9 Truly Horrible Series Finales: Where Does How I Met Your Mother Rank?

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How I Met Your Mother made history last night.

Just not the kind any TV show really wants to make.

The HIMYM finale has been widely panned by critics and fans, with most thinking its major twists - the Mother is dead! Ted and Robin are together! - rendered the entire series theme, title and trajectory moot.

Where do you come down on the one-hour farewell? Was it merely a bad series finale? Or the worst series finale of all-time?

Compare the disappointing episode to the depressing, anger-filled, irritating ways in which other shows have come to an end now:

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Hated the ending, hated, the entire last season. I don't think anymore could be said.


The Final episode of Trueblood was so horrible n one of the worst ending to a fantastic series season one to season 6 had beautiful finale' s not SEASON 7 0f trueblood it's not right everyone got a happy ending except for Bill he deserves better that stupid ads Viking n his dumb ass progeny should of had there true death n Sarah n lettie Mae too the only part I loved about episode 10 was Jessica and hoyt wedding n Bill with Andy n sookie didn't mourn Bill long very disappointed in Brian Buckner or as I call him Brian Fuckner R.I.P. WILLIAM THOMAS COMPTON :'( :'(


The Lost finale was borderline perfect. If you left with any questions, then you weren't paying attention to anything. It answered everything, and kept it fully in line with the tone and spirit of the entire show.

@ Van Chandler

Mad respect then. I still don't see how the last episode of Lost answered the many questions created along the way. Death is an ending, but how is it fair to ignite mysteries and not deliver on answers?


I don't care about any of these finales......there is one that really pissed me off though and that was the series finale of Crossing Jordan! Also, I really hated that I was enjoying watching 666 Park Avenue and they took it off the air before giving me my answers! Another one I could be pissed about is the ending the CBS show Moonlight! What the hell???? I was thoroughly attached to that show and then it was just gone! Hate it when they do that! On the other hand, I recently started watching Dexter for the first time and I gladly skipped over the info about the finale while reading this. Wouldn't want to ruin it for myself now....


Will & Grace ranks high on the suckage scale too.


Will & Grace sucked as well.


HIMYM was disappointing. But no where near as bad as Dexter. The whole last series was not that good, and the last episode was terrible. The Sopranos on the other hand, was an absolute masterpiece, from start to finish. The end was perfect for the pace and tone of the show. Never got round to watching Lost. I heard passing references of 'smoke monsters', 'polar bears on desert islands' and 'they were all really dead. Oh wait, no they weren't. I don't have a clue.' Put me off.

@ Matthew

"The Sopranos on the other hand, was an absolute masterpiece, from start to finish." I concur. Perfect ending.


Oh, be serious, the HIMYM finale was not that bad, and NOTHING is worse than the Dexter finale, it was so bad it made me not care about the series anymore.

@ Mike

nothing is worse than the Dexter finale???
UGH get back to school, moron


The himym finale was not bad. Even if you didn't like that the mother died the finale itself wasn't bad. It brought back alot of great things about the show, it was still funny, the characters developed(people say Barney reverted back, but that was because he had no idea of what else to do not because hed changed back), and most importantly Ted actually met the mother which was the only promise the show ever really made. I felt like it was realistic and satisfying.


jeez this is a beyond dumb list 5 of these were good/incredible series finales Lost, How I Met, Dexter, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives get a clue, jackass ; )