was doing was’t trying to hurt him. But I understand why he left just the same. But that can’t be the end of the Ghostfacers, right? They have to come back at some point. And really, I think Ed leaving is just one more piece to help show Sam that maybe getting over it might be the better option. I hope…

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I liked the clever homage to the Slender Man phenomenon/meme - I wonder how many people looked that up for the first time after watching this episode...and also went down the rabbit's hole into the Something Awful forums haha. I also loved that they used "This House Is A Hotel" by The Wind + The Wave during the selfie scene scene when she notices that there appears to be someone standing behind her in one of the photos, the song really added to the eerieness in a weird way, kind of like in Silence of the Lambs when the girl is singing Tom Petty's "American Girl" before being abducted.


Carissa: Obviously Kevin's suggestion to get over it didn't hit the spot. Dean tried it was Sam who turned and walk away without trying. Carver took over and the show quality nosedived. Sam had no problem with Dean sacrifices and to claim Dean can sacrifice as long as he doesn't get hurt. Really?! Carver have you watched the show you're show running?! He's turned Sam into a thoroughly unlikeable character that has Jared Padalecki making excuses for. Something needs to be done soon or people will start turning to other channels to watch.


I miss the bitch/jerk days. The last couple seasons haven't had much laughter and smiles from the boys. I also hate that Sam is the automatic jerk. I don't see it that way. Sam is hurt. Dean is constantly going against his wishes. Sam isn't afraid to be alone. He isn't afraid to let dean go. Hunting isn't his end all/be all, unlike dean. They are opposite people with different wants and needs. Dean needs to acknowledge that. Sam gets deans neediness. That's why he has stayed so long and always comes back. Dean doesn't get SAMs need to be more than a hunter.
This show can really make ya philosophical, lol. I love it and think that Tuesdays are the best night on TV. Spn and TO.


I do love it when you folks dive in and discuss an episode of my favorite show! I am NOT a 'facers fan, but they displayed a poignancy in this episode that actually made me like them more than in any other episode in which they were featured. I could hardly believe they had lost the other two members of the team--and after the sad death of the other guy, too (whose name I can't remember)! Didn't it start with a C? While we were getting our heads banged together so hard, I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out (SEE HOW MUCH LIKE SAM AND DEAN ED AND HARRY ARE???), I wondered what the denouement would be. Alas, the Ghostfacers broke up. Dean and Sam don't want that to happen to them, nor do we. What will it take you boys to get back into your bitch/jerk relationship today? That Superman/Batman memory was SO touching, with such a depth of feels, come on, let's get these two hot drinks of water back where they belong! And Ed and Harry, too. Love,

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