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The Mentalist Review: Sacrifice Everything

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Some people are willing to sacrifice everything. For the greater good. For love. But I wasn't feeling much of either on The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 21

The organ trafficking business turned everyone's stomach, yet I appreciated that Jane took the time to really look at the victims and see just how cold blooded these murders were.

Those women were nothing more than merchandise, with the valuable properties ripped from their bodies and the rest left behind to rot. 

Dealing With Her Decision

I was particularly struck by Alexander Lark. The former doctor truly looked like a man who had lost his soul. He'd been quietly killing and butchering women for six years for nothing more than a paycheck. It's horrifying to imagine just how many women had been murdered and how many more were sent off to the slave trade overseas.

The conversation between Ridley and Jane was chilling as Ridley told him in this The Mentalist quote

Perhaps the lives of these women were taken so that the lives of important men could be spared.


Talk about a misogynist. Perhaps it was even more frightening that he seemed to believe that Jane would understand his point of view.

I've worked with psychopaths and monsters for years so I do understand your perspective, very well.


When Jane and Lisbon put on their surgical theater, I knew the moment the body began to move that it was Wiley. I'm sure he loved being a part of the con but thankfully Abbott never even thought to ask him about it. 

Unfortunately, I knew from that scene forward what Lisbon's decision about D.C. was going to be. Abbott is right. Jane is a liar and Teresa Lisbon is basically an honest person. She's not comfortable being a part of Jane's cons no matter how good the cause. I'm afraid the whole thing sent her running for safer ground. 

But is Pike really safer? I was wondering when he'd start to push and that happened at the beginning of the episode. Marcus pointed out how patient he's been with her and not only arranged for a job but was sure to tell Teresa that he'd gone out on a limb to do it. Not that he didn't make valid points, but none of it gave me the warm fuzzies about their future.

On the flip side, I wanted to hug Cho when he shared his feelings with Teresa about the first day they worked together. 

I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you. Whatever decision you make, it's been an honor.


However I do wish he would have encouraged her to stay, but that's just not in Cho's nature.

I wasn't shocked when Teresa made the decision to move to D.C. but Marcus' proposal was a bold move and it just might backfire. What some might see as impulsively romantic another could view as pushy and controlling. Whenever Teresa says yes to something, Marcus seems to ask for more.

In the end, Teresa looked like a woman who was shocked and confused, not one who wanted to say, yes I will marry you and fly into his arms. And when it came time to tell Jane about the big move, she just couldn't do it. 

So, what do you think, TV Fanatics, will Teresa really move to D.C. with Marcus Pike?



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Just finished watching "Blue Bird"! Buckle up and enjoy the ride! I'm looking forward to Season 7 and how they'll keep the story going.... :-)


Waiting for what I hope will be a finale that revives my hopes that the TM writers can still at least vaguely remember what this series is all about. For 5 1/2 years I've suffered with Jane as the heartbreak washed over his sweet puppy dog face, aching for him to find happiness again, wanting to hug him and tell him everything will be OK, hoping that killing RJ would not end the series but leave time for episodes to show how this sweet guy got his life and his happiness back. So here were at at the season finale of S6, supposed to have been the series finale, and have we seen ANYTHING of Jane getting his life back? Of finding happiness again? Nope! He's still stuck in some kind of emotional limbo. Oh, he did snap out of it enough to romance Kim on the island and even took off his ring for the occasion and probably would have had sex with her if he hadn't got beat up. And yes, he did snap out of it enough to romance Kristal for crime solving purposes - made easier because, as he said, she was his type. So that leaves Lisbon. No romance, no flowers, no sweet talk, just keeps on taking her for granted. If his emotions got unfrozen enough to romance those other women, why couldn't they get unfrozen for Lisbon so Jane can finally be happy and I can start feeling happy for him? Right now, I'm rather fed up with sharing his heartbreaks and he is on his own. He knows who he needs to get hugs from and if he can't figure it out, tough.


Just a note to remind everyone how irritating the Red John reveal was for its incredible stupidity: I watched the 2nd episode of S1 and there was McCallister, showing no possibility of ever being a credible RJ. AND he was wearing a wedding ring! AND I remember seeing Bertram with a wedding ring and discounting him as RJ at the time. So I now ask: Where is Mrs. Red John? (The plot holes just keep getting bigger and bigger.)

@ rationalgal2

Just because McAllister and Bertram wore a wedding ring doesn't mean that they are really married. I mean they could wear a wedding ring because they could want people to believe they are married. (I mean my parents are married and yet they don't wear wedding rings, so those who don't know them think that they aren't married.)


