Revenge Review: Alliances

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For what was only the second Red Sharpie takedown installment in monts, Revenge Season 3 Episode 19 was a bit underwhelming in terms of the advancement of Emily's revengenda.

It did, however, turn up the heat in the remaining episodes of Revenge Season 3, given everything else which took place tonight. Namely Victoria's realization that Emily is definitely up to something and Jack's discovery that he and Margaux are not long for the dating world.

As far as Revenge goes, tonight wasn't one of the stronger episodes given that Emily's part in it took a back seat to the advancement of the other storylines competing for center stage.

While Emily did manage the takedown of Luke Gilliam, it was a little too easy. Scary easy, in fact, which is probably what Victoria wanted.

With Luke Gilliam's takedown, Queen V has surmised that Emily is still in the Hamptons not to target the Graysons but to get revenge for David Clarke. She's determined this by looking at a company photo--the same company photo we've seen in Emily's hands--and marking it with a black Sharpie, tracing the takedowns we've seen over the course of three seasons.

Now that she knows, what next? Warn the remaining un-sharpie'd folks in the photo? That's not really Victoria's style, you know?

Somehow, she'll find a way to extricate herself from the scandal which saw David Clarke going off to jail and eventually dying, but how? Pascal will likely just kill anyone who gets in her way, since, as we saw tonight, the man has no trouble getting his hands dirty.

Pascal not only killed Oscar Chapman at the lead of Conrad Grayson, but he also killed Trevor Mathis once upon a time, making it look like a suicide. Learning that news changed everything for Aiden and learning that Oscar Chapman is now dead as well will likely change things even more. Is that what will lead to Aiden's death (I'm speculating here...) at the Revenge season 3 conclusion?

Knowing Pascal has the capacity to be a trigger man, will he be the one to take down Aiden Mathis? Like father, like son?

Then again, given the Jack-Margaux break-up and Pascal's penchant for taking care of business, there's always a chance he'll shoot Jack in the finale, right?

The most interesting part of the night wasn't that Conrad is, once again, at the root of everything, but the Nolan-Javier battle to see who'll get to invest in MyClone.

The Javier-Charlotte relationship is completely out of left field and is actually sort of disturbing considering Javier has 1) stalked her while inside prison building his entire program based on her digital footprint and 2) she's 19 and he's, what, 25? 26? Ordinarily, that wouldn't be a big deal at all for me, but something about seeing it on Revenge makes it weird. Probably because Charlotte is very, very clearly still young and they've just written her to be older without really explaining how she got there.

Charlotte Grayson continues to be one of the most useless characters on this series.

She took Javier's program to Daniel and Margaux who, in typical Grayson fashion, wowed him with a car and his face on the cover of a magazine. Over promise, under deliver: It's the Grayson way. 

This is interesting for two reasons. One, Margaux can't see what kind of snake she's in bed with in Daniel Grayson (or they're completely rewriting her character to be the kind of woman who'd fall for his shtick). Two, it gave us Nolan Ross being a badass.

Nolan declaring war on Daniel Grayson, in a very forward, very open manner, might have been the best thing to come out of the past half-season worth of episodes. Watching him step out of the shadows after scaring the pants off Daniel and Charlotte only to say he's not letting Daniel have Javier without a fight was brilliant.

Now here's hoping Nolan keeps his promise and finds a way to win Javier back to Team Good Guy. 

Maybe we should come up with a plausible reason for which Pascal might off Charlotte in the finale.

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 19? How much did you love Nolan Ross declaring war on Daniel Grayson? On a scale of 1 to 5, (1= worst, 5=best) rate tonight's Red Sharpie takedown.


