Castle: Watch Season 6 Episode 22 Online

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When Vulcan Simmons ends up dead, Beckett not only ends up the prime suspect in his murder but she's also in the crosshairs of Senator Bracken on Castle Season 6 Episode 22

Castle and Beckett end up on the run as Internal Affairs wants Beckett behind bars and Senator Bracken wants her dead. Surprisingly, it's the memory of Kate's first meeting with Captain Montgomery that leads her to find the proof she needs to finally arrest the Senator for the murder of her mother, Johanna Beckett.

As Castle tells her that her mother would be proud, Kate shares that she could have never done it without him. 

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Did it bother you when you heard the tape found in the Elephant family statue was Bracken's admission of the murder of Joanna Beckett, yet the tape being placed in the statue & Joanna's notes about the evidence being with the family had to be written before her death? So, who really wrote the note & placed the evidence in the statue & how did the gain access to the elephant? Or did the writers just mess up?


Castle Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm not going to stand by while my mother's murderer becomes President of the United States.


Beckett: I love you.
Castle: Yeah, well you better. It's two weeks to the wedding and it's too late to return the tux.