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Dorian: Do you want me to come to a bar with you and watch you drink?
John: No, no that's okay. It, uh, got a little weird last time.

Dorian: Do you think that with all the people in the city, out there in the world, that there's someone out there for everyone?
John: I do.
Dorian: That's old fashioned.
John: That's me. Old fashioned. Even my robot's discontinued.

Dorian: It is said that the more flaws you have, the more human you are. Have I told you how very human you are?
John: You know, sometimes when you're doing this [makes talking motion with hand] I'm not really listening.

Maldonado: Sometimes it's nice to connect with people who are like you, who understand you.
Stahl: Is that why you keep Kennex around?
Maldonado: No. I lost a bet.

John: Do you know how many murders there are in this town every year?
Dorian: 756.
John: Yeah. A lot.

[to Dorian] Human connection, man. It's messy. People in your space. People in your skull. That's why I choose to live alone.


Lab tech: If I get any heat from this, I'm telling them you threatened me.
John: You're in luck! They'll believe that.

John: Look who it is! Benedict Android!
Dorian: Good morning to you too, John!

Must be a hell of a thing to meet your maker. But to be betrayed by him...

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