The Originals Review: There Will Be Blood

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As the penultimate episode of the season, The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 was a game changer full of revelations and weighty decisions. 

And werewolves. Lots and lots of werewolves.

If the victors of a war get dibs on the spoils, then Francesca Correa just gained an entire city.

Tonight's episode was sort of a mixed bag for me. There were parts I loved and parts I didn't and then there were parts that are clearly setting us up for The Originals season 2. It's nice in some ways that we're already looking ahead to the fall, but then it sort of feels like The Originals season 1 is getting a little shortchanged by the introduction of all of these new werewolves.

Marcel was right when he pointed Hayley in Francesca's direction after the bayou bombing, but the final scenes tonight make it clear he didn't know her motives for supplying Oliver with the bombs. And Hayley still doesn't know that Oliver was behind the bombing in the bayou. 

Francesca Correa, gangster, casino owner, and representative of the human faction in Elijah's failed attempt at a treaty, is actually a werewolf, descended from a long line of once-powerful werewolves who ran the city. In order to survive, they changed their name and stopped activating the curse so they wouldn't turn, employing a team of thugs to do their dirty work for them.

Dirty work like blow up other werewolf packs in an attempt to form one big, hairy werewolf alliance and come to agreements with witches to hijack the moonlight rings so she and her family can take over New Orleans. Cami makes this discovery just as it's too late to stop them from gaining power, which will probably mean that Cami will be the one to stop Francesca using whatever magic she found in her uncle's secret room.

That's where my beef with all these werewolves comes into play. (And where has Klaus' werewolf line gone? What happened to that storyline? Are we saving them for next season?)

Was another werewolf line really necessary? In my opinion, not at all, and they've diluted what should've been the struggle of the first season:

Elijah and Klaus finding their footing and attempting to wrestle control of the city away from Marcel. At this point in the season what should have happened is that Marcel, Klaus, and Elijah have to work together to maintain control in the face of a rising werewolf army.

MAYBE that's what the writers are getting at. Maybe. But it feels a wee bit convoluted by the fact that everyone is fighting everyone else

But then maybe that's the point. Everyone is busy fighting everyone else and that's why no one is able to get anywhere or accomplish anything. Except the witches. The witches, so far, are the most victorious of the bunch. And by victorious, I mean meddlesome and infuriating and double-crossing. 

They're only looking out for themselves and now they have Hayley and the baby. Thanks to Genevieve's spell, Hayley is in labor in the sanctuary at St. Ann's and Monique is freaking psychotic and in need of a de-witching. Holy moly, she's creepy.

We can't exactly blame the witches for looking out for their own best interests, but it gets sort of annoying that we're continuously learning that they've made all of these back room deals just as it appears our guys might get ahead for a change. 

I mean, there's something pretty magical (pun not necessarily intended) about Genevieve's being able to link the moonlight rings to Klaus' power so that THAT becomes the one night a month he's powerless because it lets us see a different, even more angsty than usual side of him, but at the same time, did I miss the foreshadowing that something like that was taking place?

The "Hahaha! Just kidding!" that keeps happening with Genevieve that we're getting no hints at are getting sort of old. There's as good a chance as any that she won't be around after the finale next week when Klaus regains his power or when Elijah gets to her, so maybe I should just keep my fingers crossed for that.

(Okay, so there WAS some foreshadowing from Marcel's line about wiping out a line of Guerrera werewolves in '25...)

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that 1) Josh doesn't die and 2) Davina does not bring Mikael back.

We've been there done that with the Big Bad Dad and while I do love Sebastian Roche's interactions with Joseph Morgan, there's only so much of his evil, son-hating ways I can stand before I want to climb into my television and drive a white oak stake through Mikael's heart myself. 

Let's keep Mikael in the flashbacks instead of the flesh. Let Davina turn her attentions toward a way to freeze Josh until Klaus can heal him because Davina won't let the other witches kill the baby or something.

If it seems like I've done a lot of complaining about this episode, well, it's because I have. But all of the things that might have irritated me were made infinitely better by Elijah Mikaelson.

His standing in the midst of a compound full of vampires and daring them to attack? Bad. Ass.

His kissing Hayley after she tells him, essentially, to fight for her? BEST!

The only thing missing from tonight was seeing his vamp face. Gah. Elijah. Swoon!

What did you think of The Originals Season 1 Episode 21? Do you want Mikael to come back from the dead? Do you love or hate all the werewolves?

Here is your first look at The Originals Season 1 Episode 22, "From a Cradle to a Grave."


