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Where to even begin? I'm still trying to catch my breath after Castle Season 6 Episode 22 because Kate Beckett finally achieved the goal she's pursued her entire career. She arrested her mother's killer.

Let's start from the beginning…

Although I never expected Beckett to stop trying to take down Senator Bracken, I really had no clue that she was conducting her own covert investigation. To be honest, I worried.

For as much progress as Kate and Rick have made in their personal relationship, there are times when Kate falls into old patterns and hiding things is second nature to her. So after so many years of going at this alone, I can't even explain how relieved I was that she and Castle were working on it together.

It's what Castle has wanted since the start of the series. 

When Jason Marks turned up dead after Beckett spent the night surveilling him, I kept hoping she would tell Gates. That seemed the only way to get ahead of this. 

Once again, Beckett got sent home when Vulcan Simmons became a suspect and their history made the case personal. At least this time she didn't leave the precinct alone. Last time that happened Castle came hesitantly to her door and found her in tears. This time he got to go home with her. 

But Castle was right.

When Beckett searched out the car on her own, that wasn't a calculated risk, that was reckless. Heck, it was downright stupid. In some ways I'd say it was out of character for a detective who is usually by the book but when it comes to her mother's case, Kate has blinders on.

Montgomery was correct back on Castle Season 3 Episode 24. It's as though she can't help herself. She needs someone to reign her in. 

I appreciated that they didn't show who killed Vulcan Simmons. Not that I ever thought it was Beckett, but I liked the way they left us hanging, if only for a few minutes.

When Lanie called Kate about the bullet left in Vulcan's body being from her gun, you could feel Lanie's terror concerning the fate of her best friend. You could actually see her hands shake and hear the tremor in her voice. Not only did it convey the seriousness of the situation, it made my chest tight witnessing their conversation. 

The return of Smith surprised me. I really thought he was dead but he was Kate's only hope at figuring out what could bring Bracken down. 

Once again, I was impressed with Capt. Gates. Even with the evidence piling up against Beckett, she never believed that her detective murdered Simmons and it was an absolute relief when Esposito and Ryan finally let her in on the truth.

Speaking of Esposito and Ryan, they had Beckett's back every step of the way, even when she chose to keep them in the dark…

Castle: Guys, she wouldn't want you involved.
Esposito: We're already involved. We're family, bro.

As much as I enjoyed another visit to their swings, I much preferred it when their was a marriage proposal playing out instead of a plan to go on the run. 

The moment Castle left that motel room I knew Beckett was in trouble. And, on a side note, I was kind of looking forward to seeing what she'd look like as a blonde. 

Senator Bracken was equal parts arrogant and impressed with Beckett's tenacity. The complete dichotomy of how his mind works is what I find fascinating about the character. Jack Coleman's portrayal always makes me believe that despite all that Bracken has done, the man truly has no doubt that in the end it's for the greater good. 

And in this Castle quote he shared how he even somehow believed that Beckett owed him for having killed her mother…

Bracken: Everything you are. Everything you've accomplished is because of me.
Beckett: Is that how you justify murder? It builds character?

I can't even comprehend the twists and turns one's conscience must take to arrive at that conclusion. 

The flashback scene with Montgomery was an unexpected delight. We'd heard about the first moment they'd met but we'd never seen it play out on the screen. It was fitting that his first words to her were what held the key to finding the proof to take Bracken down. 

The elephant family that has resided on Beckett's desk since the beginning of the series have always been a fan favorite. What a wonderful twist that they've actually held the answers she's sought throughout her whole career.

When Beckett arrested Bracken for the murder of Johanna Beckett, it was a heart wrenching moment. Kate's mother was killed when she was only 19. The horror of that night has haunted her, shaped her, and driven her throughout her entire adult life. It's been a long and grueling road to get to this moment.

And Richard Castle helped her bring him to justice. It wasn't so much joy but relief as Bracken was led away in cuffs and Kate and Rick's words to one another reflected everything that they've felt and fought for over six seasons.

Castle: She's proud of you. Wherever she is. She's proud.
Beckett: I never could have done this without you.

