Game of Thrones Review: It's For the Best

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On Game of Thrones, Joffrey is dead, but Cersei seemed to be the only one really broken up about it.

Tywin and others busied themselves with taking advantage of her familial tragedy. By the end of Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode3, Tyrion still remained the scapegoat for the Purple Wedding, but the full extent of its fallout was yet to be fully realized.

Baelish never explicitly admitted to being behind poisoning Joffrey, but his orchestration of Sansa's escape using Ser Dantos was rather timely. Tyrion raised an interesting theory, though.

Perhaps Tywin was behind Joffrey's murder. The reasoning that the young king was proving too difficult to manage makes sense, especially after seeing how well Tywin's first counsel with Tommen went.

What a great scene that was. Tywin had no time for the dead - or respect for that matter - as he openly insulted Joffrey's short reign. Tommen, for as mild mannered as he is, didn't so much as flinch either at hearing his grandfather say as much.

The only look of shock was the one on Cersei's face when her son guessed "wisdom" was a king's single most important quality.

If I were Cersei, however, I wouldn't be so quick to slap the "My Child is a King's Landing Honor Student" bumper sticker on the wagon, though. He did need four guesses to arrive at the answer.

Congrats to her and Jaime for once again raising the bar on the dysfunctional family front. All the good favor Jaime earned from fans last season surely went out the window (no pun intended) as he forced himself on his sister... next to the corpse of their inbred son.

Twisted a scene as it was, it was interesting to hear Cersei reference their love.

Please Jaime you have to. He was our son, our baby boy.


Will Cersei end up pregnant with another false heir after this last encounter?

I've often wondered what kind, if any, birth control exists in this land, but I'm pretty sure that was a condom we saw getting washed out at the new home Sam arranged for Gilly.

Sam doesn't want Gilly having safe sex or sex of any kind, which is why his choice to relocate her might prove to be a poor choice made with the wrong head.

If the wildings continue on like they did this week, it won't really matter where Gilly is after they make their way to the wall. The numbers are staggeringly against the crows, but I have to think having the high ground on that massive structure will prove to be somewhat of a field-leveling advantage.

Elsewhere, Melisandre's magic is a nice arrow in Stannis's quiver, but Davos knows wars are won by soldiers on the ground. Thanks to Shireen, he seemed to have an epiphany of how he might be able to better his standing with her father.

She was so great as she laid into him for being late for their reading lesson.

You won't be a very good hand if you see the word knight and say "ka-niggit."


Tywin may have a prized new pupil, but he also knows his family needs to bolster their allies. It was quickly clear Oberyn wasn't behind Joffrey's murder as Tywin began his questioning, but did he believe the lead lion when he denied having any part in the Mountain's murder of his sister?

To increase his chance of getting justice for such, he seemed willing to at least take Tywin at his word for the moment.

Sandor might not be as bad as his brother, but he showed tonight why they are indeed related. The Hound is a realist, though, and is trying to survive in a world of kingdoms without a house to call home.

He has also managed to keep Arya alive this long.  Maybe she should cut him some slack, even if questioning his tactics does made for some of the funniest scenes we've seen on Game of Thrones Season 4.

Arya: You don't have a map?
Sandor Clegane: No I don't have a map.
Arya: Maybe we should get one.
Sandor Clegane: Aye just point out the next map shop you see and I'll buy you one.

The scene of them downing that rabbit stew was a recipe for magic GIF soup. So was the scene where Arya said how she hoped to travel to Braavos to see friends.

Sandor was gentleman enough to turn his back to Arya as he urinated, but not as he blew a snot rocket after saying he doubted she knew anyone there.  For now, though, he is her best chance for survival.

Dany got a look at all the public urination she could stomach as Daario dispensed with Meereen's champion. You knew he was going to take out the horse first, but bravo to his style in doing so.

Then Dany went and one upped his showmanship by launching the barrels full of slave collars over the walls. I was waiting for the projectiles to explode, but instead their contents will surely ignite a fire of rebellion inside the walls they breached.

It's hard to believe so much was crammed into one hour - but the pace and depth of each scene seemed anything but during a superbly scripted episode.

Here is your first look at Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4, "Oathkeeper."


