Almost Human: Canceled by Fox

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Almost Human has been entirely canceled by Fox.

The futuristic drama - which featured Karl Urban as a cop and Michael Ealy as the robot assigned as his partner - garnered a 1.5 rating among 18-49 for its March finale.

It suffered, many believed, from airing most episodes out of the order in which they were originally planned.

Black Market Transplants

We've reflected the following gallery of shows on the bubble to reflect Almost Human receiving the axe:

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I hate u FOX, i hate u and ur CEOs,
If they dont like sci fi, just dont show any sci fi content, or put that on ur logo.
Receive my cyber curse, FOX


I too am disappointed. Two of my all time Fox Science Fictions were not picked after only one year. Almost Human and Serenity.


Petition to get SyFy to pick up Almost Human. Over 4000 signatures so far:


Fox you suck every time you put a program on that I like you cancel it and then you keep the crap on all your animated crap and all that stupid stuff in any of the good things you cancel them so from now on I will never start watching a new program that you begin to air because if I do like it you'll just cancel it so I'm just not going to watch anything on the Fox network any longer


Fox you suck every time I watch a new program that you put on and I like it you cancel it and then you keep all of your shit programs so now I am officially not watching anything the Fox network ever airs again


Fox you suck every time I try to watch a program on your network and I like it you cancel it and then you keep all the shit programs I am now officially not watching anything the Fox network puts on


I like the show. Watch it on demand.


Promote and sign my petition to try to save Almost Human.


God I loved that show. It was one thing my husband and I could watch together. Get it together people! Quit cancelling good shows.


The cancellation has been reported on other sites, as well. *sighs* I enjoyed the show, too. Now, I just need Agents of Shield to get renewed.. which is considered "A safe bet" but not a guarantee.. and The Tomorrow People renewed.. which I'm afraid does not stand a great chance.. even though it's great.


Almost Human Quotes

Maldonado: 'Kennex should return to duty never.'
John: Never? Well that's a long time.

Richard, I know this won't be easy for you, but don't be a prick.