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There's something that really didnt work for me in this episode.
Marcel's plan was to stop the witches from doing the moonlight stones spell right?? Yet no vampire tried to sneak in, vamp speed to get there, I think they know the place for being around Marcel all these years, all they did was getting in line to get ass kicked by Elijah.
Also... a de-powered Klaus wont get his powers back the next day eventually?? isnt it that easy to go to that wolf bitch and witch bitch and rip their throats out.
And for the moonlight stones, Is it supposed to grant powers everyday to the werewolves or only on full moon nights, coz if its only on these nights, better watch ur backs wolves coz vamps will come around and hearts will cross the room.
And last thing... I have a huge problem with the werewolves of the Originals... Back in TVD S2... Tyler & Mason did eye-glowed super speed and have agility without full moons. Remember Jules and her little pack where Stephen Amel played werewolf Brady taking Caroline hostage and all...this bunch of wolf dudes did have super speed and strength and agility, they could fight back against vampires, even in their human form, it was stated that they are strong but not as strong, not always winning but yet putting up a good fight. Also remember the episode where they were torturing Damon, looking for the moonstone and Elijah coming in, they all super-speed charged against him only to get there hearts ripped out... see. Here in the Originals, werewolves in human form, are as powerless as any mere humans, getting ass kicked on every occasion and not even having an inch of super speed, strength anything.


After this I am definitely on board!


Heyyyy where's the round table from last week's ep?


I'd rather not see Mikael come back. There are too many storylines going on as it is. It's a bit convoluted at the moment.
We know that Klaus and Elijah will not be defeated. One way or another their skin will be saved. The baby I'm not concerned about either as it's the basis for the storyline to begin with.
Watching all of the Elijah scenes made the episode usual.


I'm confused about something. If Mikael can appear to Klaus and Elijah, where are Kol, Finn, and their mom? Can't Mikael find them too or they see him?

Kevin james mariblanca
@ Kiki

It was explained in a previous episode. Supernatural beings (i.e. vampires, werewolves) tend to be all alone in the after life watching the lives of others go about without them. Humans tend to move on and go to heaven or somewhere. Witches, on the other hand, get consecrated so their power goes back to the Earth and can be used by the next generation hence, the need for a reaping.


Klaus, Elijah and Hayley have been increasingly smug recently, while Marcel, Genevieve and Davina have been humiliated. Hayley and her plan do NOT deserve moonlight rings. Elijah and especially Klaus are stupid for turning on those own kind and committing genocide against their own kind (who know that if the werewolves get the rings, they are dead). Klaus is stupid for constantly berating Genevieve and Davina. Him and Elijah deserve everything that's coming their way. I very much enjoyed their fall. I am very much rooting for Genevieve (she has been through so much shit - and Klaus' claim, 'I guess you'll never know' was laughable and she and us very much knew given he was giving her death threats just earlier in the episode), Davina, Marcel and Cami - although I know that most, if not all of these characters won't have a happy ending.


I seriously don't understand why none of my comments get posted (I always get some message saying they are being modified or whatever and then they never show up) when week after week ignorant, hateful comments are not modified or removed. I only ever offer my opinion of the episode or the series and have never once included anything as disgusting or offensive as the comments that are shared with us every week by others. I just wanted to say (although it probably won't get posted) that I am loving this show and find that I look forward to it every week in the same way I used to anticipate each episode of TVD. I agree that Mikael needs to stay dead not only because we've already dealt with him, but also because there is just so much going on right now that I fear that addition of even one more element would make things start to feel sloppy. I'm also totally loving the evolution of Elijah's character. "Gentlemen, shall we?" Bad Ass sums it up completely :)


I loved this ep. Klaus was hilarious in the warehouse. And Elijah!!! A whole freaking room of vamps taken down by his bad ass ness!!! Ohhh I hate Francesca. She is truly evil. Monique should have died instead of Sophie. And Genevieve. Freaking skeevy ass witches!!!!

Sarah silva

Well the crap hit the fan!
Marcel, Elijah, Klaus and Hayley are all in trouble!
I have disliked Francesca from the start, same with Genevieve. Iwant them both gone!
I was wondering who was going to save them, the idea that it will be Cami is interesting and most likely the only option.
Davina is still around though and I hope that Cami finds her before she brings Mikael back and Cami can then use her magic to save Marcel, Elijah, Klaus and Hayley and then Klaus can heal Josh.
Elijah fighting all of Marcel's army was awesome! I could watch that scene over and over.
Elijah is always the peace maker,but he warned Marcel about staying away and when he came to the quarter with his army Elijah had enough and told Klaus that he would kill Marcel himself if Klaus didn't. Don't mess with Elijah!
I also enjoyed the scene in the warehouse. Klaus opening a crate and saying they have a situation in that general area. Then Elijah answering his cell and telling Hayley that Jackson could not talk because he was tied up at the moment and Klaus laughing at that was great.
Next weeks finale is going to be crazy.
side note: Phoebe Tonkin is one lucky lady, she gets to kiss Daniel Gilles on screen and then she gets to kiss Paul Wesley in real life!!! Lucky Girl.


please don't kill the baby.

@ ale

I have a feeling that Hayley is going to leave with the baby and that is why klaus look totally defeated.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Hayley: I hate this, I feel completely useless.
Genevieve: Don't you get it? You're the point of all this. Klaus and Elijah running all over town? It's all for you. I'm a bit envious.
Hayley: Great. Lucky me.

[to Davina] Have I told you that you're awesome? Cause you are, along with the sun, daylight rings, that guy jogging in a tank top...


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