The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Gone Girl"

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RIP, Katherine Pierce.

Or at least try to rest in peace from whatever dark part of the afterworld you now reside in.

Oh, yes, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 15 was literally Hell bent on killing off this long-time survivor, giving Round Table panelists Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines, Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee (both from PLENTY to discuss.

Let's get to it, shall?


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Miranda: There was much to be enjoyed in this episode, but I'll go with Damon luring Tyler into the room. It was classic Damon and Tyler fell for it hook, line, and sink-your-teeth-into-it.
Heather: The final few minutes of the episode were unquestionably my favorite, and I'm pretty sure that might go down as one of my all-time favorite moments on this show. Not only was it a twist for the ages, but everything about the way it was shot, the sway of the chandeliers, Katherine's "Bonnie?" and Bonnie's "I can't help you" - GAH. So utterly perfect, all of it. 
Leigh:  Katherine's goodbye to everyone was funny and a little poignant. She really has had such an effect on all of their lives. Plus, I just love the way she addresses everyone. "BonBon, see ya on the flip side."

Crissy: While I adored the final scene, I was not prepared for how emotional Nadia and Katherine's final moments together would be, so I'm going with the tear-inducing "tuck little Nadia into bed" sequence.


Pen a eulogy for Katherine.

Miranda: ​Katherine, you were often little more than a plot device who breezed into Mystic Falls and made mischief. But you grew on us over the years and we'll miss you, your sass, and your shoe collection.
Heather:  All hail, Katerina Petrova, Favorite Doppelganger, Ultimate Survivor, Wearer of Heels, Snapper of Spines, Manipulator of Brothers, and Queen of My Heart. Raise some hell in hell. 
Leigh: she even gone? Was that it? I feel like we've said goodbye to Katherine a couple of times now and it's never been for real. If it was...well, damn. Most entertaining doppleganger ever, went out the way she came in: with a flair of drama. 
Crissy: R.I.P., Ms Katherine. An original before there were Originals, a villain with heart and the most compelling backstory. I'm not sure how I'll go on without you.

Pen a eulogy for Nadia.

Miranda: Nadia, you should've listened to Matty Blue Eyes and gotten out of Mystic Falls and away from your mother while you still had the chance. Peace out and say hi to Ric for us.
Heather: How was THAT for an unexpected cryfest, right? Nadia, even in death, you will be apart from your mother, and that would be the saddest thing ever if I wasn't so tickled about where she ended up. 
Leigh: Nadia, you were definitely not my favorite and I found you super annoying, but you deserved better than to have to search for Katherine for 500 years only to have her not really care about you when she did. May you find peace on The Other Side. 

Crissy: To lose two Petrovas in one night, it just doesn't seem right. Nadia, you will be remembered for having hair almost as glorious as your mother, determination almost as fierce, and a fondness for Matt Donovan that outdid your mother's.

Caroline's speech to Tyler: You go, girl! or Nice try, girl!

Miranda: Total "you go, girl!" Does it suck for Tyler that Caroline slept with Klaus, his mortal enemy? Sure it does, but he left her. Just walked away from their relationship for his vendetta. Caroline can do what she wants and it's good that she finally realized that last night.
Heather: Caroline's absolutely in the right here, especially since Tyler chose Klaus over her when he pursued his half-assed revenge plan in New Orleans. (I'm still irked.) Remember that time Tyler left Caroline in a cage to possibly die? Really. Let's not sit and measure our pain, Tyler. Live and let live.
Leigh: FINALLY. Tyler you are a hottie, but you up and left Caroline for revenge. I understand the need for revenge for your mother's death, I really do, but after you peaced Caroline you had to know there would be consequences. Caroline put it really well: it happened, she's sorry, but he left and she doesn't need to apologize anymore.

Crissy: Yes, yes, yes. Caroline's speech was so satisfying: she still takes responsibility for her actions but she rejects his guilt trips. Perfect.

Are you psyched for Ripper Elena?

Miranda: Yes? No? I'm undecided. I like the idea of Damon and Elena going all Bonnie and Clyde together but Ripper!Elena just means more saving Elena is coming and that shtick is getting kind of old. Give the girl some agency and let her do her thing.
Heather: I really have no feelings about Ripper Elena whatsoever. I've found Elena frustratingly out of focus since she became a vampire, too often defined by her Salvatore feelings, so if it helps inject her with some oomph beyond the usual, I'm all for it.
Leigh: This is kind of confusing. I feel like she'd be dying with the wolf venom, no? Whatever, as long as this isn't the usual "let's save Elena" I could be down. I like to see Elena when she's fun! Digging what Miranda said about the Bonnie and Clyde scenario.

