Castle Photo Gallery: Murder To the Extreme

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Castle is about to meet The X Games and Sons of Anarchy, all rolled into one.

On the April 28 installment of this ABC hit, a professional skateboarder will be killed by a mysterious motorcycle-riding murderer, leading Castle and Beckett to an investigation that has them diving into the world of extreme sports. 

Will the team from the 12th precinct catch the killer before they find out that the dangerous stunts aren't the only thing that can lead to an untimely death?

Check out these photos from Castle Season 6 Episode 21 - awesomely titled "Law & Boarder" - now:

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I hear fellion is upset about stana getting more attention. He is letting his ego get the best of him. The whole cast is needed to make the show great. Not just him. But he cried to Marlowe so he is getting more attention in the future and she will get less


Ok This is episode 21 with only 2 more episodes to reach a conclusion to the season. Is this episode tied into the last 2 and is the extreme sports murderer the bad boy Eddie McClintock who is scheduled to surface in the final episode 23? Will he then screw up Beckett's wedding with some threat or previous marriage to Kate when she was drunk. I wouldn't put it past Marlowe to pull this crap and get us PO'd. I would love to see Kate in a flashback in leather as a biker chick on her Harley! How about the navel ring and tattoo as part of her wild days? What, no Hippie hair and bandanna in that 70's episode?. Wanted to see her look like Janis Joplin and Castle as Jim Morrison Also, another site thinks some cast members will be writiten out or killed off by season's end. Supposedly, Stana even tweeted that she already said goodbye to non-returning cast members. It better not be Ryan and Espo or even Stana herself who could be killed off by Bracken or 3XK at the wedding to end the series. Please, Please marry Beckett and Castle in an enjoyable wedding finale. Then if there is a season 7, it could be about how Beckett and Castle handle crimes as a true team. Maybe even get Beckett pregnant so she can have little Castles and then retire from the force and her and Castle can go to the Hamptons and live life happily thereafter to end the series. Or kill off Castle and give Kate Beckett her own series since she truly is the star and is so hot!. Are you listening Marlowe? Please has anyone else out there heard of any character killoffs this season or Stana leaving the show?. What about a Season 7? Maybe there will not be one and everything will be wrapped up in Episode 23!

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To answer some of your questions:
1) McClintock was only cast for Ep 23, he has no role in 21. Interestingly, he's an old friend of Fillion's, who was apparently responsible for getting him cast here.
2) "Hippie hair" etc. This ep is to recreate 1978 not 1968. You obviously have your eras mixed up since both Joplin and Morrison were dead by then. This is Disco era not Hippies.
3) RE Stana's tweets--they were odd and sad, yet since none of the other principal actors had similar tweets they all appear to be returning. If anyone disappears next season my bet is on Molly Quinn. I think her sadness stemmed from that being the last shoot "at the Precinct" and hence saying goodbye for summer to those extras, etc., and also, John Terlesky announced he was leaving to become an EP on "Revenge"--Stana was close to him and that would have made her sad.
4) ABC normally announces its renewals about first week of May--no one appears worried about the show. By now ABC would have informed Marlowe & Co. if it was cancelled. Also, I am pretty sure all principals are under contract through a season 7 (if it were to materialize) so contract problems should not be a block on the cast end. So expect an announcement for a season 7 soon--but don't be surprised if it is announced as the final season of "Castle."

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All he knows is that sometime between 3 and 4 it was Death Race 2000 out here.


Richard Castle, one word short. I cannot allow this to be my epitaph.