NCIS: Los Angeles Photo Preview: A New Partner

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The team returns from Afghanistan and investigate a new case on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 20.

With Kensi recovering from her abduction and torture, Deeks is assigned another partner: Nell! Hetty pulls Nell from Ops to work in the field with Deeks, while Eric gets a new partner too.

NCIS looks for a former marine who is being tracked by Al Qaeda for embezzling funds from Iraq. 

Will it be business as usual after all that went down in Afghanistan? Or will Hetty and/or Granger suffer the consequences of their poor decisions? We'll have to wait to see!

One thing that's certain is that Kensi's experience in Afghanistan and reunion with Jack will affect her relationship with Deeks and ability to return to the job.

Check out the official photos for "Windfall."

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I think that Nell should take a step back, she its way to upfront, just like they kept pushing Ziva up front on NCIS. Nell has never been a favorite of mine as she seems to put down Eric. If Hetty (Linda Hunt) is the "rumored" person leaving and they promote Nell then I will have to seriously think about continuing to watch, as much I love Callen and Sam.

@ PJ

I totally agree about Nell! I haven't cared for her & her "I'm better than you" attitude. Going back to her 1st ep & how she treated Eric, etc. Just cuz she's same height doesn't mean she's Hetty!
realize its "just a show" but when you really can't stand Nell (Nell, not Renee!), the show gets ruined

@ PJ

It's just a show :-) Give it a chance.

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