Grey's Anatomy Review: Where Does the Good Go?

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Well, that's a wrap for Grey's Anatomy Season 10

It's hard to believe that an entire decade of Grey's Anatomy has come and gone just like that. More unbelievable is the fact that we just said goodbye to Cristina Yang. Seriously?! Seriously.

Goodbye, Cristina

So, what went down on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 24? A whole lot. Let's discuss!

An explosion at a local mall made things a bit crazy for our favorite doctors at GSMH. I was honestly really glad that there wasn't an actual terrorist attack because I think that would have taken away from Cristina's farewell. 

As she prepared to say her goodbyes and leave for Zurich, there was just so much that I loved about Cristina's scenes. Please don't ask me which one was my favorite. From her heartfelt moments with Meredith to dancing it out one last time, I couldn't help but miss my best friend.

Then, there was Cristina trying to tell Alex not to become Dr. Junior Butthole. Yes, Alex, listen to her. 

As Yang stood in the gallery and waved goodbye to Owen, you could feel how heartbroken they both were. How will Owen move on without her? Even her quick farewell and hug with Derek felt so raw and real. Moreover, I loved how Webber told Cristina that he was proud of her and especially Yang's last words with Bailey. 

It was evident that these actors were going to miss Sandra Oh just as much as we are going to miss Cristina Yang. By the way, I absolutely loved that Meredith and Cristina's last dance was to Tegan and Sara's "Where Does the Good Go?"

(Fun fact: This song appeared in the background of one of the very first episodes.)

It felt right that Shane wanted to leave Seattle and follow Cristina to Zurich. He's always looked up to her and there's no doubt that she's one heck of a mentor.

I was so thankful that Cristina reminded Meredith that she was a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. More importantly, she should let herself shine, too. This girl talk brought on a huge fight between Derek and Meredith, but it needed to happen.

As Meredith decided that she wasn't signing the papers for the townhouse in D.C. and had no intentions of leaving her home, she didn't want to just follow Derek around and let his career overshadow hers. Derek felt as though she was asking him to choose between a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity and his family.

Elsewhere, Bailey could hardly contain herself when she found out that Webber recommended her to fill Cristina's seat on the board. However, there's just one problem: Yang left her shares of the hospital with Alex, which means Bailey probably shouldn't get her hopes up.

Other Thoughts:

  • There were so many instances where I couldn't help but to shed a tear or two. You can rehash some of those moments by checking out our Grey's Anatomy quotes section. 
  • I was never a fan of Leah, but I really liked that she returned one last time and wanted to just help out as best as she could. That's how I am choosing to remember her.
  • Cristina's new replacement is possibly Webber and Ellis Grey's daughter. Say what?! If it's true, that would mean she's also Meredith's half-sister.
  • I don't always like it when Catherine Avery shows up, but she was the perfect mother-in-law to April and calmed her down just when she needed it. I much prefer the less frazzled April. 
  • Calzona is going to use a surrogate to give Sofia a little sister or brother. 
  • Don't forget to return next week and chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, "Fear (of the Unknown)" was a moving, stressful and emotional rollercoaster that illustrated Cristina's happy ending in such a seamless way. It was really the best way to say goodbye to Yang, and I'm sad she's gone but am now excited and curious to see how the show will go on without her. 

See you in the fall, TV Fanatics. 

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I feel bad for Bailey. First they cut funding for her genome project and now she has been given false hopes of being a board member. Sad!


Best scene, Mer and Cris dancing it out. I'm sure that EP& SO were really relishing this scene.
Mer having an unknown halfsister, a daughter inadvertently finding her birthfather. Now where have I heard those storylines before. Oh yes, GA!
Cris fans probably won't watch GA anymore. As a MerDer fan I really am weary of the way S10 seemed to end with Der possibly taking the kids to Washington without Mer.Euck. I'm wondering if PD will be in less episodes for S11 & S12.
We now have a replacement Shepherd and Grey for when EP &PD leave. I just have a feeling that Mer's SL will be completed when the Grey portal vein makes her even more famous than the Shepherd method!


As soon as Christina's replacement said she was adopted I said to myself- if she says Ellis Grey, I swear to God I am gonna scream! And two seconds later....I totally called it. Not sure if this is good or bad. Another Grey sister...wonder how Meredith is gonna react, especially after Lexie.


I didn't see that one coming...Ellis Grey gave birth to a baby...I am not sure I'd like Mer to have another half-sis...Lexie would always be the rightful one... Loved the episode, all the love, the words that C said to Mer...were so true and heartfelt, she is the sun!


I still can't shake the feeling that Christina really died....there were too many weird moments where Owen caught glimpses of her and she vanished, then all the unfinished business" and Meredith telling her to let go, the weird cab shrouded in a whitish haze, the references to George (who I fully expected the cab driver to be) the leaving of shares to Alex...I think fall will open with the fact it was all a flashback of Christina having in a coma, and that she really did go to the mall and was killed....and the final scene of her going to Sweden was her "heaven" and maybe her heart is able to be the transplant to that kid she was all concerned about???

