Fargo Review: Didn't Walk Away

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Lorne as a happy-go-lucky engaged dentist was scary. Very scary. Would you want that man messing with your teeth?

The long awaited reunion of Lester and Lorne did not disappoint on Fargo Season 1 Episode 9.

Their chance meeting in Las Vegas set the stage for all the main players to return to Bemidji to close out Lorne and Lester's story. Which of them, if either, ends up victorious is still undetermined.

The new and improved Lester pushed his own limits when he confronted Lorne. His desire for Lorne's approval ended up costing him. The elevator scene served as a parallel to the emergency room scene when they first met. Lorne asked his question and Lester gave the future determining answer.

Lorne: Lester, is this what you want? ... Yes or no?
Lester: Yes.
Lorne: That's on you.

I certainly didn't expect Lorne to shoot his fiance, Bert and Bert's wife in the head right there. Even though Lester answered, "Yes," I doubt he had a complete understanding of what the answer would bring. Given Lorne's past, the answer to that question should have been "no." Duh!

Lester has gotten too arrogant for his own good. He may have gotten away with playing people in Bemidji, but they aren't Lorne. He's a smart, manipulative killer who holds a grudge. Of course, Lester realized his mistake, but by then it was too late. He returned home and hoped to escape to Mexico with his wife before Lorne caught up to him.

The cat and mouse game between Lester and Lorne was captivating. Lester's fear was palpable, while Lorne was a predator on a mission. The cheerful dentist was replaced by the frightening Lorne. His comments to the kids at Lester's old house were unforgivable, but proved that he has no regard or empathy for anyone.

When Lorne showed up at the diner, I feared for Lou's life. Molly's father was the first person we've seen that Lorne couldn't manipulate and threaten into action through his words. I was impressed with Lou's ability to see what Lorne was trying to do and fight back with appropriate responses. Lorne was forced to come up with another way to find Lester.

I have a difficult time deciding whether Lorne or Lester is the worst person. Lester tends to rub me the wrong way more often because he's selfish and a coward. Instead of standing his ground and fighting, he plays with people's emotions and lives like they don't even matter. The whole car ride with his wife, she shared her love for him and he was considering how to sacrifice her life to save his own.

If was obvious what was going to happen once he had the red jacket, but it didn't make the suspense any less. I hoped that Lorne wasn't in the office or if he was that he'd realize it wasn't Lester in the jacket soon enough. Instead, Lester's innocent wife was shot dead.

That's going to add rocket fuel to Molly's investigative fire. Lester cowered in his car, while Lorne lit a cigarette and confidently walked away. Sigh. Lester lives another day. At least, it's not over yet.

My favorite scene from the penultimate episode by far was the meeting between Molly, the FBI agents and Bill. After being dismissed and demeaned for over a year, Molly received the validation that she has long deserved. I cheered on the inside when the FBI agent questioned Bill about the evidence and laughed at how dumbfounded Bill was left.

That more than made up for the disappointment that both Molly and the FBI agents had near-misses with Lorne at the diner. Once again they came so close to identifying and nabbing him and chance worked against them. With one episode left, may the force be with them to finally capture Lorne. I just hope that Gus doesn't get caught in the middle.

The hour moved at a swift pace to move the story forward while causing me anxiety each moment. The anticipation of what horrible event would happen was brilliantly nerve-wracking. Next week's finale has a lot to live up to in order to supersede this episode.

If you want to know the A Fox, a Rabbit, and a Cabbage riddle from the FBI storage room, here it is:

A man has a fox, a rabbit and a cabbage, and he wants to get across the river, but his boat can only carry one of them at a time. The problem is if the man leaves the fox and the rabbit alone, the fox is gonna eat the rabbit and the same for the rabbit and the cabbage. So how does the man get across the river without losing any of them?

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Very nice read. The episode was fantastic, in my oppinion the best one since the pilot. Great buildup for the finale :)

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I found it nearly impossible to watch the first few minutes of the show, what with the wide-open mouth and someone digging at food (or whatever it was) in the teeth. So disgusting that it got me laughing. I think Lorne didn't shoot Lester right away because he wanted him to help move the bodies and help clean up the elevator. Both Lorne and Lester are clearly psychopaths. The only differences are the level of confidence and experience at it. Neither has any empathy - truly - for anyone other than themselves. I mean, that was a scumbag move on Lester's part, dressing his wife to make it look like him. What do you want to bet that Lorne immediately knew it wasn't Lester in the coat, but shot her anyway? That would be typical of him, I think. Interesting that when Molly was questioning Lester, his wife covered for him when she asked about why they left the hotel so soon. So his wife must have been aware that Lester had something to hide. I wondered about that. Lester's hubris has caught him. Now he has to clean up after Lorne and then try to get out of town, if he can. I'm beyond pleased that Key and Peale are playing such a big role in this production. Those two guys are hilarious.

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Why wouldn't Lorne have shot Lester in the elevator? He apparently knew immediately he had to kill Lester -- he followed him from Vegas to Bemidji -- so why wait?

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@ annieanne

I think he was going to toy with him for a while. It seems like Malvo likes Lester.

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Strange line from Malvo to Lou: Haven't had better pie since the Garden of Eden? Hmmm?

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First he brings rabbit from side 1 to side 2 and rows back to side 1, then brings cabbage from side 1 to side 2 but takes rabbit with back with him when rowing back to side 1, then he takes fox from side 1 to side 2 leaving rabbit on side 1 and we have fox and cabbage on side 2, he rows back to side 1 empty this time and takes rabbit with him to side 2 in one final trip.

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Ronald simkins
@ lannister17

That was a classic! I am glad someone remembered.

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Fargo Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

A man has a fox, a rabbit and a cabbage, and he wants to get across the river, but his boat can only carry one of them at a time. The problem is if the man leaves the fox and the rabbit alone, the fox is gonna eat the rabbit and the same for the rabbit and the cabbage. So how does the man get across the river without losing any of them?

Agent Budge

That's quite a pickle.