Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

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The Charmings welcomed a baby boy into the world in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 20 - but going into labor was the least of Snow's concerns:

Zelena broke through all of their defenses and stole the child straight from his mother's hands.

Even scarier was that Zelena considered the baby an "ingredient" for her spell. She had Rumpel's mind, Regina's heart and Charming's courage. The kid represented pure innocence. 

My favorite moments occurred before Zelena even arrived to steal the baby. The banter between Emma, Hook and Charming was some of the most entertaining of the episode. 

First, it was nice to see that at least Charming was willing to cut Hook a break. Zelena put him in a horrible position and he did the best he could. With Henry's life on the line, Hook chose to keep his mouth shut. Unfortunately, Emma wasn't so forgiving. Given her past, she doesn't trust easily and it's easier to shut Hook out than let him in.

So the last thing she wanted was Hook tagging along as she went to hunt down Zelena.

Emma: What is he going to do? I have magic he has one hand.
David: At the very least he can draw fire.
Hook: What, now I'm canon fodder?

Poor Hook really took a verbal beating from Ms. Swan, especially as she told Zelena in this Once Upon a Time quote

Next time you try to take my power away why don't you try enchanting the lips of someone I'll actually kiss.


Ouch! That was seriously cold, especially since she knows Hook has feelings for her. But no matter how angry Emma was, she wasn't about to let him drown. I'm certain Hook was hoping for something a little more romantic when it came to mouth to mouth... but saving his life was enough to rob Emma of her powers. 

Emma's biggest issue with Hook is that he sees through her fears and that scares the heck out of her. Perhaps if Charming gets his courage back he can share some of it with his daughter.

Back in Oz, we got a glimpse of the life Zelena could have had. She could have chosen good and had sisters, but she's far too insecure and easily led by envy. In the end, Zelena believed she was wicked, so she became wicked. 

I loved that Regina was the one to defeat her sister and that she used light magic to do it. Henry had finally taught his mother a valuable lesson…

Evil is isn't born, it's made and so is good.


And good can be equally powerful, if not more so. It will be interesting to see exactly what Regina can become with both Henry and Robin by her side. Of course, that's if Henry gets to stay in Storybrooke, but we'll get back to that in a minute.

Because across town Belle was offering up the dagger to Rumpelstiltskin. She loves him and she trusts him with her whole heart. Let's hope that love is completely unconditional because I can only imagine how she'll feel if she finds out her new fiance switched daggers with a slight of hand. 

It would have been naive to believe that Rumpel would let Zelena live after killing his son. Not even Belle's love is strong enough to exert that kind of change. 

The final scenes had me wondering what would be left to fill next week's Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale but then Emma told Hook she still intended to head back to New York. He looked so relieved to see her finally smiling one moment and then completely crushed the next. The poor guy really can't seem to catch a break.

As sure as Emma seemed in her plan, there were several factors she hadn't taken into account. First, Henry's not a small child any longer. He'll have an opinion and he won't follow her without voicing it. Second, Henry has two mothers and I doubt Regina will easily let her son go no matter how much good recent events have inspired.  

So is Zelena really dead? What's with the traveling green mist from the pendant? And do you have any idea what Once Upon a Time has in store for us next?

What do you think, TV Fanatics. Despite the romantic proposal, will Rumpelstiltskin and Belle ever really get married?

Here is your first look at the two-hour Once Upon a Time season finale:


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did no one notice David's dialogue to Robin about killing flying monkeys during the fight scene 'Careful, they could be are friends', while in the last episode they were oh so quick in shooting/ fire balling / sword-killing them? O.o


did no one notice David's dialogue to Robin about killing flying monkeys during the fight scene 'Careful, they could be are friends', while in the last episode they were oh so quick in shooting/ fire balling / sword-killing them? O.o


I have a feeling Emma and Hook will be taken to Oz by cyclone at the end of this season... Yet another world visit I don't care about.

