Bones Review: Mother Knows Best

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There was an interesting and yet confusing case of the week on Bones Season 9 Episode 21, flanked by some great personal stories making it a very strong hour.

You'd think that the investigation into cryogenics would be pretty cool, but once they discovered the body was frozen, yet not by usual criminal methods, it kind of fell apart from there. 

All we really learned about cryogenics was that they are regulated like funeral homes and have very little oversight.

I watched the important sections several times trying to determine the cause of death of the victim and all I got was that she was somehow killed and then frozen by the owner of the joint in a mad hope that she would wake up years later and suddenly be in love with him. How odd.

The really good parts of the installment came from our friends. First up, Booth was being given a lot of case files of other agents to look over and Sweets thought he must be up for a promotion. Booth brushed it off until Sweets was asked to look into his latest competency tests and heard of a new field office opening in Germany.

Brennan was very excited for any possible opportunity Booth might get, much to his surprise. 

Brennan: You know, Christine and I could come to Germany too.
Booth: But you know I wouldn't ask you to do that. Your work is here.
Brennan: So you'd stand in the way of us having a new and possibly life changing experience. That seems selfish, Booth.
Booth: You'd really uproot everything?
Brennan: Wouldn't you?

Those are the moments when their love is obvious and it's my wish going forward that she had that insight more often rather than less. Booth isn't so sure about the possibility of a promotion, however. He's imagining something much different than being considered for field office director. With his shooting scores and the nature of the new office being counter-terrorism, he's concerned they want him to be a sniper again.

While that's definitely a valid concern and a reason not to want to move your family around the globe, it doesn't fit why he's being asked to look at the files of other agents by the assistant director. That's at a completely different level than killing someone from a distance, don't you think?

Seeing Cam and Arastoo in bed was startling. I don't know why it feels so weird to see them like that, but it does. Their dynamic as a couple is so different. It was fascinating to watch Arastoo go from confidently wanting to introduce Cam to his parents (while she was scared to death) to the fiasco of a dinner that occurred.

At first Cam didn't want to go at all because she pictured a future where his parents would make Arastoo choose between them because they disliked her so much. Once she got over that, he was the one who was frightened out of his mind. 

Talk about miscommunication! The dinner with his parents was going really well, I thought. They were interested in Cam and seemed impressed by her. Cam handled herself beautifully, not allowing Arastoo to dominate the conversation when questions were directed at her and everything would have been fine if only Arastoo had communicated a bit more with his parents.

He mistook most of what they said as negative or condescending when in fact they were probing for more information on the lovely woman he was making a future with. When he got up and screamed at them I was cringing -- I can't imagine what they must have felt.

Angela, of course, thought it was sexy that he was defending her but Cam just felt badly that she was the cause of so much derision in the family. She wasn't though. It was that they had come into the situation relatively blind that caused the misunderstanding.

When Arastoo's parents showed up at Cam's place and Cam was wearing his shirt and he was casually dressed, there wasn't any hiding how close they were. His mother made it clear that he had it all wrong. Because he didn't stop to listen he missed how proud they have become of the man he has grown into and how much they liked his choice of a strong, capable woman to be his partner in marriage. That, of course, threw them both.

In their custom, men don't take a woman to meet the parents unless marriage in on their mind. Cam doesn't look nearly as freaked out by that as expected. Perhaps another Bones wedding is on the way.

You can catch up on all of the latest installments when you watch Bones online.

Do you think Cam and Arastoo should get married?


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every chapter u learn some new technology and knowledge (criogenic was not news to me), thats why i like Bones,
I dont mind Camarastoo, but the new booth job could led to a series finale

@ cthun

Like I said to Barbara below, I wasn't saying I mind them as a couple, but it's just weird to see them intimate considering we rarely ever see them like that. I know they're a couple and I like them, but outside the Jeffersonian they're virtual strangers. It's nice that they focused on them!!


Carissa thanks so much for responding. your right tho about cam and arastoo something not expected. but i was taken back when she was in bed with booth way back. let us hope the 10th isn't the last.


i have to agree the case wasn't that great. aristoo and cam in bed didn't bother me at all they love each other and i loved how he stood up for her. I'm wondering if booths promotion will be in the future if indeed it will be the last season. sure hope it has more seasons to come i would sure miss it

@ barbara

Cam and Arastoo didn't bother me, I just think it's weird seeing them together. Mostly because of his status as an intern, I think. Cam is my favorite character so there isn't much about her I don't like. Tamara Taylor delivers every story perfectly. Bones is definitely coming back next year, so there's that. They've done time jumps before, but this seems a little too close to the end of the season to do that. It would be great to have him promoted nearby.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Am so happy to meet you, Cam is my favorite character too. I rarely find people who like the characters I like.

@ Evelyn

Hi Evelyn! Cam is consistent. She doesn't stray from her beliefs and they write her the best lines. Of everyone at the Jeffersonian, I would want to be HER friend the most! :-)

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Bones Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

Is it me, or did it just get totally awkward in here?


Cam: It's not that big a deal, really.
Hodgins: That's what I said until Angela's dad knocked me out and tattooed me.
Cam: Is that supposed to be making me feel better?