Watching another sneak peek on TVGuide really puts the glass of water in perspective in the former peeks. Apparently, Patlrick has arranged a romantic dinner, only to be joined by Abbott and Cho. As they are standing around, surprising PJ, the fingers in his right hand are really a twitter with nerves. Yowzza, what body language......I could almost hear him thinking.....damn! Not now.
Next scene the menn are talking and PJ sees Lisbon descending the stairs. He has the look of pure rapture on his face. Soooooo something has had to be said between that and the glass of water. I bet she runs away in anger and he chases after her as the scene implies where you hear him say......don't go, don't break up the team!! Tvguide has put TM on their list of must watch finales.....of course they always have that full disclosure at the bottom of a page.....owned by CBS. Just had a thought.....what if they already had had their disclosure of feelings, she runs away to the plane, he chases after her, end of story until next year. On second thought that would be a p&$$ poor ending if the show didn't get renewed. Scratch that!

@ Washgurl36

Unless, as I suspect, they always knew it was going to be renewed right from the start. They could claim to the audience it was a possible ending, while knowing full well all along they were just creating a cliffhanger for the certain 7.

@ Washgurl36

My guess then would be that the glass of water to Jane's face would be because Jane didn't tell Abbott and Cho that they wanted to be alone. (Assuming of course that she thought that it was a date.)


Well, OK, I take that back. There are loose ends not related to Red John. Not that this matters, as TM has always been pretty cavalier about loose ends so why be concerned about these - except that there are probably business reasons for S7 so they need a story line:
1. The Airstream. Why did Jane want it and why hasn't he been using it?
2. Why was Abbott willing to wait 5 years for Jane's list of names? We know: It's because he knew it was fake and Jane knows he knows, so we need to find out that that's all about.
3. More of the character development Simon wants so there have to be ways to bring it out. There is all that Sean Barlow stuff hiding in the weeds, along with other carney background.
4. Settle the Jane-Lisbon relationship once and for all.

@ rationalgal2

I just had a brain scramble! If Patrick and Lisbon do resolve their relationship in a hoped for shipper attitude, and need to keep it on the down-low, how in the heck will they be able to travel in the Airstream on cases without the tongues wagging?? I don't know the FBI policy but it could get complicated with traveling out of town together. I wouldn't think he would go it alone because that would be boring. He needs her to spar with. I will be interested to see if they tie up that loose end. There are enough loose ends to knit up a hammock, relax and have a cup of iced tea!

@ Washgurl36

Abetter thought would be, if Jane and Lisbon were to togetogethr would Jane even keep the airstream. I mean to me Lisbon doesn't seem the type that would want to spend the night in the airstream nor possibly live in one.


Now here's another thing about this sudden (really?) decision to give TM a S7: It's supposed to be to allow them to wrap up the series properly and tie up loose ends. The only loose ends are are in the Red John case, which we are supposed to never hear of again, as this is the "new" TM. So the sudden shift to a "new" TM in med-season, with expensive new staging and new cast members could only be in anticipation of a S7. But Heller said the S6 finale would work as both a season and series finale, so what the hell is going on? One thing to watch for in tomorrow's episode: Will Jane take off his wedding ring? If he takes it off, that would work for both a season and a series finale. However, if he doesn't, then a S7 was planned all along. There is no way to wind up TM with the fate of that ring unresolved.

@ rationalgal2

They had always anticipated the possiblity of a season seven, since if I remembered correctly when they hired the guy that plays Abbott it was said in his contract that there was a possiblity of a season seven. They just were being smart and preparing for the possiblity of there being a season seven and there not being a season seven, because Heller even saidat the end of season 5 that it could be possible that season 6 could be the last season even though CBS hadn't ordered it as a final season. I could see them resolving things without Jane taking off his wedding ring, because if he doesn't take it off then that means he isn't ready to move on, and possibly never willbe, and that would answer the whole Jane/Lisbon relationship because it would show that there may never be a chance for such a relationship because what woman would want to give up a man who shows that he loves her for a guy who may never get over the death of his wife and child. (I mean have you ever seen NCIS, that seems to be the reason why the character Gibbs has been remarried three times. Heck one of his ex wifes basically said that she had felt like she couldn't compete with his first wife.)


This is all such a mess! I am beyond wondering what will happen in TM next or what CBS will or won't do. What happens will happen and TM will be as good as ever in whatever way it does it. I will say that I am more upset with Jane's behavior than Lisbon's. She is not the mentalist - he is. She cannot tell how he feels and has every justification to wonder if he cares all that much about her. OTOH Jane can read someone's whole life story in one facial twitch so why can't he see how miserable Lisbon is not knowing how he feels. If he truly wants her to be happy why keep piling on more reasons for her to be miserable? OK, so he's so emotionally constipated he can't express his feelings. Well, he could do SOMETHING other than knowing she will not go to D.C. and therefore letting her suffer until she decides not to go even if Jane never gives her a reason to stay. I'm hoping Lisbon will get fed up with him, tell him to go to hell and dump a bucket of water on his head. Maybe that will shake him out of his self-hatred/fear of harming Lisbon, etc. etc. and speak up plainly and honestly for once. He's never really done that except when he told Todd Johnson that to get revenge you have to be cold and devious and never let anyone know how you feel. Well, Jane has got his revenge, so it's time to drop the subterfuge and say how he feels.