@ MrsMorgan

The promo suggests the portal takes them to the past. The one Zelena opened up. They go back in time, they won't go to Oz.


I didn't watch. The show is terrible. Zelena's character is like Peter Pan's was last season. Totally one-dimensional. Boring. It seems like the show is written by two guys who only play video games.

@ Finbar Devine

You spend your time visiting reviews, & commenting, on a show you don't watch? Pathetic...


I think the reason the pendant is still in play is because whoever ends up with it is going to sit in that last chair in Oz as one of the good witches. That person will need the pendant to channel all their power. If its destroyed, could be fatal to Oz. Glinda is still in the Enchanted Forest. So, I'm thinking she'll have a role next season in getting the pendant to the correct person. Elsa from FROZEN perhaps?

@ KansasGuest

thatd be sooooooooooo Kewl!!! lol


This looks like another show i will stop recording on my dvr. It is getting ridiculous . The story line is so out of this world bad that another show i once enjoyed is getting the axe from me.


I love that Regina is who saved the day but come on she is smarter then that why didnt she destroy the damn pendant like come on Im so happy snow & charming bad a boy for aure i thought it would be a girl again Also come on writer enough of hurting hook He needs to stand up for himself & it should be Emma chacing him now Also i love Regina w the charmings & henry Emma needs to understand regina still has custody of Henry so she cany just take him Also i love that regina & robin are falling in love Can we get more tinkerbell please Ok rant over for now


Loved the episode but it was flawed. The pendant, big mistake on Regina's part. Shoulda destroyed it ! She can be such a hoarder sometimes !
Now, the ingredients reminded me so much of the Witches attributes ! That was interesting. Really enjoyed the Oz scenes.
Rumple "killing" Zelena was understandable but the mess they will be in is his fault. He really couldn't sit this out. I really hope Belle is going to be forgiving on that one. Switching the daggers though, so much for trust !
Poor Snow, it was hard watching her lose her baby to Zelena... I was really pissed at how easy she kept throwing Regina, I mean SERIOUSLY ! She went through their defenses like a hot knife through butter ! Congrats Snow, it's a boy !
I liked how Hook told Emma about how scared she is. But man the woman bitch-slapped him with her words. Very harsh. As much as I love Captain Swan, it is hard to watch Hook pin over Emma like that. Anyways, she kissed him, sure to save his life, but at least she did it. It cost her her power. Is it really gone though ?
I really enjoyed the fact that it was Regina who "defeated" Zelena. Henry's pep talk did the trick. However, she is not a hero. But like she said, she was, today.
Now, they are going back in time. But who's life will be changed ? They stopped Zelena from jumping through the time warp. I just finished watching the episode and I already cannot wait for the 2 hour season finale !


I don't like that she kissed him for CPR I learnt first aid years ago and they said even then that the chest compressions are the important part and the mouth-to-mouth part is not needed.

@ Tom

Yeah, I thought that was pretty dumb too. She kissed him and then I waited for the chest compressions, but nope, he just came back to life ! Like that ! Wish she'd have kissed him in a different situation.

Drea xoxo
@ Emy

I felt it was contrived and force


I really liked this episode. Charming/Hook/Emma were great! And Regina being a bad*ss even with 'good light magic' was also great! The upcoming complications with Emma and Henry might get interesting. Son wants to stay in Storybrooke, mother wants to run away (again). That's actually a nice down-to-earth conflict ;) But what I really didn't get: WHY ON EARTH DID NO ONE THINK OF DESTROYING THE PENDANT? That drives me mad!!! Especially because they wanted to let Zelena live and all knew the pendant was the source of her power! How incredibly stupid is that? I'm really furious the writers were this lazy, just to have a reason for another cliffhanger / change of location in the finale.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

David: Zelena backed you into a corner. You did the best you could.
Hook: See, even your father gets it.
Emma: Yeah, because he knows about keeping secrets from loved ones.

Zelena: You think I'll fail.
Rumpelstiltskin: I think destiny is destiny.