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You may wanna turn off your humanity this summer, Vampire Diaries Fanatics.

It's gonna be a rough few months.

A truly shocking and emotional hour of television, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 22 concluded with an absolute stunner. A heartbreaking loss. A goodbye for which viewers were not prepared.

Rest in peace, Mystic Falls Grill.

Goodbye, Mystic Falls?

While we spend the next few months wondering where the heck everyone in town will drown their sorrows in bourbon, it should probably also be mentioned that Damon Salvatore is also dead.

I'm sorry, though, I'm not buying it.

To far too many fans, Damon is The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder is The Vampire Diaries. Few actors have as much passion for any project as Somerhalder has shown for TVD over the years - and few fan bases show as much passion for their star as this one has shown for Somerhalder.

Granted, this has been the season of major farewells across the television landscape. Joffrey was poisoned on Game of Thrones; Will was gunned down on The Good Wife; Moira was sliced into a mess on Arrow; Tara was kitchen knifed into multiple pieces on Sons of Anarchy.

And a good death isn't done simply to shock viewers. It's done to propel a series forward, to ensure against staleness, to focus on how various characters react to someone important being taken from them.

So IF Damon truly is gone, it's impossible to judge this move prior to The Vampire Diaries Season 6. We need to see what choices the writers make going forward.

And I've been loudly on record for weeks now as saying The Vampire Diaries Season 5 was badly in need of a shake-up. We've seen all the scary villains... we've witnessed every iteration of the love triangle, replayed a million times... we've milked almost everything we can out of some terrific characters and some excellent storytelling over the years.

It's been five years. It's understandable. Few shows even last this long, especially ones with the number of twists and turns TVD has pulled off again and again.

But is the answer killing off the most popular character and actor? I don't believe so - and I don't believe Julie Plec and company believe so either.

Something will happen. Some spell will be cast. Some special move Grams made on The Other Side will save the day for Damon (and maybe even for Bonnie... unfortunately. Sorry, but her time really has come.) and here's the thing: THAT'S what should annoy viewers when it happens.

Killing off Damon may be exactly what The Vampire Diaries needs. It certainly has fans talking now. It will have them tuning in this fall. It's silly to get angry at a show for axing a character you liked; that person is fictional, he or she is there to serve a story and it may be in the best interests of that story for the person to die.

But it is not silly to get angry at a show for playing with your emotions. For constantly faking you out when it comes to death, something TVD has been guilty over for awhile now. 

Death has to mean something. A series will lose viewers quickly if nothing ever sticks. So while I enjoy the character of Damon - and, come on, who isn't a Somerhalder-ic? - I'll be far more upset if Damon is magically resurrected on Season 6. It will come across as an extraordinarily cheap, desperate trick.

My prediction: Damon comes back, but in human form.

As for the non-Damon portion of the finale...

  • ALARIC IS BACK! This is amazing. This is astounding. This actually leads me to believe Damon really might be dead because Matt Davis serves as a quasi Ian Somerhalder replacement in terms of a new male lead and... sorry, no more Damon talk. Right.
  • Lexi is not back. Come on, Bon Bon. Couldn't you have just stumbled into her as well?
  • Tyler is human. Interesting. That's the sort of change-of-pace TVD needs. Is everyone who returned human? Or only Tyler because of how he was tossed into the cursed town as Julian?
  • Can we talk about the irony of blowing up the one place dumb enough to employ us? Line of the century, Matty Blue Eyes.
  • Is it a crime for someone so good looking to be so sad all the time? Second place, Silas.

Okay, I tried. But, really... what else is there to discuss aside from the apparent death of Damon Salvatore.

REACT NOW: Is he really dead?


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I was waiting for Kol. Its was a chance to get another original in new orleans.. but I guess they didn't get to do that because the Supernatural spin off was announced too late :(

@ aD9a

I meant announced that it will not continue too late


And yes, even if there's no DELENA. It's alright. But DAMON HAS TO COME BACK!
Shame on you,Writers,Producers!
Shame on your cow!!! ._. ._-


So,Julia Plec is doing it again. She killed off our most favorite character on the show, I cried like mads. This shouldn't have happened. When the Other Side was falling apart, Katherine, Nadia and Kol should have appeared. No! The Other Side comes up with friends only and Silas, off course.! You just can't kill Damon.
HE IS THE SHOW. THERE IS NO VAMPIRE DIARIES WITHOUT DAMON! And Stefan, huh! He has to come back, really! WTF!


