Modern Family Review: Too Many Bumps

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Absolutely nothing goes right for Mitch and Cam on Modern Family Season 5 Episode 23.

Weddings on comedies are supposed to fall apart, that’s part of the fun, right?

I still think this one it going to go down in the history of TV weddings as one of the most unlucky ever. Once Cam and Mitch do actually tie the knot, they’ll know they are really meant to be after overcoming all these obstacles.

First up, we had Claire going to pick up Luke from camp and insisting they had time for a little mother/son boating. That of course left them literally up a creek without a paddle, but as this show does so well, there was more behind the comedy.

It turned out that Claire was worried she and her son were growing apart and she wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.

Manny: Hey mom, can you see this?
Gloria: What pimple?

Next up, Phil and Alex were sent on two easy errands that turned out not be easy at all. Actually, to be fair, they really were easy errands, but when you’re with a guy like Phil you have to learn to expect the unexpected. It might have been wrong, but I had to applaud his ingenuity and the fact he used his temporary almost-blindness to get the wedding gift.

Sadly, Jay was still not comfortable with his son marrying another man, but to make matters worse he and Gloria somehow managed to put Cam’s parents at odds with each other. Breaking up one of the groom’s parents on his wedding day is really not a great idea.

Mitchell: Hey, Best Man.
Claire: Hello, blushing bride.
Mitchell: I feel like I should hate that more.

Haley was the only one who really didn’t get herself in any kind of trouble. She just volunteered to take Andy to the airport, but it became more of a mercy mission when she found out that his girlfriend didn’t want him to come in the first place.

Finally, there were the grooms themselves who had the most trouble. They had to pick up a suit, rescue their daughter from a vicious dry cleaning rack, and rush to get to their ceremony four hours earlier than they originally planned.

Oh calm down. This can’t be the first time you've woken up with other men in your bedroom.


The guys made it and as they began to take their first step down the aisle the fire department came and said they had to evacuate. TV weddings, you just can’t trust them.

My favorite bits:

  • Sal confusing an intervention with being asked to officiate at Mitchell and Cameron’s wedding. Potato, po-tah-to.
  • Haley using Andy’s fear of flying against him. That girl is diabolical.
  • Mitchell wondering why the fuchsia gown didn’t clue Cameron in to the fact that he’d picked up the wrong dry cleaning order.
  • The various names Mitchell and Cameron ran through before discovering their dry cleaner’s name was actually Jerry.
  • Phil and Alex in those hats.
  • Jay and Merle not being able to explain the wedding to the men in the sauna. So sad.
  • Cameron remarking that 911 had an attitude when they wouldn’t help him get his suit.
  • Not being able to decide which made me laugh harder: The sight of Lily gliding by on the dry cleaning rack or the sound of the guys’ screams when they saw it.
  • All the maneuvers the guys went through to keep Jerry occupied so they could get Lily out.
  • Phil playing blind to get the bowl and Alex backing him up. Awesome father/daughter moment.
  • Luke snagging a tree to pull the boat to shore.
  • Poor Eddie believing that Sal was only four months along.
  • The fire department stopping Cameron and Mitchell before they could walk down the aisle. Oh noes!

Do you think the wedding will actually happen in the finale or will we have to wait until next season?


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The bit about Mitch and Cam trying to guess their dry cleaner's name was hilarious.
I would like to see more Haley and Andy. I'm almost exclusively M/M these days but they are one het pair that gives me tingles.


I dont care so much if they gonna married or not, they were happy together before the wedding and good (at least average) parenting
The ceremony of the wedding is the exhausting part
Haley finally realizes that some people have to raise down the bar for relationships, the forever alone meme has a reason to exist
Luke acting like Alex am i in a parallel universe?
Jajaja, spliting one of the grom parents was hilarious
Plus we saw that Salt has reach a dead end in human development

Sarah silva

As usual tons of funny moments!
I hope Cam and Mitchell get married on the finale.
One thing that has become really apparent the last 2 episodes is Jay is showing he is not okay that he has a gay son. I know he has had issues with it but they seem really big lately.
This week we find out his buddies at the club do not know he has a gay son. They seem pretty friendly but maybe Jay does not know the guys that well but is sure seems like he does and one would think if you are friends with someone they would know!
I have a feeling though that they will get married at Jay's house.
Claire/Luke and Phil/Alex's scenes were great.
I still am not sure if I like the idea of a love connection between Andy and Hayley. She always find the guys that are more clueless than she is. However it has been shown a couple times this season that Hayley is smart, sometimes! :)

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

In fairness to Jay, I honestly don't think it's exactly the gay thing he's uncomfortable with, so much as everything else that goes along WITH the gay thing... as much as he tries (and he does), he's never really gonna understand the different dynamic of a same-sex relationship. It's the inability to wrap his head around it that breeds the discomfort. So mostly he just edges around the subject and tries not to put his foot in his mouth. Of course, he occasionally fails, and then when Mitchell gets offended Jay gets defensive and ends up digging himself deeper. Realistically, I think if that dynamic's ever going to change it's going to have to be Mitchell that changes, learning to give his dad a break and let the little things slide. Only thing is, I suspect he's a little too stubborn and sensitive for that... like father, like son. :p Anyway, moving on... personally I *love* the idea of Andy and Hayley. (Handy? Portmanteaus are fun.) Not counting Alex's grudging admission that she's got her moments, I think Andy's the first character to recognize that Hayley's actually pretty smart, in an unconventional sort of way. Interesting you describe him as clueless, 'cause I'd have to disagree with that characterization (apart from his Phil Dunphy-esque deafness to double entendres and innuendo anyway) - to me it just seems like he's got some serious blinders on with regards to Beth. Although it's hard to make an assessment without having met her, my guess would be that he fell in love when he was fifteen or so, she never quite felt as strongly, she outgrew the relationship and he just... didn't. It's a story I'm a little too familiar with, truth be told... sad as it is, it's quite an easy pit for a certain type of otherwise fairly bright guy to fall into.

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Mitchell: Hey, Best Man.
Claire: Hello, blushing bride.
Mitchell: I feel like I should hate that more.

Oh calm down. This can’t be the first time you've woken up with other men in your bedroom.