Castle Round Table: "Law & Boarder"

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Castle and Beckett may have delved into the world of extreme sports to solve their latest murder... but the competition at home was just as fierce, as Rick lost his title as reigning Scrabble champ on Castle Season 6 Episode 21.

Below, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Bobbie from The 12th a Castle Fan Forum to debate Rick's choice of best man, who offered the best gift, and who is the true champion at the Castle loft...

Castle RT - depreciated -

Did Castle make the right decision for his best man?

Chandel: Clearly. Not only does it recognize Alexis in her rightful place as Castle's lifetime "wing-woman" so to speak, it also prevents Espo and Ryan from ultimately cage-fighting each other for the job!

Jim: While I would have loved to see James Patterson or Stephen King guest star for his wedding, picking Alexis was clearly the right choice given how hard Espo and Ryan worked to jockey favor. I agree with Chandel that it shows how important Alexis is to him in his life. 

Robin: I'm still slightly annoyed with Alexis' behavior earlier in the season, but I can't argue with this choice.  Alexis is rightfully more important to Castle than the boys are, and it was a good decision.

Bobbie: I totally support Castle asking Alexis to stand up for him. As he said, she's the most important person in his life after Kate and the old traditions concerning weddings have largely gone by the wayside anyway.

Christine: I wondered if he was going to go this way because I just couldn't figure out how he'd choose between Esposito and Ryan. Despite a rocky year, I do agree that Alexis should be the person standing by his side when he marries the love of his life. 

Which gift would you have preferred: Esposito's sexy pen, Ryan's family recipe or the offer of bacon brownies?

Chandel:  I would have probably taken the family recipe. You can never go wrong with food!

Jim: Rick is clearly a man of simple pleasures. Porn, dinner and desert were his weaknesses. For me, I'm a chocolate fan, but I'm not sure on bacon brownies. I would have to try one first.  

Robin: Food will win every single time. I find the notion of bacon brownies intriguing; I'd go for that.

Bobbie: I'd be wanting the treasured family recipe. I thought that both gifts were well chosen to reflect the personalities of the respective guys.

Christine: Chocolate and bacon. Two of my favorite things. I'm in. Beside, I've always hated Shepherd's pie. 

Who do you now consider the reigning champion at the Castle loft?

Chandel: I suppose it depends on what the contest is. Kate clearly aced Castle in Scrabble, but she also changed the game. In that case, it seems to me they were both winners!

Jim: Kate, as it should be. She figured out how to get past Rick's over-active ego and disarm (and disrobe) the situation back into something fun. 

Robin: Kate was definitely triumphant. Not only did she win at Scrabble, she turned the situation around to a win-win for both of them. 

Bobbie: Despite Kate's victories in this episode, I'd be willing to bet that Castle is still the reigning champion over the long haul. I like that she can challenge him and I hope she's taught him the value of being a more gracious winner and loser.

Christine: Rick Castle.The man is about to marry a gorgeous, intelligent woman willing to play both Scrabble and strip poker with him. I'd say he's the big winner no matter how many games he loses. 

Was there anything that disappointed you in this episode?

Chandel: No, in fact quite the opposite. I can relate to the Scrabbly controversy because my boyfriend is the current reigning champion in our relationship and so I identified with Kate. I can't wait for the day I pull a "Quixotic" on him!

Jim: Does Claudia Christian's horrible Botox count? I love her as Commander Ivanova on Babyon 5 and seeing her lips all puffy and weird-looking creeped me out. 

Robin: One thing: that Castle got to keep his shirt on while Beckett sat there in a bra. That seemed unfair, either they both go shirtless or they both keep their shirt on!

Bobbie: I wish they wouldn't continue to show Castle oblivious to Kate's suggestive offers. I'd like to see him as a sexy and willing partner and not a frumpy, middle aged, distracted guy. I also have to say that I think seeing Kate in a plain white bra was a letdown. I'd have expected lace and some color.

Christine: I'm with Robin on this one. Castle needed to lose the shirt. 

Do you watch or compete in any extreme sports? Do you have a favorite?

Chandel: I was into skateboarding in middle school---more the look and less the actual sport, as I could barely ride a skateboard!

Jim: Unless playing in a weekend marathon of Dungeons and Dragons is considered an extreme sport, I will have to say no on competing. But, being from the south, I'm a fan of watching NASCAR and monster truck shows (to my wife's dismay). 

Robin: Let's put it this way... last summer I played a sport for the first time (softball), and ended up fracturing my arm. That's about as extreme as I get.