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In the books they use moon tea as a birth control

@ Fifty

What's moon tea?


I really wish they could make a roadmovie just with Arya and the Hound. These two are so great together! Littlefinger creeped me out. That man knows how to intimidate without even lifting an eyebrow... I read a fan comment somewhere which stated something like "Littlefinger could say 'good morning' to you and you would've to start worrying". So true! Good acting, by the way. And I agree, Tommen will be a much better king than his brother.


Lord Baelish does say that he was behind Joffrey's murder,he couldn't be more clear about it.he even destroys the murder weapon.just claryfying it for the reviewer...

@ Sil

He doesn't say that at all. He just destroys the necklace to point out that Dontos wasn't who he said he was, and was just helping Sansa because he paid him. There is no reveal as to the actual murderer.


In the books Podrick leaves Kings Landing and ends up with Brienne. Jaime and Cersei do have sex in the same place where Joffrey's body is in the books. However if I remember correctly, she was into it despite being on her moon's blood. Overall it was a good episode, I love Arya and The Hound. Hilarity at it's best!

@ Larissa

@Larissa. Gosh Larissa, why do you book readers have to show off your stupid knowledge by giving us information we did not ask for? Someone previously wrote "Spoilers ahead" before he posted a comment here. That was much appreciated. You Larissa had to go and tell us what happens with Podrick and Brienne from the books. Did anybody ask you? Supposing we had other ideas about Brienne. Or that we thought that was the last we were going to see of Podrick. Do you think we are jumping for joy at your revelation? No. Because we (non-readers) want to find out for ourselves. I wish the writers of these blogs would go through comments of people like yourself and delete them!!!!! And the thing is the poor writers say it over and over and literally beg you people to not spoil things, but no, you all are not having that. You have to let us know you know, and to let us know WHAT you know. I'm so disgusted with these book readers now. I've even stopped going to the GOT IMDB board which I used to, but they are even worse over there. It's like you're talking to children over and over and they're not listening.

@ Stephie59

At least many of the writers on IMDb indicate spoilers. At least, they do on the shows I visit. I haven't visited GoT in a while. Then again, some people have mentioned that sometimes the show does something different from what is in the books...perhaps we can keep that in mind so it won't be *completely* spoiled. :)


The relationship of Cercei and Jaime is the living proof of the possible future Lannister-but-Tyrion downfall
Poor Sam, he thinks that village is safer, fail
Kudos for the messages thrown with catapults by Danny
You know nothing, Tywin Lannister


The hour passes so quickly. And now the third episode is done. I love it and I hate it that the episodes are so enthralling they seem to last for mere minutes and now their season is well on it's way to being over.

@ mewofford

HBO is cheap with the number of episodes!

@ cthun

At a cost of six to eight million an episode...10 episodes seems to meet the budget.

@ mewofford

I know! I just want it to keep doesn't even seem like an hour! At least I got to look at Jon Snow. Love the hair.


All I can say is the hour passes so fast. And now the first 3 episodes are done. I am happy and yet sad at the same time.


Loved that episode even if it were slower paced that the episode 2 ! Jaime really disgusted me... Raping your own sister in front of the dead body of your son ??? Anyway, I think that Tommen will make a much better king than his brother.


Hate what they did to Jaime! The scene would have been disturbing enough without him raping Cersei. Wasn't necessary because the raping didn't happen in the books. Don't know what they were thinking...
Otherwise I like the episode. Got a little teary about Tyrion and Pod. That sweet boy. He really is one hell of a squire. Can't wait to see him again (hopefully... if they don't screw with that)
Maisie Williams cracked me up. She really got some comedic talent. At this point I don't think it's very in character for Arya. She's in a completely different place right now but I still enjoyed watching Maisie's face and listening to her fake stories. "He's never been the same" haha

@ Lissy

I agree about Jamie. I know his character had fits of loneliness and frustration about Cersei. And apparently with all the raw emotions, they just got the best of Jamie. Spoiler warning****** I do recall from the books that Pod leaves Kings landing and meets up, I believe with the Hound and Arya while on the road. I am willing to be corrected....

@ rush

Spoiler...................... It was brienne


What an awesome episode ! This season is on fire !

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