How very appropriate that Kate Beckett can put this darkness behind her as she marries Richard Castle and they begin an entirely new chapter in their lives. 

But I have to ask, TV Fanatics, do you think this is the last we'll see of Senator Bracken?

Here is your first look at Castle Season 6 Episode 23, "For Better or Worse."


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Tonya b

Good episode but some huge mistakes. Can anyone tell me how Johanna Beckett was given the tape recording that has Senator Bracken talking about how he murdered Johanna Beckett? It was Johanna Beckett who hid the tape in the elephants, yet the contents of the recording discuss HER murder. Seems like a mountainous and glaring mistake to me. Hmmmm.

@ Tonya B.

No Our Tonya A class a Great epsode proabably the best ever

@ Tonya B.

Tonya B, He doesn't say he had her killed. Yours was the first question I had until I had a second and third listens to the tape. Listen closely: He says, "If anyone gets too close like that *** lawyer Joanna Beckett has been poking around, I'll have them killed. I've had people killed before." The key words being "has been." He doesn't say "was." So he's admitting to intent to kill Joanna Beckett. But that still confuses me because in the end Kate arrests him for the murder of her mother. So there's that. But I guess that is possible when you can use the tape as evidence to show intent. I am not sure about the law though. So really, there are no holes in the writing of this episode as far as I can tell. Just a few cliches, but I'll forgive them that. :)

@ Balaji Sivaraman

Correct my friend. I think she merely says as she knows he is responsible.


I'm sorry, can someone please enlighten me? I have DVR'ed from ep 15 due to work and other commitments and have just read some of the comments... Cam someone please separate the chaff from the horse???


@ Heathcliff. Sorry that last comment was directed at you as well. You have enlightened me as to the inner workings of Lala land & I do thank you!


The writing combo of Hanning/TPWinter did not disappoint the viewers for “Veritas”. The 6x22 episode was just a really well written story used to conclude very nicely the Bracken storyline. The attention to continuity was just amazing especially the flashback to Montgomery talking to the young detective Beckett. I felt for a long time that Michael Smith was not dead. It was great to see Caskett working together with no secrets between them. I was surprised that Gates knew so little about the Bracken connection to the Johanna Beckett murder. This episode could have easily been the season finale.

@ Vince

Our Roy montgomery, could you e-mail please, pretty please

@ nottrampis

Based on the 6x23 finale early sneak peeks, it looks like your long standing comments about Kate’s “married before” issue as defined in “Nanny McDead” are at least now plausible. Writers should not mess with canon because it upsets those fans that base their knowledge of the character on certain established facts they are given over a period of time. Trying to ignore or reset established facts is not a good idea and bad practice. Aside from the wedding, using comedy to undermine further the character of Beckett is so much worse than what they did to the Alexis character this season.

@ Vince

Mate, I really would like you to e-mail me please. I want you to do something Captain Cook is doing

@ Vince

The fact that Beckett is married just really ticks me off! One & done girl?? Trust me, I've been completely annihilated (I mean wasted, ie drunk & whatnot) many times in my past & though I have forgotten small things there's simply no possible way I would ever forget getting married!! Very disappointed in the writers for this. I'm beginning to think that Andrew ought to turn over the reins to someone else for season finales. Well I'm pretty sure next May will be the last so I guess too late for that.Having said that, I'm still pumped for the ep just cuz I love this show.


I loved this episode from start to finish, it was amazing!
I always enjoy Christine´s reviews, and this time was no exception:)
I also loved to see that Kate and Rick were investigating together, there was no Kate´s regression to old days here - and altough I hate Bracken, the acting was so good I really believed he was somehow sorry that Kate hadn´t moved on so he didn´t had the need to have her killed. But I found the acting really great from everyone, particulary Stana, Nathan and Jack Coleman. It´s hard for me to pick a scene, as I loved everything, but that ending scene with Kate arresting Bracken and then going to Rick was so touching and beautiful!
On a side note, I know Castle isn´t the type of show that does intense episodes a lot, but I wouldn´t mind if it was - imo, when they do it that´s when they are at their best ( I know they are the ones I enjoy the most and the ones that linger in my memory):)


