Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Kansas"

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After much speculation, the Charmings had a baby boy in Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 20 - and Zelena was quick to try and use his innocence for her own wicked plan. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Michelle Carlbert are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate why Emma is always so hard on Hook, if Rumpel and Belle will ever walk down the aisle and what the Charmings should name their baby boy...

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Why do you think Emma is so hard on Hook?

Robin: Hook sees right through Emma and he calls her out on everything. He challenges her.  She can't hide anything from him so she lashes out.  Also, she's totally into him.  On a completely different note - can no one in Storybrooke lend Hook a pair of jeans and a t-shirt?

Jim: I'm betting Emma was one of those little girls who punched the little boy she liked. She's always hardest on the ones she loves. Killian is no exception. And I was wondering the same thing, Robin. He would look killer in a pair of Levi's and a leather or suede jacket. 

Michelle: She loves him, but can't handle it. Whether it's because of guilt now that Neal is dead or because she's just afraid of being happy and perhaps losing him someday, I'm not sure. 

Gareth: Emma is scared to get close to anyone. She has built up so many walls to stop herself from getting hurt and Hook recognizes that. He sees right through her and understands her. The harder he fights to get close to her, the harder she tries to push him away. 

Do you think Rumpel and Belle will ever really get married?

Robin: Not when Belle finds out about his latest deception.  Oh Rumpel. After all that talk about trust, you pull THAT stunt?

Jim: I would have said yes up until Rumpel killed Zelena, knowing that Belle asked him not to. I think the truth will come out and she will need time. 

Michelle: After what appeared to be a beautiful proposal, I would have said yes. Now? I'm not so sure. Though he could continue his sweet act and get her to the altar. I just have to wonder how long it would be before she discovered the truth.

Gareth: I think Rumple has just ruined his chance of happiness with Belle in the short term. Belle is going to find out that Rumple killed Zelena. The fall out from that may halt any wedding plans! 

Is Zelena truly dead?

Robin: I don't think so. I'm not sure what happened in the end there, but I don't think she's actually dead. 

Jim: In as much as anyone is truly dead. In other words... I doubt it. 

Michelle: Nope. She is obviously coming back and it's obvious that when it does happen, it will be all Rumpel's fault. She was locked up and powerless, but now I think his actions may have just made her stronger.

Gareth: No way. Her power resides in that pendant. It is Zelena’s personal Horcrux! It amazed me that not one of them had the sense to destroy it.

What did you think of Dorothy in Oz?

Robin: I thought Dorothy's story was okay. I liked how they twisted the death-by-water scenario.  Glinda's not very bright, though.

Jim: Loved they did the silver slippers from the book instead of ruby from the movie. Where the heck was Toto? 

Michelle: So many great moments! Loved all the references they managed to pack in to just a few scenes. I too was happy to see them use the silver slippers form the book and not the ruby ones from the movie. 

Gareth: They did quite a lot with Dorothy in a short amount of time. I really enjoyed OUAT’s take on the character. I’m glad the water fight was a distraction set up by Zelena. It always was quite a lame way to kill the Wicked Witch. 

Pick a name for the Charming's baby boy.

Jim: James Charming has a nice ring to it... right?

Robin: Well played, Jim! I also like James, because that was the name of Charming's twin brother.  

Michelle: Oh wow, I have no idea so I'll just pick James, too. I think it would be fitting to name him after Charming's twin brother. 

Gareth: No idea. I think the name will be pretty significant though and may factor into where we are going next season. 

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?

Robin: I liked the scene with Zelena and Regina at the jail cell.  I love that Regina's now a hero and can use light magic, but she didn't suddenly become a pushover. She'll still crush a heart if she has to!

Jim: I loved Regina as the hero, not letting Rumpel kill Zelena in the barn. I adore Regina as one of the good guys, I hope we don't lose that. 

Michelle: Regina wielding light magic to defeat Zelena, declaring herself changed and then proving it by not letting Rumpel kill her sister. Loved every second of that battle and the aftermath. 

