Family Guy: Watch Season 12 Episode 19 Online

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There's a right time for everything - and on Family Guy Season 12 Episode 19, it was the right time for Peter to finally cut Meg some slack and do a little parental bonding.

The Griffin family's loathing for their daughter has been one of the show's only constants -- but in this half hour, all that changed, as Meg and Peter bonded on a road trip to visit a college.

But is Peter's love even worse than his disdain? Is the only thing more terrible than being the Griffin family's whipping boy being its golden child?

I mean, obviously. But you'll have to watch Family Guy online to find out for sure!


Family Guy Season 12 Episode 19 Quotes

Meg: In the last election, you voted for Mighty Mouse.
Peter: Time to put the might mouse in the White House.

Joe: I'll take smelling good over walking good any day.
Bonnie: You don't smell good, Joe.
Joe: I'm sorry, I thought I was alone.