Crissy: Elena dances on the table again! (Whenever she goes nutso, she kind of just has that one move?) But I like a character unhinged and am curious to see where they're taking this. So bring on Ripper Elena... 


Eeeeep. Does dear bonnie bennett strike again?! Take that as a yes!
Bonnie was a complete badass in thia latest episiode. I think shea jealous of liv parker having her eyes, on jeremy gilbert bonnies currently boyfriend
And elana having the ripper virus? Oh crap!! Snap snap two wild dogs on the loose!
Sadly vamp diaries has taken a two week break. Till march 20th a thursday dont forget to watch it fans! Dont forget, march 20th at 7/8 centreal on the cw. Please note if your in england its on mondays or sundays. Only thursday for america and canada. And san diego... And... Yeah thats it. butt yeah. Dont miss it!!


Favorite scene - was when bonnie was at the chruch paying her prayers to her loved ones and her family, when katherine appeared saying, "seriously?" i was likekaterina petrova is back aa the devil person once again and abouaely loved when the other side dragged katherine inside a dark deep hole of hell.
These are some things i hated or liked in the episode. 1- seriously katherine?you serioualy think the other side is just gonna let you in' sorry honey welcome to the hell club.
2 - jeremy stefan amd damon, wanting to bury nadia in the ground. I actually felt in love with nadias stroyline, and character from the startm she may act a bit like her mother. But dude how can you not love this girl?
3 - nadia dident desrrve to die. It put poor katherine and matt in pain of death of nadia. I dont care about katerina of corurse. But omg, we finally got emotion out of katherine pierce!! Nice writers!!
4 - if it werent for tyler lockwood. Nadia wouldent be dead. I personal sont think tyler is that much of an main character. An important character at all. He made a mistake by dumping carolinr but hey! We got us some klaroline up in here. 5 - tyler made the worst mistake, coming into damons cellroom. all thugh he was more super faster. And stronger known as hes a powerful hybrid like the othera were. Till they got mrdered by niklaus mikealson.but damon got cured kind of, by grabbing tyler and biting him. Nice work damom youul strike a score once again.
Bailsically thats if of hating things.but the ep was amazing. Well thought througy. Awesome writers
and nice acting!!


My favorite scene was when Damon and Stefan realized she was onto them after she called to test Damon.
I'm truly going to miss Katherine. She was one of the very first real villians of this show and has lasted almost as long as the regular characters. I also think I'd rather have Katherine around than Elena.
I have no interest in her ripper storyline. I'm not a Delena fan anymore. I was pulling for them during the first two seasons but now I prefer a Stefan reconciliation.


Favorite Scene - Stefan and Caroline are stumped and can't figure out how to find Katherine and Damon's voice comes from behind the door, "Nothing a little locator spell couldn't solve." Classic funny, smart Damon! The show has missed you so much, D-man. Eulogy for Katherine - Ciao, baby. If you weren't a shadow of your former sassy self, you would have been missed but you've become such a pathetic, OOC mess this season, it's a relief to have you gone. Euology for Nadia - You deserved better, girl. At least you're not stuck on the other side with your horny mama, chasing her around while she hits a bunch of Silas doppelgangers. Caroline's speech to Tyler - So Caroline's sick and tired of being judged and guilt-tripped for her choices? How ironic.... Ripper Elena - If it gives her a chance to have a voice, opinion, thought, etc. about her own life, great! If it's just another way to take away her agency and turn her into a plot device, no thanks. Seen enough of that in S1 - now.


1- My favorite scene was when Katherine said her goodbye to everyone and especially her confession of love to Stefan .
2- Pen a eulogy for Katherine: Katherine you are the most wonderful and amazing character I ever seen . I love you and I hope you're back ,at least in the flashback scenes .
3- Pen a eulogy for Nadia: you died and I still wondering where is your child ,if you was so desperate to know why your mother abandoned you ,how could you abandon your child and turn your self into a vampire ? how the writers miss that ? because she must had child or Elena won't be exist .
4- Caroline's speech to Tyler: so so right (get over it or get out of my life) perfect line .
5- Ripper Elena? well, if that was before, when Wes try to injected her ,I would say no ,but now after she knows what Damon done ,she's gonna be mad at him so maybe she will bite him or maybe he will bite her ,I think that's gonna be fun to watch ,plus the werewolf venom means hallucinations and disturbance, it's gonna be really exciting .

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