Bobbie: The only extreme sports I watch are those connected with the Olympics now. It's not my thing.

Christine: Hey Jim, I didn't know I had a fellow race fan here. I did watch a lot of snowboarding and ski jumping during the Winter Olympics but that's about it. 

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Chandel: Watching Kate destroy Castle with "Quixotic." According to it means "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical." Now who does that sound like?

Jim: It was little, but awesome. Alexis and Kate's fist-bump in the kitchen over her win. It was awesome to see them bond just that little bit more. 

Robin: I loved Castle and Ryan's conversation during the interrogation. It was just so painfully, wonderfully awkward. 

Bobbie: My favorite scene was when Ryan brought Castle coffee as he watched an interrogation. Ryan was trying to get around to asking about the best man choice but it got all awkward. Seamus and Nathan had perfect comedic timing throughout that scene. 

Christine: I have to agree with Jim. I loved the fist bump between Alexis and Kate. Kate has really become a part of this family and I love seeing her bond with Martha and Alexis. 

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So glad Beckett is the most important person in Castles life.It seems with his other 2 marrages Alexis came first.Boy has he grown up!
I was disapointed that Castle's shirt was the last item on him. Thought it was kind of strange. Would rather seen them both left with just their underware on.


Wasn't Alexis Rick's "best man" at his wedding to Gina? Thought I heard that in am early episode.


Pat raises a good question. Can I add another one.
1) why does a man who has already been married twice need a bachelor party since he isn't one. ( A divorced man is not a bachelor).
2)Why do two people who have essentially been living together for around a year need a honeymoon?

@ nottrampis

Because both are traditions?! Good lord, I know people that lived together for years before getting married and after marrying went on honeymoon! An honeymoon (or bachelor parties) aren´t exclusively for people who only marry once, you know?:)

@ Maria Ferreira

A honeymoon in that case is a plain waste of money unless they are purely taking a holiday which would mean it isn't really a honeymoon.
Batchelor parties are for those few people in the twenties that get married. They have yet stil lto grow up.
Why is a man in his mid 40s who has been divorced having one. Another example of Castle being portrayed as a tweentysomething not a person of his age who surely by this stage has learnt some lessons from his life.

@ nottrampis

Then Kelly I wish people had said it was a cultural practice in the USA as it most certainly is not down here in OZ. That is why we found it quite strange.

@ nottrampis

You make me laugh nottrampis. I and many of my friends got married in our 30s and lived with our future spouses beforehand. We all went on honeymoons and many had bachelor/bachelorette parties thrown by our friends, even for some who had been married previously. Why? Because it's fun and a way to celebrate. Here in the US it's pretty standard to take a honeymoon after you've gotten married no matter how many times you've done it before. If Castle and Beckett didn't plan a honeymoon, fans here in the US would find that very odd.

@ nottrampis

Wow. Come into the 21st century, why don't ya. :-/

@ nottrampis

Because both are fun. I really don't think you need a better reason than that.


It was a fun episode. Saw Kate in a different wedding dress in tv guide. Suits her better. It will be interesting if the wedding takes place may12. Hope they mention ricks bachelor party


I love that Alexis will stand up for Castle. No, it's not traditional but she is the most important person in his life next to Beckett and I can see him wanting her by his side. Maybe Espo and Ryan can still plan the bachelor party for him though.
I'll take the bacon brownies and Espo's silly pen just because I've never actually seen one before.
I can see Castle being completely fixated on keeping his Scrabble title. It's the writer in him. He's going to have to learn to share that crown.
Was definitely hoping the shirt would disappear at the end.
No extreme sports here.
I'm with Chandel. Watching Kate take down Rick yet again with Quixotic was awesome.


Alexis as best MAN. She is clearly an immature 20 year old. the best man's speech is clearly going to be ccmpletely different to the usual otherwise it will be embarrassing and demeaning for a 20 year old daughter talk about her mid 40s Father escapades and how he has changed since meeting Beckett!
Bob Weldon was the obvious choice but that would mean a writer knowing about the series. The Scrabble showed Castle totally out of character and just quietly playing scrabble after a hard day of investigating a murder. Scrabble .
aint a release at all. Striip poker is though!.
Are we to seriously believe Castle would rather beat Beckett at scrabble rather than have sex with her? This was as stupid as him playing a computer game rather than having sex in the evil episode!


Loved the Lanie and Kate scene and seeing Kate with that huge, happy smile!

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