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After an episode that focused mainly on various other crises and plot points, Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 3 pulled us back to the main duo: Virginia and Bill.

Or rather, Virginia and Bill's alter-egos "The Holdens."

Masters of Sex 203

Since Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 1, Bill and Virginia have been having an affair masked as continued research. They meet at a hotel under the guise that they are Dr. and Mrs. Holden. This week they took their roles one step further.

What would life really be like if they were The Holdens? What's their backstory? What's their relationship like?

It's always interesting to see these two have raw moments when Bill isn't quite so guarded and clipped the way he is around Libby. Not that I condone adultery, but we all know the chemistry is there. You can see it and feel it in their interactions.

At the end when Virginia is talking to the bellhop about relationships and he makes a comment about men needing to give women jewelry, she notes that Bill gives her something better. He takes her seriously. And it's true, especially considering how arrogant and stubborn Bill can be.

They have a unique relationship and I enjoyed watching an episode where they opened up to each other in new ways, not just sexually. Although there is that aspect too of course.

We might look like the white picket fence types but we're not. There's nothing ho hum about us.


Bill talking about his childhood was a huge deal. Libby barely even knows about it. I had to wonder if that was part of the reason he was so vehement about stopping that patient about the gender surgery. 

Sure he was urging him as a doctor and Bill is nothing if not a fantastic and thorough doctor. But it also felt like in a way he was urging him to just accept his kid as is and not be a bully about it. He did refer to the man as a bully in conversation with Virginia.

I can't help but wonder if seeing fathers like that brings up his own painful memories.

Something to note was the introduction of Barry Watson at the end of the episode. Last seen on Hart of Dixie might he be introduced as a potential love interest for Virginia? After all, she may have fun playing the Holdens, but it's moments like when she's holding Bill's wedding ring that she remembers they aren't truly together.

I found it very interesting that Bill told her at the end "if we were married, now we would kiss" and Virginia brushed it off. Is Virginia getting more attached to Bill than she lets on? And is Bill just fooling himself?

Did you like the Bill/Virginia focused episode?


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Your right, in that this episode did finally clarify that what these two are doing, had nothing to do with research or any study.This is nothing more than a couple of, lying, selfish, self centered, hypocritical adulterous, people having an affair. The good news for me, is that , while I already figured out just what a piece of crap, Bill was , I am finally clear that Virginia is just as loathsome.
The use of the two children, the baby with dual genital, to reflect on Bill's precepts of what defined a man growing up, and Virginia ,rehashing the prince and the princess story, with her daughter, to make her feel better about the choices she's making, was just wrong.
The whole, what would the Holden ' s do act, was nothing more than a vain attempt to find humor, in what is clearly a deceitful affair. Virginia may have tried to reel it back
a notch, with her, I can do this myself, solo act, and deviating from the kiss good bye, but it's pretty clear where her head is at.
I know that Bill doesn't seem to have any problem, when he returns home to Libby and their new baby, lying comes easy to him, but what about Virginia the next time she sees Libby, who she claims to love and calls such a close friend?
I am hoping, that after this 50 minutes of soft porn mixed in with some totally half hearted character history building, we can get back, next week to seeing the interaction between all of the other great cast members that made this show enjoyable to watch.
Next week preview did look little more promising, with both Bill and Virginia getting called out on their behavior, but it looks like Victoria is enjoying another night in a strange bed. Sorry for my rant.

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Leigh r
@ reality adictt

don't be sorry for your rant, i love the feedback and to hear other people's thoughts on the show!

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@ Leigh Raines

Well thank you. This is why I luv this site. I also remember last week's episode had multiple S/L's and all the great cast. Just felt last night's writing was just an hour of force feeding the affair and at the same time trying to justify all of it some absurd, character building.
I do get that this is Masters and Johnson, and the history.

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There's a very wide spectrum of normal as far as genitalia's concerned.


Virginia: I've never seen you so much as glance at the sports page.
Bill: Well we don't have breakfast together do we?