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Drea xoxo

Best part of the episode?
ending Nolan's dramatic i've declared war notion saved the serious tbh. vicki figuring it out happy with that, hope they don't mess that development as well.... jack's ex boo can can can back to france or french canada now, im bored of her. daniel needs to go away and grow up now! charlotte as irrelevant as always ruining another person's future/life by letting the gayson men help them!!! nolan friend annoying and he will regret


P.S. I have given a 4 stars, I think the episode was more about the rest than Emily's takedown...


love Nolan...hahahahha Daniel, he is coming for you!!!!! hell yeah!!!it's about time! his smuck face...grrr....he is the rightful son of V. I didn't actually care about the takedown this week, but I like that Jack was helping Emily rather than Aiden. finally Jack got a little bit dirty! and I can see some potential there. I've always rooted for Em+Aiden, but if they make Jack understand Emily, then I am going to be OK with it. As it was thought before, that Jack and Em needed to be together just because he was her best friend from childhood, didn't make sense to me! but Jack's involvement in the revengenda...makes finally sense! I also liked how they picture Margaux and Daniel together...they are kind of cute...let's see if she understands the sneaky bastard that he is! or maybe she is simply the daughter of Pascal...and we haven't seen her true colors yet...


Im just sorry the show has a lot of information that gets unanswered somehow.. when i saw this episode, I couldnt help but wonder that if emily didn't throw her computer away she could have taken the Graysons down a lot sooner, she just had to send those videos to the press where they admit they framed David Clarke. And I don't get it how she has money to continue her vendetta, I can't remeber if they explained this before, but if i recall it right, she only had money because of Nolan, but Nolan got arrested and lost his assets... sorry my bad english, i'm european... but I just dont get this..!

@ M.

Em's fortune came from Nolan bc her father was the first investor, so his share passed to her via Nolan.
His arrest didn't finalize/convict, so no assets lost, plus emily ' s fortune came from the company, not the person, so they were out of the scope of confiscation. :)


loved and support everything Jonas dats one person who understands what they are talking about.

@ prettie

Thank youuuu - I'm just saying like it is :)


I didnt like this ep at all!!!, this and the last lacked of good interesting plots, with boring dead end plots , is true, they should built to the finale and is just not making good stories, yes things happen but in a very sutil even boring way it makes us dont care ,so resuming 40 minutes in 1:emily felt right where vicky wanted, the plot from last ep is dead, pascal is as boring as ever and charlotte is a grayson,daniel alive , done! with all this new characters the original are forgoten,like nolan of the very smart conrand ,now looking sad,lonely and bitter ,cant wait for the good team kicks daniel,s little ego and kill this french dude


Nolan declaring war on that f-ing narcissist Daniel was the best part of this episode - The second was Jack dumping Margaux, she has a charisma like a land mine.
My wish list before the end of this season is that some Grayson will die in a heinous way and preferably Daniel, it's about time the Grayson should suffer. Also that Aiden will just disappear and never come back, I'm so sick of hearing his voice and watching his macho bravado. You're right about Charlotte, you know it's bad when guest stars have better storylines than she does - She's completely useless and that actress that's playing her most laugh all the way to the bank. Why some wants Jack to be shoot or gone is beyond me - He's a good friend to both Nolan and Emily, but I guess opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one. Oh and this was way better than a "3" - It was one of the best this season.


I think the writer (s) of this site are so caught up with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad that they measure and compare every other existent show with those 2. It was a really good episode. Victoria is finally organizing Emily's puzzle and it will be great when these 2 fight head to head and with all of their ammunition.

Miranda wicker

If you guys take a second to look at the 35 votes/user ratings on the episode, it's floating at a 3.3, so I'm not the only one who found this episode mediocre instead of helping build to a big finish for the final three episodes of the season. The last few minutes, with Victoria closing in, were good, yes, but that doesn't undo the rest of the episode.

@ Miranda Wicker

I´m not questioning your rating for this episode (haven´t watched it yet), but I really have disagreed with you in a few episodes. And the votes/user ratings, IMO, don´t say much...altough I´d like to believe they reflect the reality, we all know it´s easy to give a 1 "just because" :)


I don't understand the 3 star rating. This episode is the best and the turning point of revenge. Now it is up to the writers to keep this up, I definitely want to see how Victoria will play the game now, how she would get the Grayson clan on board. I hope Emily will caught up to what is happening. I absolutely loved Nolan in this episode.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

[to Emily] I would love to stay and chat, but I have less boring people to talk to.


Victory can never be achieved alone. Allegiances must be forged to overcome superior forces. Some born from a shared goal, others out of desperate need, but for a union to succeed, one must determine if an ally is truly a friend or merely an enemy in disguise.