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A Killer From the Past
"Straw Man"

On the Almost Human season 1 finale, Kennex and Dorian must travel to the past when a series of murders is reminiscent of a serial killer Kennex's father put away.

Facial Reconstruction

An investigation into the murder of a chrome reveals a suspect who is after their DNA on Almost Human.


Dorian and Kennex must find an underground hacker to solve their latest case on Almost Human.


A designer drug is conntect to the deaths of genetically enhanced children on Almost Human.


Kennex and Dorian use the DRN's creator to stop a rogue XRN on Almost Human.

"You Are Here"

Dorian and Kennex investigate a self-guided bullet that can detect specific targets on Almost Human.

"Simon Says"

Kennex finds himself in danger when a serial killer who puts bombs on his victims' necks broadcasts their final moments over the internet on Almost Human.


When a man predicts the day and time of his death correctly, it leads Kennex and Dorian to a human organ trafficking organization on Almost Human.

"Blood Brothers"

A murder witness needs protection from Kennex and Dorian on Almost Human.

"The Bends"

Kennex and Dorian turn to Rudy for help when they need a scientist to go undercover on Almost Human.