@ Catdog1376

Errrrrrrr..... Switzerland, not Sweden, and I'm pretty sure you've been hitting St. Elmo's Fire a little too hard. You know Mulder and Scully aren't real, right? And that Oceanic Airlines doesn't actually exist?!?! :)

@ Catdog1376

The actor who play George say there no way he can come back because of how much he aged


Whilst I'm not crazy about another sister for Meredith (though I agree this is more Webber's storyline) my only real beef with the finale is the lack of a Mer + Alex + Cristina scene. Other than that I pretty much loved this episode. Cristina making sure Alex knew she believed in him by her words and deeds, and telling Meredith that she is the sun and she makes her brave was so perfect and such a testament to how far she's come. Also agree completely with Mer standing her ground with Derek. He went back on his word to her that he would step back and she sucked it up because she understood him not being able to say no to POTUS but now he wants to railroad her into moving so that he can take on what will surely be a very time intensive job. Derek seems to completely have forgotten his promise to her and it is right that she calls him on it. Meredith deserves to be treated as much more than a trailing spouse.

@ Domcos

I'm in two minds about Meredith calling him out on it. I'm all for her sticking up for herself, and he reneged on the deal, but then I think about how he's been doing the work with POTUS and doing the project for, what, three to six months now? She let him go ahead with the project and, other than being a little passive aggressive, she didn't really air her grievances. Sure, I think she's in the right, but at the same time, waiting so long breeds resentment. For Derek, Meredith said it was fine at various points and she never said that her research was more important right now, not explicitly, so I can see how he didn't think she would have a problem with it. I mean, she did say at one point that she would support him, so in his mind it's a shock.


All good and well with Meredith not wanting to let her career take a backseat to hubby, but seriously, has she EVER sacrificed anything? She ruined Derek´s trial and he forgave her, then he got another chance with the Harvard offer a couple years ago, but she forced him to say no because her family was in Seattle. Now this new once-in-a-lifetime-opp and again, Meredith´s career comes first...doesn´t seem so fair to me.
then again, the show must go on and they cannot have the lead move to Washington. If the show had been cancelled, she would have agreed, I guess. So... all back to normal. :p

@ danyshepherd

In the beginning of the season he said he would take a step back so that Meredith could pursue her research. But when he got the research offer from the White House her research took a back seat. Meredith isn't established like Derek. She needs to move forward in her career also and she can't do that in D.C.


Did anyone notice during the conversation between Meredith and Amy, the reference to what Cristina said in season 1? "It's like candy, but with blood, which is so much better". That was right before Cristina burst in and grabbed Mer before the last dance. It made me cry, and also I think hinted at a possibly really close relationship with Mer and Amy to come...


Love the SF. Everybody thing I wanted. I had wondered to myself what would happen to Yang's shares of the hospital. Not sure how a real person sould give 15 mil to just a friend. The seat on the board OK but the shares. The ending with the new heart girl was ridiculous . How does a world famous surgeon hide a pregancy. Not realistic

@ retiredinlavernia

Well, I think Ellis went to "retire" to a far away land to "write a book". I guess she may have given birth to more than just a book...

@ retiredinlavernia

But it's not like she was giving him 15 mil. She gave him shares to the hospital and it doesn't mean that much in terms of financial benefits for Alex. He doesn't have that money, and he never will, unless someone were to buy him out at some point, which is unlikely and, even if that were to happen, there is no guarantee that you would even recoup the value of the shares. Besides, that wasn't about the value of them financially. She very well could have kept her shares and let the board appoint someone else, which is what she initially intended to do. It was because Alex had never felt like he belonged. Even when he was the one to beat, when he was so successful on the boards, he felt on the outer. Just as he was starting to feel like he belonged, Meredith and Cristina bought into the hospital. It's part of the reason he bought into private practice. She tried to tell him with words that he belonged, but he wasn't going to accept it any other way than the way she showed him. Honestly, I think that is one of the most beautiful parts of the episode because Alex has always been the underdog and always been on the outside and Cristina's last act was to show him that he isn't and that he IS good enough.

@ retiredinlavernia

Totally agree with this, thought the ending was total crap. Also, if MerDer breakup, I am sooooo not watching next season.


From the moment I saw Mer and Cristina dancing to 'Where does the good go' I was all waterworks. I mean, it was the perfect song and in the way, it was the saddest dance ever. I believe this song played in episode 2 of season 1 and it just made me want to go back and watch first 3 seasons all over again. It's good that Mer took Cristina's words to heart and realized that she shouldn't sacrifice so much for her marriage. I hate MerDer fighting but I hope they will find some compromise. One thing I didn't like was storyline of another Grey sister- ok, she's also Richard's child but seriously? It's so soap opera and a cheap plot line. In the end, it was a perfect goodbye and though I will miss Cristina, we still get to enjoy 10 years of greatness from that character.

@ kaitleen

I think Amy's comment to Meredith about not always being in Derek's shadow also carried some weight with her decision to not go to DC.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 24 Quotes

I gotta go. You stay here. You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind. Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are.


Sometimes the future changes quickly and completely, and we’re left with only the choice of what to do next. We can choose to be afraid of it, to stand there trembling not moving, assuming the worst that can happen or we step forward into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant.


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