@ rationalgal2

I agree with all you put Rational. I only wish Lisbon was as upfront herself as she wants him to be. I cant believe she had not told him she has resigned. She knew perfectly well he did not know about the job offer before and went off with her tail between her legs to tell him looking all bad about it and now she had gone and done the exact same bad thing again of not telling him. You would have to really really hate someone to be thier work partner for years, then humiliate them and make a fool of them in front of all of thier collegues by leaving them the last to know. Was she just thinking he would roll into work on a Monday morning and find her desk cleaned out and that would be just fine and dandy? However much he has hurt her at times I dont beleive it was ever intentional or willfully cruel. Lisbeon in return seems to see justification for spiteful viciousness towards someone who is supposed to have been a friend. I could understand more if they had been open romantic partners and he had cheated on her or something, but this? No, not for me. I just dont like that kind of self justified spite, not from anyone. She is hurting Pike to, even though he is a control freak, she knows she is just using him as 'someone who will do' Its all very sad how this is going. I had looked forward to the triangle and the moving on of the relationships and the difficulties of such things, I can understand anger, distress, sadness, grief, confusion, poor communication but wilfull cruelty just does not do it for me. I look forward to the next season just to get past this horrid phase now and to hope I can rebuild some kind of positive view of Lisbon after having liked her so long. What we have now would have been such a negative ending if the show had stopped here. It would have been difficult to watch any old DVDs again, knowing what Lisbon, decent Lisbon would turn into. She should not punish someone else for for not doing something she is not willing to do herself (ie ask Jane if romance is an option) - its hypocritical.

@ rationalgal2

Yep, that's what I say too! You tell em Rationalgal!


Can someone explain to me what "My all American" is - there is an announcement Robin has joined the cast and will start filming soon. Is it a series or just a one off?

@ Just Passing

A movie....inspirational true story about football. She plays the mother. Starts filming May 19. I put in the browser.....My All American, Robin Tunney and it popped up.


I just read the Stabley Times and it said since Robin Tunney won't be leaving the series that she won't be going to DC with Pike. Also Jane tells Lisbon his feelings for her. It said will they get into a relationship or will it make for an uncomfortable work environment. They said that the relationship will be pushed into next season. They also said the series will pick back up in the fall. Who knows? Never mind this, this paper is a rag! The Hollywood Times quoted Baker as saying that the finale would end like the movie grease. It's suppose to be a very light finale that will leave you wanting more.

@ anitraward1

Yeh, that will be when nothing much has happened so we keep hanging on hoping. Its going to be a full series in my view. They have bigger audience now who do not know much of the past so they will sort of be starting the romance bit all over to cater for them. Having looked at the new sneak peaks about Lisbon having told everyone but Jane she is leaving the next week and him looking a fool, I hope they do not get together until she grows up and stops acting like such a nasty despicable person.

@ Just+Passing

Ya, she is acting somewhat immature right now, in my opinion. Actually they both are doing the "dumb-dance" right now. It's almost like the writers are just stretching out the plot to get to the finale. I have read two different amounts of episodes ordered for next season. Both 13 and 22. While CBS doesn't specifically say, their press release describing the coming schedule is interesting. What I got out of it is that they are stretching things out more so that we are supposed to get more viewing pleasure by having some shows starting later and lasting longer. I am perplexed that they are playing to the viewer now, but in actual ratings we don't seem to matter. You know how it is always said....doesn't matter how many total viewers there are. Only 18-49 demo counts. Talking out of two sides of the mouth here!

@ Washgurl36

Well all this not confirmed/not denied stuff just makes me thing more and more they are 'conning' the fans into doing all the publicity free for them. I just dont believe they have no idea. They would not announce a renewal without a signed contract, so they know whats been ordered and when - so they could clarify all of this IF it suited them to. But more uncertainty = more chatter = more free publicity.

@ Washgurl36

Assuming that season seven starts in Janurary, and ends like now in mid-May, I'd say that it would be less then 22 episodes. I did a rough count and if they wents stright through those months without a break or repeats, then it's about 20 episodes. Again I'm just assuming, but if the order is for 13 episodes, and they run right though with no breaks for repeats, then to end in May then season seven might not start until Feburary. Like I said, I'm just assuming. I;m not basing my assumptions on anything other then guesses. I haven't read anything else about the number of episodes for next season other then what Deadline said that they had either heard or thought.


I don't think we will get much of anything related to Red John any more, except that Heller did say there might be a little bit in S6. That may be related to the cold case that keeps Lisbon from going to D.C. Someone from the RJ story line may show up to get revenge, revive the RJ serial killing activities or whatever. I doubt that it would tie up any of the many many loose ends that frustrate us, but perhaps just be a way to create a good story as a finale - season or series.