I totally forgot until now Alaric was never a regular vampire.... & than thought also never was a regular original. Totally forgot these details until now! Alaric went from human to Original 2.0 or whatever it is. His life is only tied to Elena... and he died when she did.. Now Vamp Elena... is Alaric basically immortal?? I actually really hope the Writers do not forget this.... we could see a New Alaric vs Klaus fight... Alaric being one of the few on his levels strength wise. It be nice having back on the show at Original strength.

@ zaphod703

..... after posting i saw... Julie Plec confirmed this! Lol if I'm not the only one who didn't know this.. its article "'Vampire Diaries' season finale: EP Julie Plec answers burning questions" ! Alaric is still a super original! And I was sure Tyler is now a werewolf... she says he is now just someone with the gene (which at least confirms even if you don't activate the gene you still went to the other side). Interesting details!


I just remembered ! During the finale grams said to Bonnie that she had a plan for her or something so my guess she and damon r gonna be back. But if not I will not be tuning into tvd anymore.

@ Sarah

Agreed with you what Grams said is key.....the best way this making sense for me at least .... My theory lol big guessing here... that Grams had a chance to become an Ancestor aka go where they are which isn't/ wasn't the Other Side. But she made a deal for it to go to Bonnie and Damon is along for the ride. Basically they get a chance to go to The other other side for Witches. And than of course writers would need to give them a reason being there. Whatever was sucking up souls while seem to be just Other side collapsing... we first saw it happen with Katherine before it seemed travelers collapsing started. So it seems to more than just other side being destroyed... something actually took them. And that something is now a real threat with the power from those souls. Witches will need Bonnie's and Damon's help fighting it. Than of course Damon and Bonnie are able to return with the help from the ancestors. Lol sorry just my crack pot theory

@ zaphod703

Y'know, as crackpot theories go, that's actually a pretty good one. :p


I think Damon and Bonnie will be back ,and I think in the first scene of season 6 going to be that after the whiteness ,everyone looking at the same direction and sees Damon and Bonnie , and the other side is no longer exist (I'm not thinking ,I'm desperately wishing)


I'm so with you on the Damon will return as a human theory.


I am shock that Kathrine didn't come back or her daughter. I think it would be nice to see all of them return as human. What got me thinking of that was what Matt said about how Mistic Falls was better without all of the killing and supernaturals. He had a point...just sayin! Over all it was a good season but not their best.


Yeah... having read the books except for the red book part of the series (except I think the first?) I see they're kind of setting up what happened in the books now. I think Bonnie/Damon are going to have have a "romantic" relationship like the books, which I really really hated, and he will be brought back as human or something. I don't take death in this show seriously, so who cares if they died. We know there won't be a Vampire Diaries without Damon.


I did not know Ian contract was already due for the next season could it the reason why he was let;s say was Ian own decision to go so that is why the writers and Julie agree to kill off his character? Unless he can rre-negotiate his cotnract for S6? Had any of you thought that it could be Ian was the one who wants to leave the show instead of all of us getting angry at Jule Plec for writing his character off the show? Maybe it was Ian own decision to leave? I don tknow if Ian on social media had hinted he wanted to leave the show for real, I mean not bluffing or joking for real. Anyone knows anything?

@ could it be?

Damon and bonnie aren't going anywhere. #1.he still has another season left in contract. #2 I'm pretty sure the actors departure would have been reported already officially. Shows often don't hide this. I'd be shock if Damon wasn't still a series regular with just this alone... than #3 Julie Pled confirmed their return. article not sure if links are allowed so I'll just give articles name: "'Vampire Diaries' season finale: EP Julie Plec answers burning questions" she says "We will definitely see Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham on the show. I mean, there’s a million different ways that you can do that. But as far as in what context — how, why, and where? — that’s part of the mystery." So yeah! Interesting article! I'm glad she tells good bit! She says Alaric is still super Original... Tyler isnt a werewolf but now back to just having the gene... and that s6 Damon and bonnie have been dead for quite some time... curious with a show of so many not aging how far they will go. Edit::: oh yeah about your concerns for his contract... he tweeted "From the Vampire Diaries Year book-with two more years to go I'm technically still a sophomore..." From April 2013.... aka means 2 more seasons left on contract. Lol I don't follow social stuff much but just happened to have read a couple hours ago an article showing it lol

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Is it a crime for someone so good looking to be so sad all the time?

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