Castle Review: A Crushing Defeat

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It's hard to lose a champion. Perhaps even harder for a king to lose his crown - but on Castle Season 6 Episode 21 Rick Castle had to admit defeat... or at least pass the crown over to the new queen.

Yes, for years Castle had crowed about being the undefeated champion of the Scrabble board, yet his reign ended when Katherine Beckett took him down. 

One of the best things about that story was watching Castle's family rally around Kate. I think Alexis and Kate's fist bump may have been my favorite. If nothing else, that small moment showed how much these two have bonded since Alexis moved back in.

And, of course, Castle took the defeat as graciously as we'd expect as he insisted on a rematch. Beckett did her best to get him to let it go, as in this Castle quote…to no avail.

Beckett: Castle, aren't there more important things than winning?
Castle: Oh, that's a notion created to comfort those who lose.

The second best moment was watching Kate and Lanie gush about the latter's maid of honor dress. Lanie called it just the right mix of elegant and saucy. Now I really look forward to seeing it.

As for the rest of the wedding party, I had a feeling Castle was going to pick Alexis to stand up for him. He'd want his daughter to play a key role in his wedding after the difficult year the two have had and Rick doesn't seem the type to stand on tradition.

Besides, how could he possibly choose between Esposito and Ryan? But it sure was fun watching the boys fight over the job. I couldn't quite decide who was being the most ridiculous: Esposito with his doe eyes or Ryan as he seemed to back out of every room. 

Lanie did a great job of conveying what morons the two were being when she pointed out that she wasn't going to choose which of them would be the best man because she wasn't the groom. When she addressed them as "detectives" before she walked out, it was as though their title had suddenly become highly questionable given their behavior.

As with Castle and his Scrabble game, defeat was hard to take…

Esposito: I can't believe we just got beat by a girl.
Ryan: Lets never speak of this again.

As for the murder of the week, it was actually the six-year old cold case that got to me. I was surprised that Beckett hadn't contacted the original detective on the case because I can't imagine how they'd sleep at night knowing that a 12-year old was murdered and they'd never caught his killer.

I did wonder about the old video camera. The footage was taken only six years ago and those types of cameras were popular in the '90s. Then again, perhaps it's just the thing you'd give a kid to go play with to take his own movies.

In the end, it became clear that Castle was going to have trouble admitting that his reign as Scrabble champion was over but leave it to Beckett to help him find a way to get past the pain with a new game, strip poker. If he ever had any doubts that she was his perfect partner, that should eradicate them.

With only one more episode left until the Castle Season 6 finale, do you think we'll actually see a Casket wedding before the season's over?

Here's your first look at Castle Season 6 Episode 22, "Veritas."

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