CBS Season Finales: What's on Tap?

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We're nearing that time, CBS Fanatics.

With a number of season finales on the way, the network has sent out a press release that teases every... single... one.

How will Alicia Florrick say goodbye for the summer? What will Walden Schmidt be up to? Where will L.J. Gibbs be headed?

Click around below for a handful of clues, cliffhangers and spoilers and then follow this link to gather up scoop on 26 season finales...

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Love love love criminal minds and everyone on it. EXCEPT Blake!!! My daughter was photographed for the episode Bloodline. And we had the honor of meeting Spencer, Matthew Grey Gaubler, and everyone, cast and crew were great. GET RID OF BLAKE. We all wish you could bring back Printess but at least get rid of Blake. She adds nothing. I started watching because of Mandy, Gideion, and it was hard to get use to Rossi. But love him now and it didn't take long. Still don't want Blake.


I suppose CM will once again demonstrate why an entire team of profilers is not needed as long as Garcia works her magic to solve the case, locate, and identify the bad guy. At least it is written that way. The team is incompetent as investigators as Garcia does most of the detective work. Watch ant episode and imagine and imagine how far the team would get without Garcia.

@ Jim

Their Profilers not detective


I suppose CM will once again prove that Garcia does not need a whole team of profilers on site to solve the crime. This team is incompetent without her. At least it is written that way.


Well I guess that answers the does Jane have feelings for Lisbon question! I seriously hope they don't cancel it. The new version of the show is finally settled in and working well. It's fun to watch again and no longer weighed down by the RJ storyline.


I think its time for the Mentalist to go they got rid of their fanbase and the new one that they wanted just don't care. NCIS nice change of place not ending on a cliffhanger Man CM need to have a great season finale because I did not enjoy this season

@ Michael

Um, speak for yourself. I'm a long time fan and LOVE the new version of the show. The RJ story took FOREVER to end and just wasn't that interesting to me. I have always preferred the episodes that stayed off that topic.

@ TVfan

So how can you be a fan if you hate what the show about


Please do not cancel The Mentalist. One of my favorite shows.

@ Yvonne+



The Amazing Race picture is the one from Season 22, not the current All Star cast!