The Mentalist: Watch Season 6 Episode 18 Online

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When a Madison Pryce was found murdered outside of an exclusive men's social club, Patrick Jane and the FBI team uncover the private brothel where she worked on the club property in The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 18.

With so many suspects, Jane pulls a con to trick the culprit into believing that they have Madison's broken cell phone with incriminating evidence recorded on the device.

Eventually, Greg, the murderer tries to get the phone back. Turns out Greg was setting up a nanny cam to get leverage on a club member when Madison caught him. He ended up breaking her neck to keep his secret. 

After the case, Teresa and Marcus Pike's relationship has grown serious. When he's offered a promotion to Washington D.C. he says he won't take it, unless Teresa goes with him.

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Carolee gross

My husband and I enjoy the characters of Jane and Lisbon.We do not care what time it is played. We tape it and we watch it when is a better time for us to be together to watch it. We hope it is renewed for another season.My husband truly likes Simon Baker.He is watching very night on Nexflix The show The Guardian with Simon Baker in it.Tell Simon Baker he is a great actor.


Come on Lisbon stay in Austin with Jane. Yes Pike is willing to give up a promotion for you but Jane was willing to risk ending up in jail or on death row to be with you when he came back to the states and he put you first on his list of demands. Who loves you more?