Pretty Little Liars Review: Hanna-bal Rising

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There wasn't a whole lot happening on this week's installment of Pretty Little Liars Season 5...

... but the show maintained and built its tense atmosphere as the danger of exposure and violence grew.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 continues withholding the mysteries surrounding A, Bethany and even Alison. The slow progress is something viewers have come to accept from the series, and this season, more than past ones, keeps our interest by providing dramatic character development.

And we also got some really great Pretty Little Liars quotes.

The only real clues this week came from Aria's volunteer work at Radley. After surreptitiously placing Bethany's picture in with a bunch of random photos meant to inspire the patients at Radley, Aria is quickly confronted by Rhonda, Bethany's former roommate.

It's a scary moment for Aria, but not as terrifying as when she's nearly caught snooping in Rhonda's room.

Luckily, she finds Bethany's sketchbook, which reveals much more than the young patient's hatred for Mrs. DiLaurentis (though there's a choice sketch of Alison's mom with devil's horns). It looks like Bethany was present when Toby's mom fell or jumped out of that window.

Does she hate Mrs. Di for covering up what happened to Mrs. Cavanaugh?

Is that why she ended up in Alison's grave?

And just what happened to Eddie Lamb? Aria's spying raised Eddie's suspicious and then he failed to meet up with Ezra.

Do you think he's upset by Aria's presence at Radley or will he pop up in a backyard grave next?

Ugh...more questions every week!

This episode worked a little more for me when it came to the characters' more dramatic moments. For her part, Emily continued trying to figure out how she really feels about Alison. Alison has been especially needy, which has struck as odd about a character who's usually so independent. I figure she's just being manipulative as always.

Luckily, Emily's mom helpfully mentions that Emily doesn't have to keep on saving Alison. Suddenly, Emily calls Paige to check on her after that whole dead rat incident. Is this a sign that she's ready to move on from her feelings for Alison?

Unfortunately, Hanna continues her downward spiral and growing dependency with alcohol - and, I'm sorry to say, part of it might be Caleb's fault.

Her former (and possibly current) boyfriend has been drinking an awful lot, blowing off school and his future and just generally being a very moody rebel. It's starting to have an effect on Hanna's behavior.

Clearly, Hanna's change is a result of Alison's return, her own self-esteem issues and Caleb's attitude. Maybe for once Alison is right and Hanna should just cool things off with Caleb until things are more settled for her. The whole thing definitely makes Hanna a more compelling and sympathetic character, which is better than being the clueless ditz.

But I will admit that I enjoy how sassy Hanna's gotten lately, especially after a few sips of vodka. Unfortunately, she also gets a little too loose-lipped and totally spilled the secret about New York to Sydney. And now A knows all Hanna's little slip up.

So, is Sydney working for A?

Spencer didn't have much to do this week, but I was very interested in the way Melissa responded to their talk about their parents. Melissa says it's all a matter of love while Spencer brings up all the lies that have led to two dead bodies being buried in the backyards of Rosewood homes. Yet, Melissa maintains, it's comes down to an issue of love.

Who's love is she talking about?

Regardless, Spencer is still suspicious of both her father and sister and uses Ezra's spy camera to find out what she might be up to. This time she didn't catch Melissa, but she did see Alison in her backyard heading towards the barn in much more inconspicuous clothing.

It looks like the big question this season will be: What is Alison hiding?


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Debbie scott petty

no one should say "it's over" ever again!

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Sarah silva

This was another great episode.
When Spencer saw Alison on camera and Emily said she was wearing different clothes my thoughts were: Ali is A or that girl on camera is Ali's twin who is A.
Last week I said that Hanna was with Travis because Caleb broke up with her and was in Ravenswood. She may have liked Travis but he was just a distraction.
I was a little confused by their conversation and kiss they both want to get back together but they are not sure?!? Nonetheless we got a Haleb kiss.
As soon as Hanna spilled the beans to Sydney about NYC that it would come back and bite her in the butt! So Hanna should put two and two together and realize Sydney is on team A. I am fan with Hanna being skeptical of Ali and not wanting to be her puppet, I just hope she stops her drinking, otherwise it will get really bad really fast!
I liked Spencer helping Ezra. It was nice hearing her tell him she was thankful he was there that day in NYC.
Eddie Lamb seems like a nice guy but he also seems like he is hiding something. I am also worried that A killed him and that is why he did not meet Ezra.

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The thing that bothers me about Hanna's identity crisis is that I think this is the writers way to help us to tell the difference between Hanna and Allie on screen. Allie dresses a lot like Hanna (or vice versa) and by making Hanna go "dark" we can now tell the difference between them. Though it is also true that Hanna's image was Mona's doing in her attempt to create an Allie 2.0. Also, did anyone else notice one of Bethany's drawings showed two girls, one being carried off by a woman (Mrs. D?). There is the twin theory again...

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I apologize in advance for my long rant. Although I became a fan of the show after watching two seasons off of Netflix and because I like Holly Marie Combs (which we haven't seen in how long). I still watch to see if we truly are going to gets some real answers and not this haha we fool you answers.
The problems I have with the show is that the girls should be smarter by now and not be making the same mistakes. The only people with a brain on the show is Toby and Caleb. They seem to be the only ones, beside Spencer at times, using theirs.
The other thing is that the show keeps rewriting history. Remember at the end of season 2, when Mona was lock up and red coat came to see her. Remember she said that she did all she ask and then at the house cabin she said that she has been working for red coat and didn't know what she look like. Remember how surprise she was to admit she too saw Allie alive, but yet we find out that she knew all long that Allie was alive and well and help her flee. Now this season she is on the I hate Allie team with Melissa and Toby stepsister (who seem to be involve with setting the cabin on fire with them in it) and wants to destroy her, when she work for her for how long?

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@ Latrise

you clearly don't know how mystery shows work and simply shouldn't keep watching if they give you all the answers then there IS no more show, genius.
do yourself a favor and simply stop watching because using this completely
inept logic to get annoyed at shows like this for simply following the common
sense layout that all mystery shows follow will continue until the show ends......since that's the entire point of them ; )

@ Latrise

Also what upset me is how much these girls are hypocrite. Isn't the reason Emily and Page broke up was because she inform the police that Allie was alive, but yet Emily goes after her to name names in Mona's army. Notice how she didn't even call her to the end of the day to check up on her, after she found out in school what happen to her.
I love how much these girls turn on each other and never want to admit that they are not being a good friend. The first esp. and so on, the girls convince Allie to stay and yet made Hanna babysit her and attack her when she gave them recordings from Allie. But yet it took Caleb a second to realizes something was wrong with Hanna, even Mona notices, and her own friends did not point it out; until they were attacking her over Allie. And now we see she will be attack next week by them. If I was her, I'll tell them to step. Allie only been back for how long and she telling her who to date. She also is driving a wedge between them and they seem to not notices.
The only thing I love about the esp. was Hanna pointed out that Emily's mother did not believe her and the mother confirming the police do not either. Which mean it want be long, until we finally see someone truly investigating them.

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My take on A is that, I bet it's somebody who is related to the girl and knows that someone in Allie family was involve in her death. The person knew she was alive and was using the girls to bring her back; that is why they didn't want her to leave. It's probably somebody we either haven't seen or somebody who has been hiding in plan sight.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

If they ask, "who signed the Emancipation Proclamation?," I'll say Daniel Day Lewis.


Hanna: Ok, I'm pretty sure Emily's mom is not one of Mona's secret ninjas. Are we supposed to be suspicious of everyone now?
Alison: Saves time.