Realistically, I think Bracken is finished.
First, he had a lot of power, but political power is based on "what can you do for me?". His political buddies will be distrancing themselves rapidly. And the writers seem to understand this. Remember how Bracken destroyed (politically) another powerful guy by letting news of his pecadillos out?
Second, it really is hard to become seriously wealthy in politics. Most of the money is salary, some of it used up in office costs (aides and travel for example) and much does nto belong to the politico but to his organization. Now Bracken's superPAC has all that drug money, but how long will he keep control of that with Simmons dead and himself in jail. There really is NO honour among thieves.
I suspect that Castle has more useable power in both terms of available money and friendships than Bracken.

@ femmefan1946

totally correct. Even if Bracken could get off from trial his reputation is justly gone. He couldn't win a primary in fit. now the drug money is gone he has no money to call on which he would need.
Bracken is gone forever. Only 3XK to go and we must see Jackson Hunt here surely.

@ femmefan1946

Your statement that it is hard to get wealthy while in office is insane. Prime examples- Bill Clinton & Barack Obama who were dirt poor when they became president- now filthy rich on books, speaking engagements , business connections etc.


loved,loved this episode. it took 6 years to bring bracken to justice,so do not think he will go down with a fight! has it crossed anyones mind that gates is team bracken? something about her i do not trust.


I loved the episode, and I agree that it was one of the better ones; probably the best of season 6. One small thing though. It was such a huge conclusion to such an enormous story, it actually felt a bit rushed. Like some of the other major stories in the series I thought it would have benefited from being a two-parter. They could have stopped the first episode with them on the run, and the second episode would be them gathering their forces together to take Bracken down. What do you guys think?

@ Anon

I also agree to the 2 - parter but ABC was probably too cheap to order up a 24th episode for the wedding and has it all crammed into just episodes 22 and 23! TV economics you know.. Loved this episode, fantastic acting, but I was very disappointed in my other one time passion regarding the return of 24! Kim Raven as Audrey in no ways compares to the goddess named Stana Katic ! One more season of Castle please and how about some little Castles before the series ends!

@ Anon

I also agree. They should have made this the season 6 2 parter instead of the 1st 2 ep's of the season. It was still awesome though!!

@ Anon

totally agree. The destruction of both Bracken and 3XK should have been/be two parters


I think Christine does the episode an injustice. Easily the best episode of the Series and to my mind the best ever Castle episode.
all the actors and actresses excelled.
Gates looked for the first time a Precinct Captain.
Lanie was magnificent on the phone to her best friend, Espo and Ryan showed they are true brothers and Bracken was the villain you wanted brought down and L/T with his cameo!
Winter showed to all those other writers the script that Nathan and Stana deliver in spades on.
(I agree that Marlowe should move on and Winter take over his role for series 7)
Winter was superb at adding to the canon and making us understand the series better. Why we saw smith at the hospital in 4x1, why montgomery sent Castle away as well as Beckett in 3x13 why montgomery told Castle about hist first meeting with Beckett in 3x23 and of course the elephants where Castle was on the money without realising it!! One thing that I loved which showed out in the final scene was in a relationship where two love each other ( which is different to being in love) and one of the people is having a 'hard time' simply having your husband.wife,partner as the rock you cling to until the ocean dies down is essential. Castle was that for Beckett BIG time! The last scene is typical Winter and Caskett are portrayed as people of their ages not in their immature twenties. It was Nathan and Stana at their magnificent best .
They are the best of all time as a couple with daylight coming second.
It is why Castle is the great series it is. Winter I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Castle could not go on without Nathan nor Stana. When it eventually finishes we will see either of them without the other is simply not the same actor/actress IMHO


It's been rumored for a while fellion wants out, he thinks stana is getting to much coverage. His ego gets in the way. I don't know if stana could carry the show. But they could give it a try. Fans who watch castle would give her a chance

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Castle Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm not going to stand by while my mother's murderer becomes President of the United States.


Beckett: I love you.
Castle: Yeah, well you better. It's two weeks to the wedding and it's too late to return the tux.