Supernatural Review: Crowley vs. Abaddon

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Before demons and angels can go back to just fighting each other, the struggle between the power players on either side must come down to one.

And on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 21, that put the battle for Hell between Crowley and Abaddon at the forefront.

Maybe it was obvious, but I never really doubted that Abaddon would get her comeuppance. She may have brought a new spark to the demon world, but there can only be one King and one Crowley. And he’s not ready to lose his title.

I was a bit surprised her last stand was during this hour and not the Supernatural Season 9 finale, but perhaps with the fact that there’s also a fight for Heaven, the writers would have had a hard time spacing it out all in one episode.

That said, the hour tried to give her at least a little bit of possibility at a win, especially in “recruiting” Crowley to her side by bringing back his son.

But I really didn’t care for the father/son bonding time. Crowley will always be a standout no matter what situation he gets put in, but introducing Gavin to the present day, as well as the campy interactions, just felt out of place.

And maybe they were supposed to because Gavin was out of place, and it was that leverage Abaddon needed for the hour, yet it just wasn’t that entertaining. It made me want to get back to Sam and Dean or even Castiel and his problems.

That said, the possibilities of changing time because of not returning his son to the past was very interesting. It almost felt subtle in a way, but that could do a lot for what the future has in store. Maybe it ends up being the reason for Metatron’s defeat?

After all, didn’t Metatron say he knows the ending if all the characters play their parts? And Crowley has changed his up with keeping Gavin alive.

Unfortunately, Abaddon didn’t get the same chance. And her whole demon army created from souls was quickly scrapped. Disappointing? Maybe. But clearly her time had come for the show and getting into a big demon battle might have been too much.

Not surprisingly Dean went in alone to face her (more drama for the Winchester brothers, which hopefully will be resolved by the end of Supernatural Season 9, right?) and the two engaged in a battle where someone turned on a fan that had some intense wind.

Except Dean went full Mark of Cain, cutting Abaddon down to size in an overkill moment of splattering blood. That “calming” effect of the First Blade and Mark of Cain for Dean still do not seem like a good ending for Dean.

And it’s that implication that was even more interesting as a further after effect of killing Abaddon. What does that mean for Dean? Surely, prolonged exposure can’t be good, but his resounding “No” to putting away the blade at the end of the hour wasn’t a positive one for Sam.

But at least Abaddon was finally defeated, although Sam and Dean kept Crowley alive. Will those two ever kill him? Certainly, the relationship between the King of Hell and the Winchester brothers is a unique one, especially in giving them heads up that Abaddon was there with the secret code word. It’s like they're allies, but neither will really admit it.

Though, once the Heaven situation is wrapped up, that might put the confrontational focus back on the demons.

But Castiel is leading the charge against Metatron, working out of an office that seems more police headquarters than anything. I did like Dean's utterance of "commander" though.

It makes sense that Castiel would try and get to Gadreel for help, but is it that easy? Does a conversation about being misunderstood and getting rid of the “bad guy” enough to flip Gadreel? I would find it hard to believe, and can only assume, much like Crowley and Abaddon, that there is going to be a twist involved.

Definitely, the fact that there is a way into Heaven from a portable portal was a cool reveal, and I enjoyed Sam and Dean laughing and smiling while tricking the angel into telling them.

We're definitely coming down to the wire for Supernatural Season 9, and with one demon left standing as leader of Hell, it's time to shift that focus onto the battle for Heaven.

Metatron better watch out.

Do you trust Gadreel to help Castiel?


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Do we really think that Abaddon is dead? She and Crowley talked (conspired?) for a long time before Dean showed up and the kill seemed awfully easy.


Only 6 comments, one of them spam. My how the mighty have fallen...I guess this is truly the end of the series. ;-)

@ Che Che

Hey hey watch your mouth che che!


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I don't get why Sam was angry that Dean went after Abbadon alone. Only the blade could kill her and only Dean could use the blade. What was Sam gonna do? Also the way Dean said "no" and Sam's face at the end was great acting!


Did anything else think that Dean just telling Sam, 'No' was one of the most chilling bits of the entire series? Brilliant.
And I can't help it. I love Mark/Crowley. He just makes this series for me.


I find myself wondering, just how much of Cain's power was tied up in the mark? And what happens if Dean fulfills his end of the bargain and kills him; will he become the new Cain? That would actually be kind of an interesting ending for his character arc - doomed to walk the earth until the end of time, an unstoppable monster-killing machine... strikes me as a little more interesting than any of the apparent alternatives anyway. I mean, let's face it - short of some contrived scenario involving the resurrection of Jo or something, any chance Dean had for a plausible happy ending went out the window a long time ago... Of course, odds are the writers haven't really worked out the endgame yet, and they don't seem to be in any hurry to do so either. Oh well. Wild speculation's kinda fun on its own merits. :)


Great episode.


You'd think sam would bring up the whole thing about drinking demon blood I'm really surprised that hasn't been mentioned once this entire storyline.

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You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.


That's the problem. See, you don't think anybody's lying. I think everybody's lying. It's a gift.