Gareth: Regina using light magic. Loved every moment of that battle. Was brilliant to see Regina be the hero and save the day. Also loved the scene at the end between Regina and Zelena. It was really well played by both actresses. 

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I was looking for the red slippers and was disappointed they didn't use it. Maybe I'm the only one.

@ Stephie59

The ruby slippers were specific to the 1939 MGM movie, and protected by copyright. The book is now in public domain. But, its contents can only be used if they are book-specific. Hence, the silver slippers, which is what Dorothy wore in the book.


@Jim and Gareth, let's say, "seemingly killed Zelena", because with all that green stuff floating around at the end, we know that Zelena is still alive and will be up to her mischief sooner or later. PS. Maybe you changed it later so just updating.


It's kind of sad that Emma turned her own "superpower" into a cave in which she is hiding. The lady has the ability to root out lies. But, she herself would rather choose to live a lie in NYC, pretending to have no outside connections or responsibilities to a family that her son obviously loves. In the first season, it made sense that a person who was on her own her entire life, growing up in foster care, relying on herself her entire adult life, would have trust issues. But, come on - it's been years now, and people have risked their lives for her, and she for them. It feels like she's a smaller person emotionally than she was when this show started. She isn't learning in that respect; she's shrinking & becoming more stingy w/her affection. Regina & Snow are the ones who are learning & growing; actually changing. As for her relationship w/Henry, does she know she's the parent of a teenager? He is old enough to have a say in where he lives at his age. No, he isn't going to go where his mommy says. Why should he? She wants to deny the truth about him & who he is. Nice example for your kid, Emma - choosing fear & lies over being brave & truthful.


Loved everything you guys had to say about why Emma is being so hard on Hook. I loved how the writing in this episode made it very clear to us that Emma's lingering and irrational anger against Killian is rooted in her fear - she's terrified of a future; a happy one because this one would be real. Unlike her life in NY - which she still insists was a good one, and our Emma isn't stupid, she knows a life that is based on lies cannot ever be really good because it can never be really real - she now has the option of a very real life. A happy one. With her family and a man she desperately tries to run away from, as Zelena pointed out so well. And at this point I'm 100% sure that the reason she does that and even accuses Killian that she only came back to Storybrooke because he manipulated her into it (such an unfair accusation and therefore easy to see through) is not only how terrifying it is to her that someone can love her as much as Killian clealry does (ALL of her, her real self), but that she actually has deep feelings for him as well. Chosing a future, a real home, scares Emma Swan like nothing else ever could. And the show is so well written that I totally understand why it would be for her. And why she'd behave that way. She is very very stubborn, and very very scared. And that makes her wondefully human and I love her dearly. Because I also know that this is Emma Swan. And she won't run scared forever. Favorite scene: Emma choosing to sacrifice her magic to save Killian's life while whispering "Come back to me!"


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The episode was okay but a little disappointing. I found the whole Dorothy/sister witches sequence a waste. I think Snow and Charming will name the baby Daniel after Regina's true love, aka the stable boy.


1) She's angry at him and she's lashing out him, and even more so in such a cold way, that she mocked his hand and his feelings for her, by pushing him so that he liked all the others would leave her, for her thats easier then dealing with opening her heart! But the thing is Emma loves him, its all in tiny actions she does, COME BACK TO ME line said all. Zelena is right she is running away from Hook, and its those feelings she has. (Nothing to do with Neal coz Neal never factored into what her and Hook had/have)
2) You would think the next step would be Rumbelle getting married but after that stunt, i dont know! Also seems like Rumpel keeps choosing power
3) Zelena - i dont know!
4) It was ok
5)I thought of James too
6)My fave scene was the whole sequences of Hook/Emma chat lead up to the CPR and also the whole scene of Snow getting her little prince back and Charmings together and Hook looking on after Emma breaking his heart... pretty sure the true love theme was playing in that whole scene

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Evil is isn't born, it's made and so is good.


David: Zelena backed you into a corner. You did the best you could.
Hook: See, even your father gets it.
Emma: Yeah, because he knows about keeping secrets from loved ones.