Reckless Review: Burning at Both Ends

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Jamie appeared to be burning the candle at both ends in Reckless Season 1 Episode 5, as she was once again experiencing more than her fair share of heartache. 

First, she woke up late for a legal conference because, let's face it, being humiliated in front of the guy you like while his new girlfriend stands there in nothing but his dress shirt is just exhausting. 

I absolutely loved how Dec noticed her plaid shirt and told her in this Reckless quote

Jamie Sawyer, don't you look comfortable.


He said it with that Southern charm that got the insult across in the most polite way possible. And that was before we ever saw the denim skirt.

I couldn't believe that Max was Jamie's brother. I truly never saw that one coming and I still don't understand why she waited two years to tell him the truth. However I loved that we learned so much about Jamie's back story, and what a story it was. 

Having grown up with a mother addicted to heroin and being bounced around the foster care system makes how far she's come all the more impressive. But in the end, I wish we had found out what was in the note that Max left. Perhaps we'll get that answer next week. 

On a side note, I looked up the symbolism of the bloodstone. It is a healing stone that imparts strength and courage and symbolizes justice. It's interesting that even as a child Jamie would be drawn to it. 

Despite Roy's ongoing relationship with Nancy, he still made time to help Jamie with her brother's case, but that doesn't mean they're going to go easy on one another when it comes to Lee Anne's lawsuit. 

Roy: You know it's getting hard to keep switching hats with you.
Jamie: Well maybe one day we'll go hatless. Let our hair down. See how it feels.

Talk about a tease. Just tells me that they will remove their hats, and anything else they'd care to remove, before the end of the season.

Elsewhere in Charleston, Preston wasn't the only one abducted. Russ Waterman, water sports entrepreneur and gun runner needed to have some face time with Cruz and Terry to let them know how serious he was about getting his guns. 

The evidence room heist was a lot of fun to watch but I expected that bag of guns to be larger considering Waterman was paying 30 grand for it. 

Now that Preston knows who Waterman is and knows the other cops involved in this, isn't it time to make some arrests? How long will this undercover operation continue?

Terry's life was revealed to be even more complicated. This time we found out that he took in his cantankerous old man after he lost his pension with the Charleston PD. At least now we know where Terry gets his Reckless streak. 

I'm beginning to wonder if the Charleston PD has any honest people working for it as we met Betsy. Bless her heart, wasn't she sweet to offer Lee Anne a copy of the evidence…for $5,000. And why didn't Lee Anne tell Jamie or Arliss about it?  At least he might understand why she had to pawn her wedding ring. 

It seems as though nothing on Reckless is ever what it seems.

Tell us, TV Fanatics, should Jamie try and track down her brother?


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I really enjoyed all the stuff with Jamie and Roy together. They have great chemistry. So does Lee Anne and her husband (Arliss?). Really enjoying these pairings. I kind of felt bad for Terry after meeting his dad. Guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree there? I'm glad the case was a personal one because otherwise I wouldn't of cared about who killed Gloria. (That guy yelled "you killed Gloria" 100 times). The cases are my least favorite part of the show, but I really love the rest of the character driven stories!

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Where was Jamie sleeping when her assistant Vi woke her up? It didn't look like her apartment. Was it her office? How much space does she have in her apartment since it looked like Lee Ann was sleeping on her living room couch. Where would her brother stay?

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Enjoyed this week episode. Jamie connecting with her brother was great but bitter sweet in the end. Really felt bad for her. Really curious what the note said. On a high note, I really see something serious developing between her and Roy.
Terry is a straight up low life. I am afraid he's not done screwing up Leann' s life.
The information Leann got from Betsy was great, but pawing her wedding ring to pay for it, may make it thrown out of court, plus it will crush her husband when he finds out. Cruz will definitely go a little crazy, when he finds out that Jamie and Roy maybe starting a relationship.
Looking forward to next week.

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I swear the dialogue and the storylines in this show are so cliche

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Aren't you the one who chased mom to the airport with five clips and your service weapon?


Jamie Sawyer, don't you look comfortable.